7 Best Testosterone Boosters For Erectile Dysfunction 2023

Reviewed by Drew Sutton, MD

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With the rise in male related health issues, testosterone boosters are becoming more and more popular. However, there is considerable debate about them, particularly their effectiveness and safety. In order to help readers make informed decisions when buying the products, this review examines the most recent data on the top testosterone boosters for erectile dysfunction.

Best Testosterone Booster For ED In 2023

Do Testosterone Boosters For Erectile Dysfunction Work?

Manufacturers frequently promote testosterone booster supplements as a cure for erectile dysfunction. However, how well they work is determined by the underlying cause of the health problem.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by low testosterone levels. Other factors that may contribute to erectile dysfunction include stress, depression, anxiety, and certain drugs.

A testosterone booster is most effective when the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction is low testosterone levels. They are a component of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). TRT works by increasing hormone levels[1] in the body.

Best Testosterone Booster For Erectile Dysfunction In 2023

Prime Male

Prime Male is one of the most powerful testosterone boosters available. Although some customers may consider it expensive, we recommend it for anyone who feels they need an immediate boost in their testosterone levels.

  • Soy-free
  • Non-GMO
  • All-natural
  • Lifetime money-back guarantee
  • Third-party tested
  • Comparatively expensive
  • Not a suitable replacement for hormone therapy

Vicente III

“I think the booster works. I felt the effect and lost 10 pounds. However, it is expensive. I can afford it, but it is out of stock. It is cheaper to get it here on Amazon. There is another product with the name Prime Male, but I’m not sure if it’s the same.”


“I typically don’t write reviews (even though I read them prior to purchasing something new) but I wanted to weigh in on this product and say it’s real. I’ve been taking the product for 2 weeks and the results are clear, reduction in belly fat, weight loss and yes, a little more lead in the pencil. You do need to take it 4 times throughout the day for it to be effective. I take one in the morning and then keep 3 on me to take throughout the day. Good luck.”

Scott Arthur

“Seems to have some benefit, the cost is too high.”

Nugenix Total-T

Nugenix has better alternatives. However, it remains one of the most effective testosterone booster supplements when taken in the proper doses.

  • Made with a proprietary blend of 4 key ingredients
  • Clinically researched ingredients
  • Has no stimulants
  • Easy to swallow
  • Possible side effects, such as vomiting, nausea, and skin flushing
  • Some of its ingredients are low-powered, making it less effective than some similar products

Lilliam Perez

“I use this and feel fine. I don’t have to worry about it.”

Laura S.

“Five Stars. My husband said it does give him energy.”

Bruce J.

“Five Stars. Gives me lots of energy!”

David J T.

“Five Stars. Been using the product for over 3 months now and I am very happy with the results.”


“The only reason I am giving 4 and not 5 stars is – it’s expensive. I just ordered my 4th bottle today. It takes about 3 weeks to kick in but it’s noticeable when it does.”

Jeff Niles

“YES this product did work for me, would i recommend it? YES/NO because although i have read enough about biology and chemistry to probably go to med school i am not a doctor, but you should consult one before taking products like this unless you are able to plan 12 steps ahead for all possible scenarios.”


The quick results of Testogen make it worthwhile to purchase, especially for athletes and bodybuilders. We recommend it because it is effective and contains no harmful chemicals.

  • Natural ingredients
  • Minimal side effects
  • Backed by clinical studies
  • Free shipping
  • Limited outlets
  • May adversely affect people with breast or prostate cancer

Sergio RE

“Received exactly what I ordered. Glad to see the expiration year printed on each bottle says 2024.”

Ernesto G. Williams

“This product has become a part of my life. I reduced the I take to 2 a day instead of 4, and it still does the job well. Sure, the tablets are a bit big, but that’s a small price to pay when you’re concerned about your testerone output. I consume a lot of diary entries throughout the day, so I am grateful for this product, maintaining my hormonal balances and giving me the energy and mammalian supply on a daily basis to get through the day! Not to mention that it is organic and super healthy, so you’re not polluting your body or getting hyped off of some odd chemical. It’s all natural and really improves the body’s overall output. The packaging rocks as well! I definitely recommend this!”

Primegenix Testodren

Primegenix Testodren is unique for older people aged 40 years and above. The numerous reviews from customers indicate that it is efficient and worthwhile to try.

  • Stimulant free
  • All-natural formula
  • Does not need a doctor’s prescription
  • FDA registered
  • Free shipping
  • Only available in a few outlets
  • Consumption irregularity may minimize the effectiveness

Robert F.

“I had to wait about a month for Testodren to really kick in for me, but it was totally worth the wait. After a month, I really started to notice changes in my weight and muscle performance. I started having more energy and desire to sleep with my wife (and it’s been better than ever). So, I feel more energized and focused at work. I really haven’t felt this good in years.”

Charles W.

“I’m relatively young, 40 years old, but have been having some serious problems in the sack and making improvements with my weight training. I decided to start a strict regime and included Testodren. So, I think out of everything, Testodren has been the most helpful with the improvements I’ve made thus far. I couldn’t recommend it enough.”


TestRX is made with natural ingredients that are highly effective in increasing testosterone levels. Although it is costly, it quickly increases strength.

  • Great natural formula
  • Fast and Free Shipping
  • Risk-free trial
  • Can only be purchased from the official website
  • Relatively expensive

Amazon Customer

“Love this product. Love that it’s all natural. Excellent for libido. Even at taking 2 pills daily (1/2 serving) I saw benefits. Only do that to make it last longer as it is a little pricey.”


“I’ve been using this stuff for a week and I can tell you it absolutely works it’s not a miracle drug it’s a slow subtle work but you absolutely can notice it after using it for a few days consistently I was actually very surprised by it considering most of these products are an absolute garbage scam with these like I said it’s a subtle change but for guys like me after a while you absolutely notice a difference.”


“Week 2 really noticed a big difference, worth every penny. Best part is I can take the afternoon dose with a very small snack and it does not adversely affect my stomach adversely. Notice a gain in energy, so I have learned to take them earlier in the day. 

Update: Month 2 is complete and still would recommend and see improvement.”


TestoFuel has a few undesirable side effects. However, it is an excellent choice for those who are patient and willing to put in the necessary effort, particularly exercises.

  • Natural ingredients
  • Free shipping
  • Clinically proven ingredients
  • Not suitable for vegans 
  • May cause side effects, such as nausea, diarrhea, and dizziness.

Christian S.

“Any testosterone boosting supplements will take at least 10-12 weeks to see measurable results. Do not expect to take this and see results in a few weeks. This product works best when combined with healthy diets, moderate activity and quality sleep. If you are looking for the miracle pill, it doesn’t exist, but this product does assist in increasing testosterone levels over time if they are lower.”


“I am a 42 year old who goes swimming and the gym on a daily basis. I have been taking out these capsules for a week now and I can certainly feel the difference. So, I can feel a lot more strength in me leading to a better performance both at the gym and swimming pool. I’ll highly recommend these supplements to anyone.”

Amazon Customer

“I’ve tried several of the best but I’ll keep this review basic. Give me more energy and sex drive. Helps keep weight off. Only downfall is taking 1 pill 4 times a day.”


TestoPrime is one of the most reputable products in its class. It promises excellent results, particularly in terms of increasing mental, physical, and overall health.

  • Easy to take
  • Has no sugar and calories
  • Made using natural ingredients 
  • Helps reduce tiredness
  • May cause side effects, such as diarrhea and nausea

Chilly Willy

“Easy to take. Haven’t used it long enough to tell how much it has helped. So far I’m extremely happy with the results. Will recommend it to family & friends.”

J. Burton

“I don’t get jittery taking this product. It took about 4 days for the effects to kick in and *surprise* extended oak in the morning, every morning since. I noticed my skin has also become less dry and I feel more constant energy through the day.”

Charles G.

“Seems to be working after a couple of weeks.”

Dennis M

“Over 40 so normal testosterone levels slowing down and decided to try this booster. Definitely saw an increase in both sex drive and performance. Also walking a lot more so energy is there too. Definitely recommend it if you have been feeling that after 40 slow down.”


“Hubby has grown so much muscle on these and he only works out once a week. I researched for a long time and found this to be the way to go.”

What Are Testosterone Boosters For Erectile Dysfunction? 

A testosterone booster for erectile dysfunction is a supplement designed to boost men’s testosterone levels[2]. They’ve been tweaked to help them improve their sexual performance.

Hormone boosters are made from natural or synthetic ingredients, such as minerals and vitamins, whose content can increase testosterone production in men.

Men require healthy testosterone levels because it is the hormone that governs sexual health. Low testosterone levels translates to low levels of male sex hormone binding globulin which in turn increases the risk of erectile dysfunction and other negative sexual health effects.

Testosterone supplements are marketed as effective treatments for erectile dysfunction. Scientific studies, however, do not explicitly support their effectiveness and safety, raising concerns about their ability to prevent or cure erectile dysfunction.

Benefits Of Testosterone Boosters For Erectile Dysfunction

Enhances Sexual Function

Testosterone supplements can aid in the production of hormones that are responsible for men’s sexual health and easier blood flow to sex organs. As a result, customers may experience increased libido, sexual desire, and sexual performance.

Increases Lean Muscle Mass and Strength

A testosterone booster is essential in helping men gain and maintain muscle mass and strength. Increasing its production can assist some men in gaining muscle and improving their physical appearance.

Increases Bone Density

Low testosterone levels can increase the risk of fractures. To avoid the risks associated with such weakness, a testosterone booster helps improve bone density and health.

Helps Maintain a Good Mood

Low testosterone levels have been linked to mood swings, stress, and irritability. Increasing testosterone levels can help consumers avoid these mood-related issues and, as a result, improve their overall quality of life.

Increases Energy Levels

Low testosterone levels are associated with fatigue and low energy levels in men. A natural testosterone booster may help men feel more energetic and vital.

Is It Safe To Use Testosterone Supplement For ED?

The safety of using testosterone supplements for erectile dysfunction depends on the product selected. Some over-the-counter testosterone booster brands are safe and have no side effects. On the contrary, some testosterone booster brands can have negative side effects such as hormonal imbalances, liver damage, cardiovascular issues, mood instability, and medication interactions.

How To Choose The Best Testosterone Supplement

Because of the large number of products and manufacturers on the market today, selecting the best testosterone booster can be difficult. However, using these insights can assist buyers in quickly and easily selecting the best testosterone supplement for ED:

  • Review Brand Reputation: It is best to buy a testosterone booster from a company that has a good reputation for safety and quality. You should also go the extra mile by looking for products that have been independently tested and verified by a third party.
  • Examine the Ingredients: Look for a testosterone booster that contains ingredients like vitamin D, fenugreek, and D-aspartic acid, which can boost testosterone production and improve sexual function. You should avoid products containing potentially hazardous ingredients, particularly illegal substances.
  • Check Reviews: Before purchasing a product, read user reviews to learn about its safety. However, you must exercise caution in order to distinguish between genuine and fake reviews.

Final Thoughts

Testosterone supplements for erectile dysfunction can assist some men in regaining sexual health and overall health. Getting the most effective product, on the other hand, necessitates caution because some of the varieties on the market do not work as expected and may harm the consumer. The testosterone boosters mentioned in this review have a high level of safety and effectiveness and may be good choices for people looking to boost testosterone production in 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a testosterone booster for erectile dysfunction?

They are supplements that are said to help boost testosterone production, which may help some men with erectile dysfunction improve sexual function and performance.

How does a testosterone booster for erectile dysfunction work?

They aid in the production of the hormone testosterone in the male body, thereby improving sexual abilities.

Are testosterone boosters for erectile dysfunction safe?

Their safety is determined by the product consumed and the individual’s reaction to the supplement. Authentic brands are harmless, while substandard brands have negative side effects.

Are testosterone boosters effective for erectile dysfunction?

The efficacy of a testosterone booster is determined by the cause of ED. If low testosterone levels are the source of the problem, the supplements may be beneficial.

What are the common side effects of testosterone boosters?

Some testosterone boosters can cause cardiovascular problems, hormonal imbalances, and liver damage when combined with other medications.

How long does it take for a testosterone booster to cure erectile dysfunction?

The time it takes for supplements to work depends on the specific product and the individual consuming it, just like safety.

Are there any legal issues around testosterone boosters?

No, testosterone boosters are not prohibited. However, some varieties may be illegal if they are manufactured using unregulated substances.

Can testosterone boosters harm women?

Testosterone boosters are designed for men and may have unfavorable side effects in women, such as hormonal imbalance.

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