Total Curve Reviews 2023: Does This Breast Enhancement Really Work?

Reviewed by Drew Sutton, MD

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Total Curve
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  • Improve breast size and shape
  • Results in as early as 60 days
  • It has less pill burden and convenient application
  • Total curve supplement and gel
  • Free shipping
  • Was founded in 2001
  • It boosts the sex drive
  • It helps avoid vaginal dryness
  • DHT blocker to control hair-loss
  • Relieves PMS and menopause symptoms

Besides feeling discontented with smaller breast[1] sizes, there are other reasons women decide to enhance their breasts[2]. Many women experience a lack of self-confidence or suffer from macromastia (breast hypoplasia), where the breasts are not fully developed. There are weight loss, irregular shape, illness, and cancer can influence the decision also. As with any procedure, there is always a slight chance of complications[3]. This is why finding the right system, clinic, or products for breast enhancement is of utmost concern.

What Is Total Curve?

Total Curve is a comprehensive breast care system designed for women needing firmer and bigger breasts without having to go under the knife. It is a two-step system – a daily supplement and a topical gel – that helps increase breast size from the inside and the outside. 

It can display quick benefits to women as it is made using natural and potent ingredients. The total curve system will tone, reshape and increase the breast size, helping women look younger and feel more confident and comfortable in their skin.

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Total Curve

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Total Curve

  • Improve breast size and shape

Does This Breast Enhancement Product Really Work?

Total Curve supports its assertions through clinical trials with volufiline, the gel’s key ingredient. It revealed an increase in adipose tissues in breasts by up to 8.4% in some women.  

Although results vary from person to person based on personal genetic makeup and breast composition and size, overall, the firming and lifting solution makes the breasts look and feel larger with consistent use.

It can take between 1 and 6 months to see results, so patience is needed. The 67 risk-free money-back guarantees will let you return the products if you are not completely satisfied with the progress during your first two months.

Total Curve Ingredients

Its natural components have been found to deliver intense benefits to women. The following ingredients make up Total Curve:

total curve ingredients

Buckwheat Leaves

It has medical advantages that minimize vaginal dryness.  

Fennel Seed

The phytoestrogens content can mimic the effects of estrogen and yield results in the areas controlled by the hormone.

Dong Quai Root

It elevates breast volume and sexual drive.

Damiana Leaf

It acts as a sex stimulant in women and has sexual-binding properties that are useful in generating breast tissue.

Blessed Thistle 

It helps balance out the body’s hormones to optimize further the woman’s collagen and elastin production and repair.


Similar to fennel, hops produce phytoestrogens that can be used by the body to mimic the effects of estrogen.

Watercress Leaves/Shoots

This component has been found to totally influence several conditions, some of which concern the health of breasts in high-risk women.

Black Cohosh Root

Like fennel and hops, black cohosh root builds phytoestrogens that could mimic the effects of estrogen and produce outcomes that may affect the breasts of the user.

Wild Yam Roots

It helps control symptoms of vaginal dryness.

Total Curve Review: What Do Real Users Say?

“After searching for a long time for more breast fullness, I almost gave up with little faith in the efficacy of this product. Funny, though, after a few weeks, I have noticed that the shape and size of my breasts have enhanced. Why wouldn’t this be my new favorite product?”

Kia Q

“Total Curve is the most satisfactory product on the market for several reasons. I have informed all the women that I know about it! I adore this product because it has substantially helped lessen my PMS symptoms. This was the last symptom I expected from this product because I had purchased it simply for its breast-enhancing properties. My usual incredible cramps have become tiny pangs of pain here and there (but nothing like before). And my breasts! They have grown about half a cup, and I feel them increasing daily. I went from a 32 a to an almost full 32b.”

Shantell U

“I am pleased with Total Curve. I could finally wear a bra and feel like it suited my breasts. Although it took a long time, I kept using it monthly for 4 months. Now I’m buying lovely bras to enrich the girls, ones I never had even when I was pregnant and breastfeeding. As an additional bonus, even though I felt like a vixen with my new breasts, I also wanted more sex, and my husband was not complaining. I hope my breasts keep increasing in size, at least to a C cup (even a small C), but if they don’t, I’m happy with where they are now. It is way better than where it was before.”

Kimberly K

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ProductNaturalfulPro Breast PlusBreast Actives
NameNaturafulPro Breast PlusBreast Actives
Pros100% Natural
Makes use of cream and a patch
Has little application demand
Nourishes the skin as well
Effective and reliable
Natural product
May enhance beauty by shaping and firming the breasts
It utilizes natural products in its pill and cream
90 days money-back guarantee
Enables less pill burden with once-daily dosing
ConsHypersensitivity or allergy issues might arise
It varies in availability
There are no disadvantages with this productIt is pricey
It is more time-consuming
Full reviewNaturaful ReviewPro Breast ReviewBreast Actives Review

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Health Benefits Of Total Curve Breast Enhancement

  • It boosts the sex drive in women
  • It helps to avoid vaginal dryness
  • Includes a DHT blocker to control hair loss
  • It relieves the symptoms of PMS and menopause

Potential Side Effects

Although the ingredients in Total Curve are commonly safe, there are a few with a slightly elevated risk of side effects.

  • Black cohosh, which mimics the effect of estrogen, may cause mild cases of stomach cramping, headache, vaginal spotting or bleeding, and weight gain. 
  • It may cause liver damage and is not considered safe for people prone to blood clots, with conditions sensitive to estrogen, breast cancer patients, or pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Wild yam is not advisable for pregnant or nursing women.

Is Total Curve Breast Enhancement Safe?

The active ingredients are all 100 % natural, so you can be guaranteed not to put dangerous toxins or chemicals in your body. Its blend of many natural ingredients provides the best effects.

Total Curve Review

  • The breast size and shape are improved
  • It has less pill burden and convenient application
  • It comes with a 2-sided approach that counts on innate and outside elements
  • Results in as early as 60 days
  • It is sold online
  • Manufacturer information is scarcely available
  • Adapting to twice-daily dosing with meals might be a scrabble for some.

How To Utilize Total Curve Breast Enhancement?

When using the Total Curve for results, you must use the Total Curve Daily Supplement and the Total Curve lifting & firming gel daily. You should use this supplement for at least 60 days to start seeing results and persist until 90 days to see the full effects. 

The supplements should be taken twice daily, one capsule after breakfast and the other pill after dinner.

For the Total Curve lifting & firming gel should be used routinely in the morning and evening. Obtain a little amount of the gel from the container, then massage a thin layer of the product onto your breast, emphasizing the underside portion as well since this is commonly missed by many.

Massage the gel until it is distributed evenly using a gentle circular motion. Use the product as often as possible in conjunction with the daily supplements to obtain the best results. Results only last with continual consumption of the supplement.

Where Can You Buy Total Curve From?

To purchase Total Curve, the best recommendation is from the official website The product is available in different quantities. A 1-month supply consists of 1 bottle of capsules (60 counts) and 1 tube of gel (3 oz.).

  • 1 month (Silver package): $69.95
  • Three months (Platinum package): $179.95
  • Six months (Diamond package): $299.95

Final Thought

Total Curve is one of the products on the market that is potent and well-designed to guarantee an increased breast[4] volume for women. Of the natural breast enhancement[5] solutions[6] today, this would pass as a number one choice based on its ingredients, effectiveness, and reported clinical results. 

The two-step system increases breast size naturally without surgery, targeting the breasts from the inside out, giving you a holistic, all-natural breast enhancement solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long before I see any improvements with Total Curve?

Consistent use of this product will make you start noticing the benefits around 28 days
after commencement. But it would be best if you used this supplement for at least 60 to 90 days to see the full effects.

After stopping using Total Curve, will the breast size be the same or reduced?

Every woman is different, but generally speaking, just like taking a daily multivitamin, you will only continue to experience the cumulative benefits of Total Curve if you continue using the system.

Will I gain weight if I use the lifting and firming gel?

The lifting and the firming gel promote the growth of fat tissues only where it is spread. The pills should not have any weight gain side effects.

Is it alright to use the supplements intermittently?

Although, stringent compliance is not necessarily a must-do in Total Curver, you would still only be able to see results faster if you use it consistently.

How many cup sizes worth of increase will be obtained when I use the pill and gel?

Total Curve has distinct effects for each woman. As such, the enhancement that some people might see will be different from the results that you will see.

Is Total Curve Breast Enhancement Supplement Legit?

Total Curve uses a blend of many natural ingredients for the best effects. If no change after 67 days of usage you get a full refund.

How do you Apply Total Curve?

The manufacturer recommends that you consume one capsule twice a day daily or as instructed by a healthcare professional.

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