Noocube Review 2023 – Brain Booster Benefits, Safety & Efficacy

Reviewed by Dr. Drew Sutton, MD

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Noocube Reviews

About The Brand

Brain disorders are the leading cause of disability and mortality in the western world. What is worrisome is that these conditions are on the rise. Alzheimer’s disease[1] is now among the leading causes of mortality.

However, brain problems are not limited to neurodegeneration. More and more people complain about lower cognitive performance, poor brain health, mental fatigue, low mental energy, and brain fog.

Additionally, these days people are increasingly engaged in mental work. Thus, some look for supplements to support brain health, boost brain power, improve brain function, and improve mental clarity.

In the last few decades, the prevalence of metabolic disorders has risen considerably, along with the prevalence of brain disorders. There is now little doubt that lifestyle factors contribute significantly to brain health.

There are many ways to boost brain health and overall cognitive function. However, natural remedies are better. One of the excellent ways to improve mental health and memory is through the use of a brain booster, a Noocube nootropic supplement.

This supplement is unique in many ways. First, unlike other supplements that primarily stimulate neural function, this supplement affects the “gut-brain axis.” After all, it is now proven beyond doubt that the gut produces 90% of serotonin[2] and many other neurotransmitters.

In this review, we share the results of extensive testing of the Noocube brain supplement. Furthermore, this review shares both pros and cons and information about various options so that people can make an informed choice.

What Is Noocube?

Noocube is a reputed and well-tested nootropic with all-natural ingredients. It is a dietary supplement. It not only helps boost brain functions like memory but can also slow down neurodegeneration and brain aging. This makes it perfect for prolonged use.

It differs significantly from other nootropics in the market as it does not focus on stimulating neural function. Instead, this supplement focuses on the root cause of brain health issues. As a result, it is especially good for preventing brain disorders.


  • Stimulant and GMO-free
  • Boosts gut-brain axis
  • Enhances the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin
  • Stabilizes mood
  • Enhances memory
  • Prevents neurodegenerative disorders


  • Takes about a week to feel the effect
  • Four capsules in a serving

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  • Caffeine and stimulants free
  • GMO-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Accurate labeling
  • Unique proprietary blend

Does It Really Work?

Yes, it works for sure. However, unlike other nootropics, it tries to act on the root cause of cognitive disorders. Noocube is unique in many ways and can improve nerve growth, mental health, boost memory, mental capabilities, and more. It is a unique brain supplement in many ways.

It is unlike other nootropics that contain stimulants or try to affect brain blood flow or metabolism directly. Instead, this supplement tries to modulate the gut-brain axis[3].

New studies show that the gut has more say in brain health than believed earlier. As a result, many researchers think that perhaps the best way to prevent neurodegenerative disorders is to focus on gut health, promote microbiota, and production of long-chain fatty acids along with neurotransmitters.

Additionally, focusing on the gut can alter immune responses, lower inflammation, and have many other health benefits.

Noocube Ingredients

The “gut-brain axis” role in brain health is now recognized beyond doubt. Moreover, it is among the few brain health supplements that try to regulate this axis and thus boost brain health.

It contains prebiotics and probiotics and can help counter gut inflammation, prevent leaky gut syndrome, boost the production of neuropeptides, short-chain fatty acids, and more.


It is a unique component of this nootropic, and this supplement contains 1000 mg. Thus, it is the most vital component of this supplement. Tributyrin breaks down into three molecules of butyrate in the small intestine. It promotes gut health, reduces inflammation, improves protein digestibility[4], and influences lipid metabolism.

Thus, it can help improve mood and mental health, prevent brain fog, and reduce neurodegeneration risk. It is also suitable for metabolic health, reducing the risk of diabetes, helps counter stress by lowering cortisol levels, and modifies appetite and mood.


It is a hydrolyzed form of guar gum[5] that is quite good for metabolic health and boosts microbiota. Thus, it can reduce insulin resistance and inflammation, lower bad cholesterol, improve vascular health, and boost brain health.

Bacillus Coagulans

It is a probiotic that can alter immune responses, boost intestinal production of neuropeptides, and thus can promote brain health. It appears that this particular strain of probiotics is especially good for[6] boosting the production of brain growth factors. Thus, it can help manage a neural injury, improve post-inflammation repair, and increase regeneration.

Noocube Review: What Do Real Users Say?

“It not only improved my memory but not I am sleeping much better. I also feel improved gut health. So, this is a fantastic product for brain and general wellbeing.”


“I have been living with diabetes and poor memory. So, I wanted to try something good for my brain and improve blood sugar and cholesterol. This supplement works perfectly for me, and I could feel the difference after about two weeks.”

Matt McCann

“Great product took a little while to do its thing but stuck to it daily and it has worked a treat! It’s great feeling regular again no bloating or pains in my stomach and has improved my mental well-being overall.”

David Julian

Alternatives To Noocube Review

Noocube is amazing and unique. However, one can also consider other nootropics that are quite different from Noocube.

ProductMind Lab ProQualia-MindPerformance Lab Mind
NameMind Lab ProQualia MindPerformance Lab Mind
ProsContains 11 brain boosters
Patented formula
Contains probiotics
Stimulant free
Contains vitamins in high doses, especially B-complex
Contains amino acids
Have herbals like Gingko biloba
Rich in fatty acids
Ingredients are known to promote neural growth
Improve mitochondrial energy production
Stabilize cell membrane
Reduce mental fatigue
ConsContains herbal extract that might cause allergic reactions
Vitamin Bs in low dose
Too many ingredients that may not mix well
Higher incidence of side effects
It may take longer to start acting
Poor availability
Full reviewMind Lab Pro Review Qualia Mind Review Performance Lab Review

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Health Benefits Of Noocube

As already mentioned, Noocube is unique in that it counters the root cause of the ailing brain. This is not just good for brain cells, boosts brain function, improves mood and mental alertness, and prevents neurodegeneration, but it is also excellent for gut and metabolic health.

It works mainly by modulating the gut-brain axis, thus, improving metabolic health and the production of neurotransmitters. Additionally, it increases the production of brain growth factors and boosts regenerative processes.

It is also suitable for preventing irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, reducing cholesterol, and can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Potential Side Effects

There are no known severe side effects of the Noocube. However, some of its ingredients may cause bloating and changes in appetite. Generally, these effects are short-lived and transient. Therefore, these side effects are rarely the reason for discontinuing its use.

How To Take Noocube?

It is pretty simple to use, but one needs to remember that a serving of supplement contains four capsules. Therefore, it is good to take all four capsules together. One may take them about 30 minutes before breakfast. However, they would work well even when taken in the evening.

Noocube Review

It is one of the few nootropics that modulate brain function by influencing the gut-brain axis, thus preventing neurodegeneration, boosting nerve regeneration, and stabilizing mood.

  • Stimulant and GMO-free
  • Boosts gut-brain axis
  • Enhances the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin
  • Stabilizes mood
  • Enhances memory
  • Prevents neurodegenerative disorders
  • Takes about a week to feel the effect
  • Four capsules in a serving

It is not something that just targets brain cells. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body, and this supplement has many health benefits. It definitely improves mood, memory, and brain regeneration and prevents mental health issues.

However, what makes it unique is its ability to normalize metabolic processes and influence the gut-brain axis. Thus, it can boost the production of neuropeptides, and neurotransmitters, modulate immunity and reduce inflammation.

Not only that, it would help prevent metabolic disorders including diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, vascular conditions, and more.

Final Thought

There are many nootropics on the market. Most of them focus on boosting brain health. However, modern studies show that the gut is the secret to boosting brain health. Noocube is among the few nootropics influencing the gut-brain axis, preventing leaky gut, and normalizing metabolism. Thus, it can influence brain health directly and indirectly. It not only improves mood and memory but prevents neurodegeneration. Hence, it has long-term benefits for brain health, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can it help boost memory?

Yes, nootropics improve memory. However, it takes much longer to feel the difference. Generally, a person must regularly use it for 12 weeks to feel the difference.

Can it prevent Alzheimer’s disease?

Preventing Alzheimer’s disease is quite challenging. Nevertheless, it can help prevent. First, however, one should use it for several months to reduce the risk of neurodegenerative disorders.

Is it safe for those who had a stroke?

Yes, it is safe for post-stroke patients, as it mainly contains prebiotics and probiotics that help boost brain help by influencing the gut-brain axis.

Is it safe for older adults living with heart disease?

It is not only safe but also beneficial for heart health. It works by improving gut health, boosting metabolism, and reducing inflammation. It may even help reduce cholesterol and insulin resistance.

Can a person living with depression take Noocube?

Noocube is beneficial for those living with mood disorders like depression. It can boost the production of serotonin. It is worth understanding that 90% of serotonin is produced in the gut.

Can it help reduce chronic stress?

Yes, it can help lower cortisol levels and thus is quite suitable for those living with chronic stress and related issues.

Is it good for those living with bipolar disorder?

Yes, it can help stabilize mood, boost energy levels, and has many other benefits for brain health.

Can a person use Noocube after a concussion?

Unlike nootropics containing stimulants, Noocube is entirely safe for those who have a concussion and can promote brain health, and regenerative processes.

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