Purition Review 2023: Is This Whole Food Shake Worth Buying?

Reviewed by Dr G. Michael DiLeo, MD

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Purition Wholefood Nutrition
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  • It’s a meal replacement supplement
  • Made from whole organic foods
  • Have protein shakes for numerous fitness goals
  • High in proteins and low in carbs
  • Have vegan Purition shakes
  • High in healthy fats, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals
  • Also sell meal planners and scoops
  • Owned by Purition LTD
  • It’s a UK brand
  • Co-founded by Edward and Louise Taylor
  • Aid weight loss
  • Help eat healthily
  • Help gain weight
  • Support exercise

About The Brand

Purition is a food and nutrition company based in the United Kingdom. The co-founders are husband and wife Edward and Louise Taylor, who currently run the business. This company is relatively young, having only started in 2013. The industry’s track record of more than two flavors, blends, and product ranges shows they offer a product people need.

Purition uses only the finest, cleanest, natural ingredients to provide nutritious meal replacements and protein powders without a heavy dose of sugar, artificial sweeteners, or flavors. The brand claims they cut, blend, grind and package all of their products using only natural ingredients, such as seeds, nuts, and natural food.

You can choose from different flavors, all with great tastes. Besides taste, Purition has a wide selection divided into the “Vegan Range,” large bags, and single-meal sachets. We will dive deeper into each later on.

They still have more ranges, including protein powders, super nut frappes, super lattes, multi-nutrients, and wholefood meal bars. They also sell accessories like meal planners and scoops. Everything is available on the brand’s website, and some items are available on Amazon.

Read on to find out our complete Purition review in 2023.

What Is Purition Wholefood Nutrition?

The Original Purition blend is a varied mixture of seeds, nuts, added protein, and genuine components for authentic flavor and great taste. This supplement is made with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals that don’t include synthetics or food additives.

These nutrient-rich foods can be used as a wholesome snack or small meal and help deliver long-lasting energy throughout the day. This implies that you don’t need to weigh yourself or record your food intake regularly.

All the mixtures are rich in proteins, healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, all of which help you feel satiated for longer. Lastly, these protein shakes and meal substitutes are ideal for anyone with a busy schedule to stick to a healthy diet. In under a minute, you can have a delicious shake with all the beneficial nutrients you may get from traditional food.

The flavor variety is wide, including tasty chocolate hazelnut, fresh pistachio flavor, sweet strawberry flavor, coconut flavor, and banana flavor, among many more. They are all gluten-free, genetically modified organisms (GMO)-free and low-calorie. If you are vegan, you can find vegan flavors like the vegan hemp protein blend, the vegan almond, and the vegan blackcurrant, among many more.

Does Purition Shake Aid Weight Loss?

Since these protein shakes, which can also serve as a meal replacement, are–above all low calories- theoretically support a weight loss goal. Another reason they may support weight loss is because of the high protein, healthy fats, and fiber content.

A calorie-deficient diet is one of the best ways to lose weight, even before including exercise (which is equally important).

A calorie deficit is created when the body burns more calories than you consume in food and drinks. In this event, your body starts expending the stored energy that is kept as extra fat within the body tissues.

Having a high-protein meal may have you feel fuller for longer, so you eat less. Combined with exercise[1], it has significant weight loss and lean muscle gain benefits for the consumer. Fiber is also great for improving gut health[2] and reducing your food cravings[3] by keeping you feeling full.

Healthy fats[4] also trick the body into feeling fuller but use a different approach. They act on the brain to produce neurotransmitters that tell the body it does not need more food. This helps individuals watch their food intake and stay loyal to their weight loss strategy.

Combining any of these original meal placement shakes with exercise may help you lose weight and keep it down. The good news is that no matter what your taste buds dictate, you can still enjoy the almond milk or the chocolate flavor without missing out on taste.

Purition offers the same low-calorie, high-protein, healthy fats, fiber, and weight loss benefits, over various flavors and is available in vegan and non-vegan varieties; this is their most significant selling advantage over other meal replacement brands. You get all the real food ingredients.

So, from the formula nutrient composition, any Original Purition Shakes may help you lose weight.


  • Gluten- and GMO-free
  • Available in multiple flavors
  • No artificial flavorings or sweeteners, added sugars, or synthetic vitamins
  • Has a vegan product range
  • Doesn’t need a subscription to buy
  • Offers sample sachet-sized single-meal plans
  • Free and fast shipping
  • Provides additional meal and food ideas


  • Some products are not dairy-free
  • Does not contain any ingredient to boost the metabolism needed for weight loss
  • Contains stevia

Purition Product & Coupon

Purition Wholefood Nutrition

Best Reputation

Purition Wholefood Nutrition

  • It’s a meal replacement supplement
  • Made from whole organic foods
  • Have protein shakes for numerous fitness goals
  • High in proteins and low in carbs
  • Have vegan Purition shakes
  • High in healthy fats, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals

Purition Wholefood Nutrition Ingredients

The Purition Wholefood Nutrition total nutrients, for the Original version, are 198 kilocalories, 14 grams fat, 3.5 g carbohydrates, 16.2 g fiber, 16 g protein, 0.1 g salt, and 0 g cholesterol. There is a Vegan Nutrition Option with a slightly different ingredient set with a vegan protein profile but similar nutrient breakdown for macro and micronutrients.

This blend is high-protein, with healthy fats, fiber, low sugar, and low calories, supporting a weight loss goal. Each product is clean with no artificial ingredients, and the flavor range is vast, making this a better option than other brands in this market.

Besides weight loss, they also purport that you will get exercise support and weight gain, and you may cultivate healthy eating goals.

Purition ingredients

Substantial Purition reviews claim this brand has excellent products. However, the ingredients would be better if they had more scientifically proven fat-burning ingredients like cayenne pepper. 

Regardless, here are some of the natural ingredients used in their best-sellers and what they offer a consumer:

Whole Food Blend

The whole food blend comprises organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free ingredients. All the whole foods in Purition shakes include

These whole foods contain a plethora of antioxidants, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals for overall well-being. They are neuroprotective, heart-protective, immune-boosting, and energy-giving ingredients.

Fiber Blend

The fiber sources that Purition uses are 

These ingredients help keep you fuller for longer, reducing hunger. They also help better the gut flora to improve digestion and the assimilation of nutrients in the gut. These dietary fibers[11] prevent gastrointestinal issues like gas, bloating, and constipation.

Protein Blend

The proteins Purition uses in their blends are

For the original non-vegan blend:

For the vegan blends:

  • Organic European sunflower protein
  • Organic European pumpkin protein
  • British hemp seed protein[13]
  • Premium European golden pea protein

These proteins are great for curbing hunger pangs since they improve satiety. Proteins, the primary body-building nutrient, also help consumers gain lean muscle mass when they include exercise in their routine.


The botanicals you will find in the Purition shakes are

  • Ground ginger[14]: in the turmeric blends
  • Curcumin extract: in the turmeric blends
  • Black pepper[15]: in the turmeric blends and lattes
  • Madagascan vanilla pods: in vanilla blends
  • Coffee beans: in coffee and walnuts flavor
  • Cocoa: in the chocolate flavor blends
  • Cloves[16]: limited edition
  • Ceylon cinnamon: limited edition
  • Cardamom[17]: limited edition
  • Nutmeg: limited edition

Botanicals mainly offer the consumer a healthy dose of antioxidants[18]. These help the body heal and fight off oxidative stress, which may lead to cell damage. They can also slow aging, protect the heart, and protect against numerous cancers.


The freeze-dried ingredients are

  • European strawberry
  • South American banana
  • Polish beetroot[19]
  • EU blackcurrants: present in blackcurrant and berry blends
  • Japanese matcha[20]: present in lattes
  • Sour cherries: present in cherry blackwell
  • Spanish orange: in various bars and blends
  • European raspberries[21]: in berry blends

Like botanicals, these offer antioxidant relief, weight management, and overall health.


Purition only uses two kinds of natural sugars:

  • Coconut blossom sugar is present in the lattes only
  • Stevia leaf extracts in both the vegan & original blends

Ingredients are inclusive of the natural sweetener stevia, which has been shown in a recent 2022 study to alter the gut microbiome[22] along with specific biochemical pathways. Further study is needed to determine if the effects on the microbiome are adverse or beneficial.

Alternatives To Purition Wholefood Nutrition

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NamePhenQLYFE FuelOrganifi
ProsSupports weight loss
Appetite and hunger pang suppressant
60-day money-back guarantee
Has an amazing natural taste
All-natural ingredient list
Supports weight loss
Gluten-free, non-GMO
Organic supplements
Potent superfoods and adaptogens
ConsOnly available on the brand’s websitePricey to most competitorsIt’s expensive for long-term use
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Health Benefits Of Purition

Some of the acclaimed health benefits that Purition purports a consumer will get are

  • Possible help with weight loss
  • Exercise support
  • Weight gain                                                      
  • Adapting to healthy eating habits

The various product offers these health benefits ranges available in their online stores. These products are also divided depending on dietary needs, such as keto, paleo, vegan, low-carb, fasting, and diabetic.

By taking a closer look at the unique blends, each ingredient list has ample proteins, fiber, botanicals, and freeze-dried natural ingredients that support the above health benefits.

Potential Side Effects

Like any product sold as a consumable, knowing the potential side effects of these protein shakes is wise. It saves you from any adverse reactions that may be potentially life-threatening.

You also must remember that side effects may arise if you take too much (overdose) or are allergic to one or several ingredients. Allergens in these mixes could be any ingredient if you are intolerant to them.

For instance, the pistachio flavor may be divine, but if you are allergic to nuts, stay away from it. Go for the coconut flavors or frozen banana kinds.

To prevent overdosing, stick to the manufacturer’s dosage instructions to avoid the following side effects:

  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Constipation
  • Allergic reaction

How To Use Purition Shakes

You can take Purition shakes any time of the day in place of any other meal or as a snack. The perfect “replace breakfast” recipe can be a breakfast smoothie using the macadamia vanilla flavor and, for dinner, a protein shake using any of the frozen berries flavors mixed with oat milk. You can make a shake, porridge, or a yogurt bowl using these Purition powders.

If you use it in the milk of your choice, use 200 milliliters of the powder and thoroughly blend to taste. The quantities on the recipes are specified on the specific menu. For example, the coconut and raspberry overnight oats bowl contains a different amount than the breakfast pancakes.

Purition Shakes Reviews: What Do Real Users Say?

My personal taste experience wasn’t pleasant but I suppose everyone is different. The customer service on the other hand is amazing 5* I sent an email expressing my taste concerns I received a very prompt reply and an even quicker refund was issued for the complete order. Thank you.


Their shakes are amazing, natural, and packed with excellent nutrition. Took a lot of searching to find a natural shake that was low in sugar with a great taste – so was pleased to find this company and even better that the products are produced in the UK. Customer service is excellent and delivery is very quick. Great product and company.


There is an after taste which I cannot tolerate – I tried three different flavours and it’s the same with each one and it is really hard to stomach. Obviously a personal thing but unfortunately means these are not for me. On the plus side, I did find that they mixed well into a shake without going grainy, unlike other brands I have tried. Shame about the taste!

Sarah F

Good customer service, unproblematic refunds, low sugar content, diabetic support, reliable company.


An unpleasant aftertaste, use of stevia as sweetener, and high cost.


Final Thought

Purition’s reviews of weight loss benefits are in the tens if not hundreds on multiple sites. It can help curb your appetite and make you feel fuller, so you can burn more calories than you store.

Purition has a wide flavor range and products that fit four marketed goals: weight loss, exercise support, weight gain, and healthy eating habits. Clients love their efficient customer service, and their refund policy seems to work as expected.

The only downs we see linked to the brand are some clients experiencing an unpleasant aftertaste, an expensive price tag, and using stevia as a sweetener. Besides that, Purition seems to be a legit and worthwhile investment.

Meal replacement shakes must be cautiously approached like any other radical diet. When done in a hurry without consideration of your body’s needs, it can be dangerous rather than beneficial.

Seek the advice of a registered dietitian before using any of the above. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Purition shakes good for weight loss?

Yes, they are. They are low-calorie, high-protein, high-healthy fats and fiber, which favor weight loss. These blends curb appetite by making you feel fuller for longer, lowering your binging sessions.

Is Purition gluten-free?

Yes, all Purition ingredients are gluten-free.

Is Purition filling?

Yes, it is because of the high protein content that promotes satiety.

What is Purition made of?

Purition blends contain proteins, whole foods, botanicals, frozen and dried ingredients, and natural sweeteners.

Who should buy Purition?

Healthy individuals on a busy schedule who seek a quick healthy meal replacement that can be taken at any time of the day.

Is Purition keto-friendly?

Yes, it is.

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