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marijuana seed for sale

The quality of the seeds determines the quality of marijuana (cannabis). A study[1] shows that different strains of cannabis offer varying effects. So for premium marijuana, you must get seeds of good quality. 

Are you in search of the best marijuana seeds for sale? Getting the best weed seed can be tricky since poor-quality ones are readily available. However, you have come to the right place! This guide will help you buy cannabis seeds online from the best companies.

  • Globally, 147 million[2] people use marijuana, which is over 2.5 percent of the earth’s population.
  • There are three common strains of cannabis[3]Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis. Also available is the hybrid, which is a blend of sativa and indica.
  • Cannabis has male and female plants. The male plants are for pollination, and the female plants produce resin and flowers for cultivation or smoking.
  • Scientists have isolated over 120 active substances from cannabis[4], with cannabidiol (CBD) and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) being the most common.
  • CBD provides medical or therapeutic benefits[5]. THC is responsible for the psychoactive effect of cannabis.
  • Studies[6] show that the potential medical benefits of cannabis include relief of anxiety, lowering of blood pressure, treatment of digestive disorders, and prevention of seizures.

Best Marijuana Seeds For Sale In 2023

Is It Legal To Buy Marijuana Seeds Online?

Yes, you can buy marijuana seeds online in states that legalize adult use. So for starters, you must know your state’s laws on cannabis. If your state permits it, you are free to buy marijuana seeds and other cannabis products. 

Some states permit cannabis for medicinal purposes, and this requires a prescription for purchase. Nonetheless, U.S. federal law[7] prohibits cannabis products. Therefore it is illegal to cross state lines with such items; this includes air travel because federal law regulates air travel.

Although you can buy your marijuana seeds from physical stores, the online method is easy and convenient. The online method is best for people in states that ban cannabis products. Many seed companies offer stealth shipping services to discreetly deliver orders to their clients in various states without the challenge of customs.

Best Marijuana Seeds For Sale In 2023

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)

ILGM offers a wide variety of cannabis seeds. They have high CBD and low THC seeds for clients who need cannabis for medicinal use.

  • Feminized cannabis seeds available
  • Autoflowering cannabis seeds are available
  • 24/7 growth support
  • Free shipping only within the U.S

ILGM is one of the top marijuana seed companies worldwide. It is based in the Netherlands and launched in 2012. They aim to provide high-quality weed seeds with growth support.

They have the following in their collection: feminized seeds, auto flower seeds, beginner seeds, high-THC seeds, and high-yield seeds. Each has a wide range of weed seeds to suit clients’ needs. 

ILGM guarantees the delivery and germination of quality seeds. They offer growth support services with their team of “support angels and heroes” and the free Grow bible, an ebook with step-by-step instructions on growing marijuana. They provide stealth shipping and free delivery to the U.S.

Crop King Seed

Crop King Seed is one of the best in the market when it comes to variety. They provide excellent customer service, as evidenced by their 5-star customer reviews.

  • Over 500 strains are available
  • Autoflowering and feminized seeds
  • Medicinal seeds
  • Free shipping only for orders above $200

Crop King Seed is a Canadian seed bank established in 2005. They claim to be perfecting the genetics of cannabis – both for commercial and therapeutic purposes. They have over 500 strains catering to both newbies and advanced marijuana growers, offering a variety of marijuana seeds, from classic to newer hybrid strains.

This seed bank provides premium seeds from other seed banks like Rocket seeds get supplies from. Their team is trained to identify viable seeds and handpick. 

Crop King Seed guarantees a high germination rate and safe delivery of orders, including stealth services. Their payment options include credit cards, Bitcoin, and cash.

Herbies Seeds

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See Herbies Reviews

Herbies is a great place to start if you want variety. They are big on bonuses and will give you free seeds on every purchase you make.

  • Worldwide stealth shipping
  • Free seeds on every order
  • Wide variety of seeds
  • No free shipping

Herbies are a team of experts who have been conducting and promoting research in cannabis for over a decade. Their mission is to deliver quality seeds to their clients and provide the public with accurate and relevant information about cannabis and the benefits of its compounds. 

They have over 1300 strains and 120 seed breeders. Their seeds have a high germination rate and produce high-quality viable seeds. Although you need to pay $14 for shipping, you will still enjoy bonuses and gifts. They ship orders discreetly to avoid custom interference. You can make payments with your credit or debit card, Bitcoin, and bank transfer.

Here’s a review from a satisfied client.

“Customer service from the team at Herbie’s was flawless. Due to issues with importing to Australia, Herbies were quick, and efficient and did everything that they could to try and resolve the issue. Ended with a hassle-free refund.

Would ‘highly’ recommend it!!!”


Seedsman is a top reputable cannabis seed bank. They prioritize strain performance and excellent breeder ability.

  • Over 650 strains
  • Discounts on products
  • Free Grow guide
  • No sales to clients in countries where cannabis is illegal

With over 20 years in business, 650+ strains, more than 25 seed banks, and a presence in over 190 countries, Seedsman is on a mission to “cultivate the spirit of cannabis.” They provide seeds at affordable prices with guaranteed germination. 

On their website, you can visit their knowledge center for more information on cannabis and other services. You can also track your order before it arrives.

Check out this review from a satisfied client.

“These ladies grew pretty tall with very fat heavy buds. The description is right about needing support towards the end of the flower. The wonderful grape smell was great, one of the plants had a diesel mixed with the grape but we couldn’t taste it in the smoke. It was so sweet, like grape candy. The high was a Sativa energetic experience where your head gets very focused, a couple of hours later your yard is perfectly manicured and you are ready for a snack, a big snack.”


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See MSNL Reviews

MSNL promises high-quality strains with guaranteed germination. They offer several bonuses and discounts.

  • High-quality strains
  • Excellent customer service
  • Discounts and free seeds
  • Expensive

MSNL, deemed the original marijuana seed bank, was founded in 1999. After over 20 years in the business, they guarantee premium cannabis seeds from years of research.  

They provide more than 250 types of seeds, including feminized, autoflowering, and regular cannabis seeds. You can get seeds that will yield plants with arousing, calming, creative, relaxing, and uplifting effects.

With MSNL, you can purchase marijuana seeds from anywhere globally without fear of interception, thanks to their discreet shipping methods. Their payment methods include credit and debit cards, Bitcoin, and Bank transfers.

See this 5-star review.

“Have been a very satisfied customer for three years now…they are very rarely OUT OF STOCK like the other seed banks…they offer the same quality seeds at the best prices with tons of freebies!!!

But….best of all….EVERY seed I have ever purchased has popped perfectly every time…eventually becoming top quality product at the end”. 

Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Quebec Cannabis seeds guarantee the best quality in multiple strains. You get to enjoy both excellent service and quality seeds.

  • CBD, feminized, and auto flower seeds
  • Worldwide shipping
  • No use of chemicals 
  • Expensive

Quebec Cannabis Seeds is a top Canadian seed bank established in 2013. They cultivate marijuana seeds to meet the medicinal and recreational needs of their clients.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds has a variety of marijuana seeds ranging from CBD, feminized, and auto-flowering marijuana seeds. Their seeds are grown in top conditions without chemicals and are carefully hand-picked when matured.

Their customer service is good, as suggested by reviews. You can make easy payments by credit card or e-transfer. They will discreetly send your order and also offer 7-days shipping to anywhere in the world.

Here’s a satisfied client’s review.

“I have purchased from QCSeeds many times and never had an issue! They have sent replacements if they didn’t sprout without any problems. Great stock of quality seeds, great stealth shipping, and prompt customer support, not sure what more a guy could want!My 1st choice for seeds every time!”  

Types of Cannabis Seeds

  • Regular seeds: These seeds are natural or without any genetic alterations. The chance of getting a male or female plant is 50/50. They are best for growers cultivating new strains.
  • Feminized seeds: They have been genetically altered to produce only female plants. The feminized seeds are great for growing smokable flowers.
  • Autoflowering seeds: these seeds start to flower after four weeks and grow even without a change in the light cycle. They are usually higher in CBD and lower in THC.

How To Choose The Best marijuana seeds for sale?

Desired Effect 

Cannabis indica is best for a relaxing effect, while cannabis sativa is best for a euphoric or energetic effect. Also, there are hybrids, a mix of indica and sativa, in different proportions.

Seed Type

Different seed types produce varying plant traits. If you want to cultivate new strains, you should get regular seeds. For fast-growing buds, auto-flowering seeds are the best. The feminized seed will give you plenty of flowers without worrying about male pollination.

CBD Content

If you are growing your weed for medicinal purposes, you should buy seeds rich in CBD. You can also get seeds with varying CBD and THC content to your taste.

Where To Buy Marijuana Seeds For Sale

Marijuana seeds are available for sale in seed banks, local farmers’ markets, and dispensaries. However, many seed banks have online stores where you can make orders.

Final Thoughts

Growing your weed is a no-brainer, particularly because of the recommendations in this review. The seed banks mentioned earlier are reputable, and there are tons of positive reviews from their clients. You will receive growth guides, customer support, and stealth shipping from these companies. Feel free to consider any of these brands when you go seed shopping.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long do marijuana seeds last?

Marijuana seeds can last a few months to years if stored properly.

Can marijuana seeds be refrigerated?

If refrigerated, marijuana seeds can last up to ten years.

What is the cost of marijuana seeds?

The price varies between companies, but a pack of ten seeds usually costs about $40.

What is the difference between male and female seeds?

Male seeds solely produce pollen, but female seeds produce flowers.

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