ARMRA Colostrum Reviews 2023: Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Reviewed by Dr. Drew Sutton, MD

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ARMRA Reviews

It seems that certain seasons can bring about the worst colds and illnesses for many of us. It may not always be the weather, but it could be due to changing environments, like moving to a new home or working at a new job. Maybe the flu season is hard on you every year, and your immune system[1] can’t fight back. These are just some of the reasons you may need additional support to protect your system. 
If any of these scenarios are familiar to you, a Bovine colostrum supplementation[2] may come in handy. These products contain vitamins, micronutrients, and immunoglobulins to enhance the function of the immune system, as well as the growth and repair of tissues. If you are in the market for a colostrum supplement, you may want to keep reading our ARMRA review.

What Is ARMRA Colostrum?

ARMRA Colostrum is a superfood consisting of bovine colostrum and more than 200 pure bioactive compounds. The claim to fame, according to the proprietors, is that ARMRA is the only colostrum product marketed to optimize human health and is also the most potent. 
The company participates in sustainable sourcing. The overflow of bovine colostrum from grass-fed cows[3] is collected for use after the calves have gotten all the nutrients needed. The nutrients are utilized in their most bioavailable form for amplified efficacy in strengthening the gut and immune system.

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ARMRA Colostrum

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 ARMRA Colostrum

  • Bioactive nutrient compounds

Does It Really Work?

Customer testimony attests to the effectiveness of this product. The creators also discuss the research that has been focused on this product. This supplement is designed to revitalize immune health. The prebiotics contained within this formula nourishes the microbiome and strengthens the immune barriers[4]. Additionally, lungs and skin are supported as well.

Based on the research shared on the developer’s website, this product promotes a 22% increase in longer-lasting protection from inflammation in the immune cells and a 17% increase in the gut cells. The anti-bacterial activity was strengthened by 32%, and the gut barrier experienced faster regeneration that was amplified sevenfold compared to the average. This has been said to improve overall health.

ARMRA Colostrum Ingredients

ARMRA is loaded with more than 200 bioactive nutrients, with each nutrient encouraging optimal function in the body. In addition to the prebiotics previously mentioned, ARMRA also consists of antioxidants, antibodies, immunoglobulins, and tissue growth factors. It also includes trace minerals and amino acids, as well as strengthening peptides, each to work harmoniously to boost every aspect of health, such as cellular level, respiratory, gastrointestinal, and dermatological. 

ARMRA Colostrum Ingredients

One hallmark is immunoglobulins, which have a vital role in first-line responses in immune protection. These antibodies can identify viruses and bacteria and block them from binding and infiltrating the barrier. The adaptive and innate sequences can be triggered by immunoglobulins, as they can stimulate the activation of T and B cells. A notable immunoglobulin is secretory immunoglobulin A (SigA), which exhibits antiviral and antibacterial qualities. Siga fends off toxins, allowing it to impede rotaviruses and influenza, as well as neutralize toxins of  E.coli. 

Another significant ingredient is Growth factor[5]. These proteins help to prompt growth and sustain development. Insulin-like growth factors encourage cell proliferation and differentiation. These components can drive wound repair, help to build muscles, and maintain skin elasticity. 

Also important to mention is the inclusion of Lactoferrin, which rallies the immune cells when a threat is detected. It exerts anti-viral effects and secures the mucosal barrier. Milk oligosaccharides are necessary to feed the beneficial bacteria and nourish the entire microbiome, resulting in stability at the barriers. Sialic acid is a sugar that has a role in information transmission, and is abundant in the brain for neural development, learning, and remembering.

ARMRA Colostrum Reviews: What Do Real Users Say?

Many users of ARMRA colostrum shared the good results they garnered with this supplement. For customers experiencing food sensitivities and digestive issues, this was a great solution! With just three weeks of use, some users were able to gradually add certain foods back into their diet, and they did not experience any bloating or cramping. Hair growth and clearer skin, as well as alleviated pains, were also discussed as benefits.

In addition to this, customers described feeling more energized and refreshed throughout the day, and caffeine became less of a necessity. Sleep was uninterrupted, and they were better able to fight off illnesses. Some particularly striking reviews[6] were those about bolstered immunity and the ability to fight off viruses, including COVID-19. These users believed that their immunity and defense against pathogens were improved, which lowered the likelihood of them contracting coronaviruses, influenza, and other viruses. Though not a cure, it was additional protection against adverse conditions.

Alternatives To ARMRA Colostrum

ProductPeak Performance USA Bred ColostrumSwanson High Immunoglobulin ColostrumNature’s Craft Colostrum
NamePeak Performance USA Bred ColostrumSwanson High Immunoglobulin ColostrumNature’s Craft Colostrum
ProsRetains bioavailability via a high-temperature short-time pasteurization process
Inexpensive, donation match program with Vitamin Angels
Features 40% immunoglobulin content
Sustainably sourced
ConsUnavailable in forms other than capsulesThe pill size may be considered too largeContains dairy fat
Full reviewPeak Performance Review Swanson High Review Nature’s Craft Review

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Health Benefits Of ARMRA Colostrum

The central health benefit of ARMRA Colostrum is gut health[7]. This is important as nearly 70% of the immune system is in the gut. Once the microbiome is nourished and supported, and the barriers of the GI tract are protected from antagonists, the immune system can be supported, and the entire body can function well. With the likelihood of infections reduced, nutrients can be better utilized to keep the processes of the body operating smoothly rather than operating on the defense. 

Strengthened immunity leads to better sleep and better metabolism, which allows nutrients to be absorbed more efficiently. The respiratory system and sinuses will function more neatly, and you’ll see healthier skin and hair due to improved collagen production. Additionally, your focus and energy will be heightened, leading to a mood boost as well. Not only will you have a surge in energy, but you will also have better stamina and recovery time. 

Potential Side Effects

Some adverse effects[8] include difficulty passing a bowel movement, headaches, itching, and frequent urination may also be seen. As this product contains lactose, some ARMRA users expressed dairy sensitivity as a major issue, as they began to feel sick and experience a hive breakout.

How To Take ARMRA Colostrum?

ARMRA is presented as an unflavored or flavored powder. You can pour this powder directly into your mouth or mix it into a cool beverage. It should not be added to hot beverages, as this can tamper with the potency of the bioactive ingredients.

ARMRA Reviews 2023: Do Colostrum Supplements Work?

If you’re looking to vamp up your immune defense to ward off sickness, ARMRA Colostrum may be the perfect product. Once this product takes care of your gut and immune system, your sleep, and energy, as well as your mood and skin, will get well-deserved care!

  • 32% heightened anti-bacterial and immune activity 
  • Casein and fat-free
  • Offers flavored or unflavored versions
  • Contains dairy
  • May have an undesirable texture when mixing

It should be no trouble to add ARMRA colostrum into your life and begin seeing the benefits. Conveniently, this powder is available with or without flavor, and all that is required is to mix it in with water or other cold beverages. One drawback is that the texture may be clumpy when mixing it into your beverages, but it may disperse and eventually smooth out. This superfood is safe to take multiple times within a day.

There are some potential side effects and reactions, considering this product contains dairy. This issue may be eased by the removal of casein and fat, which are two of the major culprits seen in dairy allergies. This may be compensated by the antioxidants, antibodies, and other nutrients that are included in this formula. These components are what drive the healthful benefits of this supplement.

Proteins, such as growth factors and lactoferrin, can lead to hair growth[9]. Proteins, and other macronutrients, like carbs, help boost energy levels. Nutrients like vitamins C and E, as well as zinc and iron, work at cellular levels and can encourage sustained energy. This newfound endurance and better sleep duration can lift your mood and concentration, ultimately improving overall health.


Servings start at one gram, equivalent to one-half teaspoon. One powder packet makes up one serving, and it can be mixed into four to six ounces of water. It is a safe superfood that can be taken multiple times daily to enhance its effectiveness. This product can be used by children, but those who are younger than ten years old should use half of the packet.

Cost & Where To Buy

ARMRA Colostrum can be purchased on the creator’s website at a range of prices. Thirty unflavored powder packets can be bought for $39.99, and 30 powder packets of orange flavor can be bought for $49.99. A bulk jar of 120 servings can be purchased for $104.99. The 30 servings of unflavored powder can be bought from Amazon for $59.99 and Walmart for $93.58.

Final Thought

If you’ve been thinking of your picture of health and decided that you may need some reinforcement to help fight off toxins and support your immune function, ARMRA Colostrum may be the bovine colostrum supplement for you. With this remedy, your body can protect against a leaky gut, ultimately increasing the army to defeat the pathogens and toxins that want to slip through intestinal barriers. With the amplified protections, you may notice a difference around flu season, and you could even see day-to-day differences in your stamina at work and the way you breathe in the fresh air.

A clean and sustainably-sourced product like ARMRA aligns with tenets of environmental and functional medicine, as there is a focus on the way toxins and pathogens influence the microbiota and the entire body. With gut health being upgraded, immunity may sing a better song, which amplifies respiratory function and all-encompassing health results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Colostrum?

Colostrum[10] is the initial milk produced and released by a mammal mother, including humans. It is thick and yellow in color, is produced near the end of gestation and after birth and can be secreted for several days after birth, eventually transitioning into breast milk. It is packed with antioxidants, antibodies, and nutrients to build up a newborn’s immune system.

Should I use a Colostrum supplement?

Some studies have suggested that Colostrum supplements may benefit adult health as well. Most candidates for this supplementation have been individuals with gastrointestinal disorders, like inflammatory bowel disease or infections with H.pylori. Additionally, the common overuse of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), like ibuprofen, can result in stomach injuries. If there are adverse results of stomach injuries, a colostrum supplement may help here.

Are colostrum products suitable for vegan use?

Unfortunately, these products are not likely to be suitable for vegan consumption. Colostrum is only made from mammals and mammary glands. Though it is important to note that death is not required to obtain colostrum, it is still sourced from an animal, typically a bovine. This may be suitable for vegetarian use, as it contains dairy products, but it does not contain any meat components.
You may see colostrum veggie capsules on the market. There is no synthetic colostrum product, so beware and proceed with caution as you browse the market.

Are some colostrum supplements allergen-free?

Certain colostrum products may be safe to use if you are lactose intolerant, as lactose is not a constituent. However, other allergens like casein are typically included in these supplements. Regarding ARMRA colostrum, the casein and fat are removed, as the proprietors deemed these to be unnecessary compounds. 

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