Royal CBD Reviews & Coupon Code 2023: Is It Worth Buying?


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About The Brand

Royal CBD is a big promoter of leading a healthy life through the use of CBD oil and other CBD-related products. This California-based company will provide you with a range of CBD products such as CBD oils, soft gel capsules, gummies, topicals, and so much more. 

The brand stands out for the quality of CBD that it uses in its products. All of that starts with where it gets the hemp plants. The company sources its hemp plants from farms in Colorado, which stick to sustainable farming methods[1]. As such, you are sure the products would be quite good at what they do. 

The products are largely full-spectrum CBD extracts. This leads to the consumer experiencing more cannabinoids and terpenes compared to the other types of extracts on the market. Also, the lab testing results show that the products are free from toxins, solvents, and heavy metals that would otherwise compromise the user’s health. 


  • There is enough transparency to trust the brand 
  • It uses high-quality and tested ingredients 
  • There is value for money when using its products
  • It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on products


The lab reports are not easily available on the website. You have to request to view them.

What I Like About Royal CBD

Company’s Background

Royal CBD is based in California and like many CBD brands, it features several CBD products including CBD topicals, capsules, gummies, oils, and pet products. Having several types of CBD products should drive someone to think of getting its products since you have various options available. 

You will not get CBD to isolate products with this CBD company, but its top-notch products full-spectrum extracts should leave you enjoying more health benefits. 

The company also claims that the products are made of organic and non-GMO industrial hemp[5]. This type of hemp is free from contaminants. This should be good news to anyone new to using CBD for various conditions. 

Royal CBD also uses a third-party lab to check its products. The lab will be checking for purity, quality, and potency. You can get the lab results from the company upon request. 

Hemp Source

Anyone buying the so-called organic hemp CBD products would always want to know the company’s hemp source. This one features the use of non-GMO hemp from Colorado farms in the USA. This should give you more confidence in the products.

What you will notice about the hemp source is the strict adherence to high-quality farming methods. Since the hemp is tracked from seeds to harvest, the company would use it knowing that it does not have toxins that affect the end product the consumer uses. 

Extraction Method

Royal CBD stands out for its quality. This is all because of how it extracts its hemp oil. The hemp extracts are achieved through the supercritical CO2 extraction method[6]. If you check out any top brands, you can quickly notice that such brands would use this type of method. 

Royal CBD uses this type of method because it does not introduce any chemicals into the hemp extracts. This means you will enjoy more cannabinoids and terpenes as it should be. 

The hemp extracts would also be free from plant residue. You can now be assured of a more potent product in the end since this type of method was used in the whole process. 

Range Of Products

Most CBD companies would have several products so that the client can choose what he or she likes and finds useful. For Royal CBD, we find that it also has a wide range of CBD products including CBD oil, CBD gummies, CBD capsules, CBD topicals, CBD honey sticks, and CBD pet products. 

You read the last product right. Yes, you can get CBD pet products from the company too. Maybe you have a pet that is often anxious or depressed, you could find something to help it feel better and does not come from a cannabis plant. 

Whichever product that you decide to choose, it is always advisable to stick to the dosage as recommended. This is especially vital for pets if you want them to have a healthier life. 

Third-Party Lab Test

It feels good buying from a company whose products have been tested in a third-party lab. Also, it makes sense to have the lab results posted for the potential clients to read them. You will get such results from Royal CBD upon request for you to see more information about the products. 

The lab-testing activity is vital to ensure that the product you are buying is high-quality, free from heavy metals, and contaminants. Since the manufacturer allows for third-party testing, you will always find it as a great company to have in your bookmarks. 

Money-Back Guarantee

You will get a 30-day money-back guarantee on the products. This applies to all the products you buy from the company website. You are only eligible for a refund if the items you bought are at least half full. So, keep that in mind when requesting a refund. 

The customer support is always responsive to such queries. There are several ways for you to send a message to the company and get as much help as possible. The idea of free shipping on all orders might not always apply. So, consult customer support to know where such might apply. 

Risks & Side Effects 

Most of the time you would find that although CBD may have risks, they are often well-tolerated. Also, you will only experience them when you use too much CBD in a day. If you stick to the recommended dose from Royal CBD, that will never be an issue. 

Some of the side effects to watch out for include diarrhea, cottonmouth, drowsiness, fatigue, and reduced appetite. 

Another risk is that CBD may also interact with some other medications you may already be taking. Such include blood thinners. As always, consult with your doctor first if you are on other medications. 

Alternatives To Royal CBD

NameCBDfxJoy Organics
ProsThere is a variety of CBD products
Lab results are on each product page
It uses cGMP-compliant facilities
Made with organic hemp extracts
Lab reports easily available 
Works with charity organizations
ConsHaving too many products can confuse the usersLacks worldwide shipping
Full reviewCBDfx Review Joy Organics Review

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Top 3 Best Royal CBD Products 2023

Royal CBD Oil


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One of the biggest reasons a person chooses Royal CBD oil is because it is made of non-GMO hemp extracts. Also, the lab testing shows there are no contaminants in the CBD oil.

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Any Royal CBD review that you read will have the Royal CBD oil. This is because, among the Royal CBD products, this is the most sought-after. Well, the company is also known for the effectiveness of its full-spectrum CBD oil. 

This type of full-spectrum CBD oil is derived from non-GMO-certified hemp plants. The hemp plants are also organic, ensuring no contaminants. This is evident from the lab testing the products have to go through before hitting the market. Since they are also combined with MCT oil, their rate of absorption into the bloodstream is highly improved. 

As much as the company does not offer broad-spectrum CBD oils, you should find the full-spectrum CBD oil equally as good. 

The full spectrum CBD oil[2] comes in a 30ml bottle. There are up to four options in terms of potency. They include 250 mg, 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 2500 mg of CBD per bottle. In case you ever want a stronger CBD oil, you now know which one to choose. 

Anyone who enjoys CBD in different flavors will love what the company offers. The flavor options are berry, natural, mint, and vanilla. There is no doubt you will like most of these flavors. 

Royal CBD Gummies


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Being made from high-quality full-spectrum CBD extracts make the gummies worthwhile. Also, there are several flavors for you to consider.

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After the Royal CBD full-spectrum CBD oil, we also have the Royal CBD gummies. These gummies are a convenient way of enjoying CBD, but within the right dosage still. The gummies would still offer the health benefits of CBD[3] without worrying about dosing too much on them. 

Royal CBD offers gummies in either 300 mg or 750 mg quantities. The amount of mg of CBD per gummy bear will be 10 mg or 25 mg respectively. So, you would know how much you are dosing on so that you can do it right. 

How about flavors? These gummies will come in three main flavors. They are strawberry, grape, and orange. So, you have the option of enjoying the THC-free gummies just as you like them. 

The gummies like most Royal CBD products are vegan friendly and contain zero THC. So, you should not have to worry so much about the psychoactive effects or maybe failing drug tests at work.

Royal CBD Capsules


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The Royal CBD capsules are good for various health benefits associated with CBD. They are still easy to swallow so that you can enjoy using them more often for various conditions.

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  • High fees when not using Coinbase Pro
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Royal CBD products are also available as CBD capsules. These are full-spectrum softgel capsules that can be used for various applications. Each bottle will have 30 capsules, enough to make you feel the benefits of CBD. 

The capsules are formulated from full-spectrum CBD oil extracts and combined with MCT oil too. The addition of MCT oil generally improves the bioavailability of CBD[4] in the capsules. 

Other important ingredients in the Royal CBD capsules are sorbic acid, gel shell (containing gelatin, water, and vegetable glycerine), lecithin, and beta-caryophyllene. All these have been tested to ensure they are safe. 

The Royal’s CBD softgel capsules are generally easy to swallow unlike other types of pills you have used before. Also, they act fast so that you can start to experience the benefits of CBD a lot sooner. 

Even though these capsules may help with some conditions, they are not evaluated by the FDA. So, always discuss with your doctor to see where they can help manage symptoms of certain conditions.

Final Verdict – Is It Worth buying?

We can confidently recommend Royal CBD products to those who need CBD products in their lives. Considering the company uses non-GMO and organic hemp extracts, you end up getting a lot more benefits when using its products. Also, having extensive lab testing improves the confidence in its products. 

If you enjoy flavors, you can also get so much from Royal CBD. Most of the product categories mentioned will have different flavors. Of course do not end up tasting the Royal CBD cream to see if it has flavors. That one is meant for topical applications only. 

You could also enjoy free shipping on the products you buy. Always confirm this with the company when purchasing your CBD products. 

As always, consult a doctor or your caregiver to see when it is appropriate to start using CBD oil for whatever reason you may have in mind. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the potencies of Royal CBD oils?

You will get up to four potency options when buying CBD oil from Royal CBD. They include 2500 mg, 1000 mg, 500 mg, and 250 mg. Stick to the advised dose to enjoy all the potencies better.

Can dogs use Royal CBD oil meant for humans?

As much as the CBD oil meant for humans might be safe, you should always consider using CBD oil for pets. Having the bacon flavor will always make your pet want it even more.

How effective are the Royal CBD products?

The effectiveness of Royal CBD products is quite good. With multiple positive reviews, you can buy the products knowing they will do a good job. Also, there are various potencies for each product for you to get the right one. 

Are Royal CBD products safe?

The products are safe since they are made from non-GMO hemp extracts. Also, they will have lab reports available upon request for you to check and see if they are contaminant-free.

Where can you buy Royal CBD products?

The products are available for sale on the company website[7]. You can go through the various product listings to find the right one for yourself. Also, the website is easy to navigate so that you can buy the right Royal CBD product.

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