Focus Factor Reviews 2023: Could It Really Improve Memory?

Reviewed by Sutton, D., MD

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Focus Factor Reviews
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Clinically tested and patented formula that is proven to improve focus, memory, and concentration.

The patented formula of Focus Factor brain health supplements has been tested in a randomized controlled study to determine its effects on memory, focus, and concentration in individuals who received the supplements. The focus factor comprises a blend of vitamins, minerals, and other substances crucial for brain function. It is known to increase word recall from 4.5 to 6.5 words, attributing to a 44% improvement in word recall.

  • Improves memory, focus, and concentration
  • Improves word recall
  • Contains neuro-nutrients including vitamins and minerals
  • The supplements can replace the daily multivitamins

About The Brand

The abundance or deficiency of several nutrients[1] has a profound impact on the health and functions of the brain, including emotions and cognitive health. The dietary factors are also important for synaptic plasticity and neuronal function, hence, play an important role in the brain health of an individual.

Owing to its high metabolic activity and the number of actions it is responsible for, the brain needs to receive a lot of energy from food sources. This demonstrates an association between metabolic functions and cognitive functions.

Supplementation with the vitamin B complex vitamins including B6, B9, and B12, has a positive influence on memory performance and improves cognitive impairment.  Vitamin D is responsible for the preservation of cognition in older adults. Vitamin E reduces cognitive decay or cognitive aging among older adults and ameliorates cognitive impairment.

In addition to vitamins

minerals are important micronutrients for the regulation and maintenance of brain health. Maintenance of optimal levels of calcium, selenium, and zinc is associated with cognitive decay and cognitive function. Copper, on the other hand, is related to Alzheimer’s disease, and iron is known for the normalization of cognitive function among young women.

Dietary lipids including omega-3 fatty acids are also important for normal brain function. These fatty acids comprise the cell membranes. Dietary deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids is associated with the onset of different mental health disorders and impaired memory and learning. Supplementation with an omega-3 fatty acid, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), leads to an increase in the levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which enhances cognitive performance.

In addition to dietary supplementation

Nootropic substances[2] or smart drugs are also known for promoting mental performance, by increasing working memory, attention, creativity, and motivation. Nootropic substances can be synthetic or natural, depending on the source they are derived from. Natural nootropics are used in supplements in the form of Ginkgo biloba extracts.

Nootropics work by vasodilating the vessels in the brain, including small arteries and veins. Vasodilation leads to improved blood circulation, which provides the brain tissues with increased energy, nutrients, and oxygen levels. Nootropics also reduce inflammation and protect the brain against harmful toxins.

What Is Focus Factor?

Focus Factor is a brand that formulates and develops brain health supplements in order to promote optimal cognitive function and enhance overall brain function, health, and well-being. Different products curated by Focus Factor include Focus Factor Original, Focus Factor Brain & Vision for brain and eye health, Focus Factor Extra Strength, and Focus Factor Max Strength.

These supplements have the same formula as Focus Factor Original, however, the percentage of particular ingredients may vary.

Focus Factor also provides supplements for children, Focus Factor Kids, energy shots, and drinks such as Focus Factor F29 + Energy, Focus Factor Gummies to improve brain and immune health, and Focus Factor Nootropic supplements, each with its health benefits and specific ingredients. Focus Factor Kids Extra Strength supports healthy brain function in children.

Does Focus Factor Work?

Yes, Focus Factor has positive outcomes on the cognitive function and brain health of the users. In a randomized controlled trial, the researchers divided the study participants into a placebo group that did not receive Focus Factor Original and a second experimental group, which received Focus Factor Original. The clinical study results demonstrated favorable outcomes in the short-term memory and verbal learning in study participants in the experimental group.

The clinical trials also demonstrated marked improvement in word recall in individuals who received Focus Factor supplements, attributing to up to 44% improvement in word recall.

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Focus Factor Reviews

Best Reputation

Focus Factor

  • Improves memory, focus, and concentration
  • The supplements can replace the daily multivitamins

Focus Factor Ingredients

The ingredients comprise a proprietary blend as well as different vitamins and minerals. The micronutrients in the Focus Factor Original brain health supplement include potassium, calcium, iron, molybdenum, chromium, iodine, magnesium, zinc, manganese, copper, and selenium. The vitamins include vitamin C, A, B, D, and E. The nutrients promote the brain cells to metabolize blood sugar, and glucose, for boosting energy levels.

focus factor ingredients

The components of the proprietary blend include L-glutamine, DHA concentrate, bilberry fruit standardized extract, grape skin, grape seed extract, boron, vanadium, N-acetyl tyrosine, inositol, L-glutamine, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), L-pyroglutamic acid, and phosphatidylserine.

Other ingredients in the supplements are coating, vegetable stearate, silica, fish, soy, microcrystalline cellulose, stearic acid, dicalcium phosphate, and croscarmellose sodium.

Alternatives To Focus Factor

ProductMind Lab ProNeurivaPerformance Lab Mind
NameMind Lab ProNeurivaPerformance Lab Mind
ProsContains nootropics supported by research-based evidence
Vegan, non-GMO, and free of allergens
Provides shipping of the supplement all across the globe
Promotes long-term brain health
The supplements are available in a gummy version
The supplements have a lower risk of side effects
Improves the memory, focus, and attention
The supplement has neuroprotective activities
Has both short-term and long-term benefits for cognitive function
ConsRelatively more expensive than other alternativesRelatively more expensive than other alternativesRelatively more expensive than other alternatives
Full reviewMind Lab Pro Review Neuriva Review Performance Lab Review

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Health Benefits Of Focus Factor

Focus Factor Original enhances the cognitive function of an individual and promotes optimal brain health and overall well-being in individuals who take these brain health supplements. Focus Factor Original supplements enhance retention and boost attention as well as improve concentration, focus, and attention.

In the randomized controlled trial to assess the efficacy of Focus Factor Original in improving cognitive function, the researchers demonstrated a significant improvement in short-term memory and verbal learning among individuals who received Focus Factor Original as compared to study participants in the placebo group.

Focus Factor Side Effects

The side effects of Focus Factor Original are mild. The minimal side effects of the brain supplements may include headache, bloating, cramps, nausea, constipation, indigestion, bronchitis, and diarrhea. For optimal safety and effectiveness of the Focus Factor Original supplements, the users are required to take the supplements according to the instructions provided.

How To Take Focus Factor?

The brand recommends the intake of 4 tablets of dietary supplement with food every day. The daily intake may expand up to 8 tablets depending on the stress levels, dietary status, body weight, and activity level.

Focus Factor Review: What Do Real Users Say?

Up to 100 users have given a five-star rating to Focus Factor Original, as per the statistics on their website. The users have reported significant improvement in their focus, memory, and attention. A user also suggests that Focus Factor Original has sharpened senses.

The users appreciate the easy purchase. Focus Factor Original also eliminates brain fog, promotes mental sharpness, mental clarity, and improves energy levels.

Focus Factor Reviews

Focus Factor Original brain health supplements are known for improving memory, concentration, and focus by providing necessary nutrients and important substances to the brain tissues. The supplements are backed by scientific evidence-based clinical research, consisting of a double-blinded randomized controlled trial to prove the safety and efficacy of the brain supplements.

  • Clinically tested and patented formula
  • Improves mental cognition
  • Promotes verbal learning
  • Enhances short-term memory and memory recall
  • Improves attention
  • The side effects are diarrhea, constipation, bloating, cramps, bronchitis, headache, and indigestion.

Focus Factor Original contains a combination of vitamins, minerals, a proprietary blend, and other ingredients, which are integral to improving brain health and cognitive function. The recommended daily dose of Focus Factor Original is 4 tablets, however, this can be increased according to the requirements. The Focus Factor App, “Brain Hub”, offers information about activities and routine practices which improve brain health.

The brand also offers a “subscribe and save option”, which enables its customers to choose a discounted subscription option and get the formula delivered every month. 

The customers report improvement in mental and sensory sharpness, cognitive function, memory and recall, verbal learning, attention, focus, and concentration after consuming the supplements. This supplements also eliminate brain fog and enable an individual to function effectively.

A customer on Amazon, who recently switched to other supplements, reported a cognitive decline. Mental acuity returned by switching back to Focus Factor supplements.

Final Thought

Focus Factor works by providing important nutrients to the brain to improve cognition, memory, focus, and concentration. Focus factor includes vitamins, minerals, proprietary blend, and other ingredients for promoting optimal brain health. Individuals may buy Focus Factor save and subscription plans to get a 10% discount on the purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Focus Factor Original?

The benefits of Focus Factor Original include improvement in memory, recall, attention, and focus.

What are the side effects of Focus Factor Original?

The side effects of Focus Factor Original include headache, bronchitis, and gastrointestinal symptoms. The latter include indigestion, bloating, cramps, diarrhea, and constipation.

How long does it take for Focus Factor Original to show results?

It takes approximately 4-6 weeks for Focus Factor Original to work and demonstrate results. Therefore, one shall consistently use the supplements for at least six weeks to observe optimal results.

Can Focus Factor Original replace dietary supplements?

Yes. Focus Factor Original can replace multivitamins.

What is the recommended daily dose of Focus Factor Original?

The recommended dose of Focus Factor Original is 4 tablets per day.

Can pregnant or lactating women consume Focus Factor Original?

Lactating and pregnant women shall consult their doctor prior to consumption of Focus Factor Original brain health supplements.

Does Focus Factor offer a discount?

Focus Factor offers a subscribe and save option with a 10% discount on the products.

Does Focus Factor ship to my country?

Focus Factor offers worldwide shipping except for North Korea, Sudan, Myanmar, Syria, UAE, Cuba, and Iran.

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