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Konkolÿ Thege, Barna (revised version) / Lukas, Elisabeth (original Logo-Test)

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Konkolÿ Thege, B., Martos, T., Bachner, Y. G., & Kushnir, T. (2010): Development and psychometric evaluation of a revised measure of meaning in life: the Logo-Test-R. Studia Psychologica, 52(2), 133-145.

Lukas, E. S. (1986). Logo-Test: Test zur Messung von” innerer Sinnerfüllung” und” existentieller Frustration”. Wien: Deuticke

Primary use / Purpose: 

To assess level and sources of meaning in life


Unlike most other instruments developed to assess meaning/purpose in life (e.g. Purpose in Life Test, Meaning in Life Questionnaire), the Logo-Test-R does not attempt to directly assess meaning in life by explicit statements about meaningfulness (e.g., I understand my life’s meaning) or the lack of it (e.g., My personal existence is utterly meaningless, without purpose). Rather, the Logo-Test-R includes factors contributing to a sense of meaning and symptoms resulting from its absence or weakness. This approach provides a less redundant item pool and more information for practitioners who want to focus on the problematic areas regarding finding meaning.


Factor structure of the 14-item Logo-Test-R was examined in a sample of 852 respondents using confirmatory factor analysis (the model with two first order factors and one second order factor was supported by the data). Internal consistency of the scale was adequate (Cronbach’s alpha = .75).

Validity was evaluated in a sub-sample of 391 individuals by examining its relationship with financial status, scores in two other measures of meaning in life and further instruments assessing other quality of life indicators such as general life satisfaction, depressive symptomatology, and life goal orientation. The direction and strength of the observed connections was in accordance with expectations, thus demonstrating good construct validity of the Logo-Test-R.



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