Dr G. Michael DiLeo, MD

National Academy of InventorsInbound Certification
Michael DiLeo is a retired OBGYN and pelvic surgeon and also a retired health educator. He has many years of experience lecturing, writing newspaper articles, magazine features, web blogs, and even trade books. He also has extensive experience writing review articles on complex medical subjects at a professional's or layman's level. He has a lot of experience writing multiple-choice questions (ACT and SAT-style) to go with these review articles/lessons. He has served on admission committees for a major medical school and a residency program and knows how to edit admission essays for what these committees want to read.


  • Freelance

    Published Author and Retired Physician/Surgeon

    Jan 2016-Present

  • Ova Academy


    2017-Apr 2020

  • Gerard DiLeo, author

    Author of Fiction and Non-Fiction


  • Pelvic Pain Diagnostic and Treatment Center of Florida


    Feb 2011-Jan 2016

  • University of South Florida College of Medicine

    Assistant Clinical Professor

    Mar 2006-Feb 2011


  • LSU OBGYN Residency, Charity Hospital New Orleans

    Completed Full Residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Program


  • LSU School of Medicine

    Doctor of Medicine


  • Louisiana State University

    Bachelor’s Degree, Zoology


  • Jesuit High School


  • HubSpot Academy

    Inbound Marketing

    Grade: P

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