Heather Freudenthal, Health Coach

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Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Wellness Writer with a holistic and functional medicine/root cause mindset. My writing style is engaging, relatable, and educational, designed to help readers digest and relate to complex topics in nutrition, gut health, hormone health, mental health, and spiritual health, then inspire them to take action.


  • Nutrition & Cooking Instructor

    Lantern Community Services

    July 2023-Present

  • Story Book Writing Instructor

    I’RAISE Girls & Boys International Corporation

    January 2022-April 2023

  • Holistic Health Coach

    Self Employed

    January 2018-Present

  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition

    Education Operations, Contributing Editor/Content Writer

    November 2018-April 2023

  • Health & Lifestyle Coach

    Emelle Restorative Medicine

    2018-April 2023

  • Curator/Programmer

    The Sunday Film Series

    May 2012-April 2023


  • Institute of Integrative Nutrition

    Foundation Degree, Health Coaching


  • Retrainpain.Org Foundation

    Biopsychosocial Chronic Pain Management


  • Manhattanville College

    Bachelor of Arts


Licenses & Certifications

  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

    Institute for Integrative Nutrition


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