High Impact Protein Reviews 2023: Does It Actually Work?

Reviewed by Brittany Ferri, PhD

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Power Life High Impact Protein
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  • HMB and algae vitamin  D3
  • Improves digestion and immunity
  • Non-GMO, no hormones or antibiotics
  • Science-backed, celebrity-renowned trainer
  • Muscle support
  • Improves digestive health

No matter your age or fitness level, protein products may be something worth your investment. One product that requires a second look is protein powders. Whether you have experience with a rigorous exercise regimen or you’ve never done much physical activity, a protein powder can be useful. If you need to repair tissues or desire to improve your protein sources during the day, this could be a good option. To help you make a quality choice, we’ll take a detailed look at High Impact Protein reviews and share our thoughts!

High Impact Protein: Is It Worth It?

It just might be worth it to try High Impact Protein! From the start, this product already has notoriety among celebrity clientele, but it can be used for everyday use by any individual. It is low maintenance, easy to use, and convenient for any lifestyle. This high-quality product can be bought at a relatively reasonable price, with savings of up to $165.00 depending on how many jars are purchased.

This product contains digestive enzymes[1] that help to break down food and assist with smooth digestion. Going further, prohydrolase is a digestive enzyme that allows for more bioavailable breakdown. Based on the ingredients featured in this product, the price and the caliber of this brand, it’s possible that you won’t just be paying for star power, but you may be investing in results. 

What Is High Impact Protein?

Like many protein powders, High Impact Protein is designed to support muscle growth. It can transform your muscles and enhances your digestive health. It can also be beneficial for managing weight and improving your post-workout recovery.

Feature Product & Coupon

High Impact Protein Premium Blend

Best Reputation

High Impact Protein Premium Blend

  • Option of whey or plant protein
  • Vanilla or chocolate flavored
  • You can save $20.00, $75.00, or $165.00 when purchasing one, three or six jars, respectively

How To Take High-Impact Protein?

It is easy to use High Impact Protein as you mix the powder into your beverage of choice. Water and almond milk are two recommendations given on the website. The powder was made to dissolve easily into any drink.

High Impact Protein Ingredient


Beta-hydroxy-Beta-methylbutyrate is an essential amino acid[2] metabolite that bolsters muscle function and strength.

Vitamin D3

This plant-sourced vitamin D promotes healthy bones and helps you sustain lean muscle mass[3].


Chromium serves as a transporter for amino acids, delivering them to the muscles to work.

High Impact Protein Ingredient

What Do Real Customers Say About High-Impact Protein?

There were some mixed reviews regarding customer satisfaction with this product. Note that while both the whey and plant powders are available in vanilla and chocolate flavors, many consumers agreed that the taste was overwhelmingly unpleasant. Regarding the physical results, some users who work out to build muscle saw considerable muscle gains and fat loss. Other users saw this product as mostly being beneficial for increasing the protein content they take in rather than seeing advancements in their muscles. Keep in mind that results may vary based on individual metrics and lifestyle habits, as well as diligence and physical activity.

In addition to those sentiments, some cumstomer found the products to be too expensive and too time-consuming. However, they described the powder as being easy to mix into beverages. Some consumers had luck mixing the powder into their smoothies, oatmeal and yogurts.

Alternatives To High Impact Protein

ProductALOHA Organic Plant-Based Protein PowderGundry MD ProPlant Complete ShakeSwolverine Plant Protein
NameALOHA Organic Plant-Based Protein PowderGundry MD ProPlant Complete ShakeSwolverine Plant Protein
ProsConsists of prebiotics for gut health
Coconut oil for energy and electrolytes
Subtly sweet taste
Contains the algae spirulina, a superfood
Free of lectins that may be harmful
Energy and satiety booster
Made with pea protein and pumpkin seed for muscle building
Contains Inulin as a probiotic to improve gut health
Provides micronutrients and omega-3s for overall health
ConsContains added sugars
Manufactured in facilities that process some common allergen
In some cases, the inclusion of stevia could lead to sensitivitiesThe inclusion of stevia may be risky for individuals who might experience complications as a result of non-nutritive sweeteners
Full reviewALOHA Review Gundry MD Swolverine Plant Protein Review

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Health Benefits Of High Impact Protein

There may be many advantageous outcomes because of utilizing High Impact Protein. This powder may supply nourishment to your muscles, which can lead to the maintenance of lean muscle and overall strength. Protein synthesis may be optimized while there is a reduced likelihood of protein breakdown, which can lead to greater muscle integrity[4]. As a result, you may be less likely to experience deterioration of muscles even during periods of inactivity. 

Potential Side Effects

One possible side effect is the reaction to whey protein, which may present an issue for individuals who are lactose intolerant and have sensitivities to dairy products. It is important to note that whey contains small amounts of lactose, but it still may be too much for your system to handle, thus leading to adverse reactions. In this case, you may want to look into pea protein as an alternative, as it still provides a good source of amino acids.

Milk sensitivities aren’t the only possible cause for side effects. Dosing may also be a culprit for adverse reactions. If large doses of protein are utilized, it can lead to other deleterious results like feeling nauseous and gaining excess weight, as well as developing complications in kidney and liver function. This may be more likely among consumers who have previously experienced health issues.

High Impact Protein Reviews 2023: Is It A Legit Supplement?

This unique blend is designed to nourish and support your muscles. Even considering the debated taste and the price, this product may be worthwhile. 

  • Healthy muscle development
  • Boosted nutrient absorption and digestion
  • Contains antioxidants to bolster complete wellness
  • Contains gluten and soy, which may exacerbate sensitivities
  • Taste is consistently regarded as unpleasant
  • Expensive

High Impact Protein powder is a clean and nutritious powder that can elevate your physical definition and level of fitness. It was developed to provide nourishment and support for your muscles while amplifying your strength. The blend of HMB and vitamin D3 can allow you to maintain physical functionality[5] even on days when you haven’t worked out. The combination of these two components can preserve muscle mass and skeletal health even as you grow older. Chromium is another beneficial ingredient, as it enhances protein metabolism and escorts the amino acids to the muscle to work.

This product doesn’t just cover your physical strength and muscle development, but it also targets regular digestion. The digestive enzyme pro hydrolase is added to this formula to help facilitate smooth digestion and absorption while also maximizing the absorption of nutrients. Enhanced nutrient absorption is vital here, as this powder is loaded with antioxidants as well. The antioxidants assist with strength, endurance, alertness, and balance, which optimizes your overall wellness. As High Impact is a non-GMO product, free of allergens and antibiotics, it serves as a clean and healthful agent for improving your exercise regimen as well as the subsequent muscles you’ll develop and maintain. 

Who Is High Impact Protein For?

High Impact protein is for anyone who is looking to gain and sustain their muscles. You would especially want to consider such a product as you advance in age to avoid sarcopenia[6], the age-related muscle losses commonly seen with growing older. Keeping up with consistent physical activity is essential, and this powder can supply you with the necessary energy to do it. While this product could be versatile and effective enough to serve anyone at any age, it can be crucial to sustaining energy and ability in advanced populations. Taking care of muscle strength and ability can allow you to better support your skeletal health, ultimately protecting your mobility as well as the ability to carry out tasks as you’ve always done.

Additionally, if whey isn’t a suitable selection, consumers can opt for High Impact plant protein. This is the safer option in the event of a milk allergy or sensitivity. Plant proteins can still be an adequate source of the nine essential amino acids that are obtained via the diet instead of being produced by the body. 

Final Thought

Considering the advantages and disadvantages, High Impact protein may be worth trying. According to the proprietor’s site, a 90-day money-back guarantee is offered, as well as considerable discounts. It might be beneficial to try the product for yourself and see how you become accustomed to it and observe any effects. The inability to maintain diligence was one consistent point discussed in the customer reviews, and it was largely attributed to the seemingly acquired taste of this powder. The powders are offered as chocolate or vanilla, and pairing them with tasty smoothies and beverages may help you with consistent daily consumption. 

Customer testimony suggested that this product may be useful as a daily protein shake to increase protein content in your diet. Many consumers were able to notice positive changes in their mental clarity and alertness, as well as their energy and digestive abilities. However, it’s important to keep in mind the physical activity that must accompany the use of this powder to maximize the effect it can have on the muscles. Taking the powder as a post-workout supplement could give a boost for maintaining the growth, health, and function of the muscles. Overall, this product could prove to be effective. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I use this protein powder?

The frequency with which you consume this powder depends on your personal preference and goals. Most consumers use the powder each day once they’ve established a diligent routine. However, some users have garnered positive results just by having the powder at least twice a week or having it five times a week. If you plan to use the powder daily, you may want to invest in six jars, as this will last the longest based on the intended serving size. Also, consider whether you’ve added physical activity to your regimen, as exercise can enhance the results and promote maintenance even on a day you skip your workout. 

How should I choose between whey protein or plant-based protein?

This choice would be influenced by your individual needs and preferences. If you are sensitive to milk and dairy products, whey powder may not be a good selection. Similarly, this would be the case if you were a vegetarian or a vegan, as whey powder is an animal-based source of protein. High Impact offers a plant alternative that utilizes pea protein.
Both whey protein and plant protein can be beneficial. However, animal sources have been deemed as the more beneficial source of protein for building up muscle mass compared to plant sources. This is due to the more sufficient amounts of essential amino acids contained within animal sources. Additionally, animal sources may be more easily digested. If you don’t have a preference or special need that influences which source you choose, whey powder may be the more helpful choice.
In addition to this, you should beware that both the whey and plant powders contain gluten and soy due to the microbial fermentation of the pro hydrolase digestive enzyme.

Can this serving amount adequately meet my protein needs?

Considering this product would typically be used as supplementation, it could meet your protein needs as an addition to the protein obtained in your typical diet. For each person, the amount of protein will look different. To prevent muscle loss and maintain nitrogen balance, the recommendation is 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight. Additionally, research suggests that protein intake ranging from 0.5 grams to 3.5 grams per kilogram of body weight could be sufficient in supporting increased lean body mass.
This product supplies roughly 21.3 grams of protein. On average, most adults would likely need at least 40 grams of protein during the day, so this powder could serve as a reasonable source of protein, but it probably shouldn’t be the only source of protein. It would be helpful to include some whole-food protein sources in your diet.

What whole food sources of protein should I consider?

Based on the customer reviews, some consumers utilized this protein powder as their singular source of protein. Some users were able to maintain satiety during the day just by having this shake for breakfast and eating a small dinner at the end of the day. Note that each individual is different and you typically want to have adequate meals during the day, but you should consult your physician if you’re adhering to a liquid diet or some other special diet plan.
Some good selections for whole sources of protein include fish and seafood, as well as some lean meats. Eggs and some dairy products may also be good options. If you’re opting for plant-based sources, you may consider lentils and beans, as well as nuts and seeds.

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