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The Silver Lining Questionnaire

Author of Tool: 
Samantha C. Sodergren and Michael E. Hyland

Spiritual Connection Questionnaire (SCQ-48)

Author of Tool: 
Wheeler, P. and Hyland, M. E.

Lung Information Needs Questionnaire (LINQ)

The LINQ measures two types of information needs in patients who have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD): (a) the patient expresses a need for information, and (b) the patient indicates a behaviour for which there is evidence that this behaviour compromises self-management.

Note that research shows that patients often forget the information they are given. So, if patients report they have not been given information, this indicates an information need, even though the information may have been given before.

Note that the LINQ does not measure patient knowledge, but...

Author of Tool: 
Hyland, M. E., Jones, R. C. M., & Hanney, K.E.

Menopausal Quality of Life Questionnaire

Scoring: The questionnaire consists of positive and negative items. Reverse score the positive ones.

Author of Tool: 
Jacobs, P. A., & Hyland, M. E.

Holistic Complementary and Alternative Health Questionnaire

The HCAMQ is designed to help researchers measure two related psychological variables: attitudes to complementary and alternative medicine and holistic health beliefs. The scale is primarily designed for researchers.

Author of Tool: 
Michael Hyland, George Lewith, & Caroline Westoby

Global Quality of Life Scale (GQOL)

Author of Tool: 
Hyland, M. E., & Sodergren, S. C.

Leg and Foot Ulcer Questionnaire

Author of Tool: 
Michael Hyland, Ann Ley

Breathing Problems Short Version

Author of Tool: 
Hyland, M. E., Singh, S. C., Sodergren, S. C., & Morgan, M. P. L.

Breathing Problems Questionnaire - Long Form

Author of Tool: 
Hyland, M. E., Bott, J., Singh, S., Kenyon, C. A.

Asthma Bother Profile

Author of Tool: 
ME Hyland