PureKana CBD Oil Review 2023 – Effectiveness & How It Works

Reviewed by Dr. Drew Sutton, MD

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PureKana CBD Oil

About The Brand

PureKana is one of the most popular CBD brands that provide great quality CBD products and hemp education to its consumers. The brand’s CBD products are made from all-natural hemp grown in Kentucky. The CBD market is already filled with a plethora of CBD brands; therefore, one should be careful when purchasing CBD products; safety is crucial. On that note, PureKana prioritizes efficacy and safety and provides lab-tested CBD products.

This article will provide a comprehensive PureKana CBD oil review and other products from the company.

What Is PureKana CBD?

PureKana offers a wide array of CBD products, including CBD oil, gummies, topicals, capsules, vape devices, beverage enhancers, pet treats, and many more. All these CBD products are full-spectrum, third-party tested, and free from chemicals, pesticides, pesticides, fertilizers, and solvents. The company provides full spectrum CBD oil, broad spectrum, and CBD isolates for their users to select according to desired results and body tolerance levels. PureKana outshines other CBD brands through high-quality products and valuing their customer’s trust; the lab reports are usually published on the company’s website. The company uses the CO2 extraction method and improves the absorption process by adding MCT oil. PureKana CBD oil is available in multiple potencies and different exciting flavors.

PureKana CBD company also values customer support; therefore, it offers an email or toll-free number for customer service any day of the week. The brand has a 30-day money guarantee; however, the shipping fee is not refunded for returned PureKana CBD products. Also, PureKana has a veteran’s program that provides a twenty-five percent discount off for those actively serving.

Feature Product & Coupon

PureKana CBD

Best Reputation

PureKana CBD

  • Global shipping
  • Third-party testing
  • All-organic hemp
  •  Kentucky sourced hemp

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Does It Really Work?

PureKana promises that its products are safe and highly effective. The brand is also supported by overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers who confirm that these high-quality CBD products work. Most consumers report that using PureKana products with full spectrum CBD oil helps them reduce chronic pain and insomnia and relieve anxiety and stress. Hemp extract is scientifically supported as a powerful alternative for dealing with anxiety-related problems. The brand claims that PureKana products are made from the best quality hemp extract, therefore helpful for people suffering from neuropathic, inflammatory, and arthritis pain. A hemp plant has anti-inflammatory properties hence an excellent pain relief alternative. Apart from pain relief, these high-quality CBD products have been reported to improve sleep quality by reducing insomnia. Overall, the PureKana review from its customers can indicate that these products are effective and safe for human consumption.

Depending on the desired feeling and your body’s CBD tolerance level, you can choose full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate from the brand’s numerous options.

PureKana CBD Ingredients

PureKana CBD products come in a broad variety of flavors, and from a health point of view, the unflavoured alternatives are more commendable. Most flavorings have no struct regulations and therefore might expose one to some levels of toxicity. Full spectrum extract from a hemp plant is the main active ingredient, and MCT oil is a non-toxic and safe choice. These products do not contain harmful additives. Also, the brand provides third-party laboratory reports on the official website to show that it is CBD oil products are free from heavy metals, pesticides, or other harmful contaminants.

PureKana CBD Oil Ingredients

PureKana CBD Review: What Do Real Users Say?

The following is what the real users of various PureKana products report about their experiences:

“This is the first nonprescription that I have found to help reduce pain. I have only been on this gummies for a couple of weeks so I am hoping that it will be better than a prescription medication. I have RA, Crohn’s Ulcerative Colitis, insomnia, back issues and tremors all of which have started to improve a little every day. I hope this remains is way.”

Joyce Cray

“I purchased Pure Kana Gummies to help relieve arthritis and chronic pain from multiple surgeries. They have a cherry flavor. I just started taking them and have positive expectations they will help.”


“The gummies help with my pain. They are not very tasty.”

Ron Erickson

Alternatives to PureKana CBD

ProductFab-CBD-OilCBD EssenceCBDfx Oil
NameFab CBDCBD EssenceCBDfx
Pros Full spectrum CBD
Reduces pain
A variety of CBD products
60 days money back guarantee
 All-organic hemp
 CO2 method of extraction
Completely natural ingredients
Vegan friendly
60 days money back guarantee
Third-party testing
ConsIt might cause diarrhea and fatigue Low potencyAwful flavor
Full reviewFab CBD ReviewCBD Essence Review CBDfx Review

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Health Benefits Of PureKana CBD

The company offers a great variety of products, including PureKana CBD gummies, CBD capsules, topicals, pet treats, and more. These products are made from natural CBD oil that offers various health benefits to the user. The following is a list of these benefits:

  • Reduces anxiety, stress, and depression
  • Reduces pain
  • Improves sleep quality and prevents insomnia
  • Regulates blood pressure levels
  • Boosts skin health
  • Promotes brain health
  • Might prevent stroke

Potential Side Effects

These products are made from natural CBD oil; and however, when consumed orally[1], it is important to follow the recommended dosage. You can always consult your doctor if you need to use these products for a longer time and at higher dosages. CBD oil has been associated with causing drowsiness, low blood pressure[2], dry mouth[3], nausea, diarrhea, and stomach upset. In extreme cases, reports of liver injury[4] have been observed after high CBD dosages.  Some users have reported irritation when used on the skin; therefore, you need to consult a health care provider before using these products from PureKana or other CBD brands.


  • THC free
  • Reduces physical pain
  • Boosts mental clarity by reducing stress, anxiety, and depression
  • No prescription required
  • All-organic hemp and natural ingredients
  • Affordable pricing
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Offers discounts


  • Only available on the company’s official website

How To Take PureKana CBD?

PureKana offers great quality CBD items and educates users on how to use them effectively. The following is a description of how to use various CBD oil products from PureKana:

  • PureKana CBD Oil:  using the dropper, measure the recommended dosage by squeezing it at the peak and sucking the CBD oil from its container. Then hold the dropper over your mouth and press its peak to release the oil below your tongue. Wait for sixty to ninety seconds, then swallow. On the other hand, you can use this product on your favorite drinks, beverages, or meals.
  • CBD Capsules:  since these CBD capsules come in exact dosages, they become easy to take. Follow the recommended dosage, and place the capsule into your mouth with a hydrating drink such as water.
  • PureKana CBD Topicals: ensure your hands are clean before applying the PureKana CBD topical to the affected area. This product is suitable for soothing aching joints and muscles and nourishing damaged or dry skin. Massage the topical gently to increase maximum absorption.
  • PureKana CBD Gummies: these tasty products come in various flavors and formulations. Taking these  CBD gummies is easy; the recommended dosage is one to two gummies; take them orally; you can swallow or chew them.

PureKana CBD Reviews

PureKana CBD Oil

PureKana CBD Oil

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20% Off Exclusive Coupon: HEALTHCANAL

The brand offers this natural CBD oil in various potencies and flavors. PureKana picks the best all-organic hemp from Kentucky and ensures it is free from harmful substances through third-party lab testing.

  •  It comes in various tasty flavors
  • It has a proprietary formula
  • Affordable pricing
  • Easy to take
  • Full spectrum only

Purekana CBD oil is one of the most popular products in the CBD industry. The CBD oil undergoes third-party testing to ensure it is free from additives, fertilizers, chemicals, and herbicides. This full spectrum product is suitable for anyone desiring to experience the full entourage cannabis effect. The terpenes and cannabinoids work harmoniously to offer the user this satisfactory experience. Also, this CBD oil is fairly priced as it goes for approximately twelve cents for each gram. There are multiple flavors, including Purekana vanilla CBD oil, natural flavor, fruity, mint, and citrus. Additionally, they come in various potencies ranging from 5000mg, 2500mg, 1000mg, 600mg, and 300mg.

If you want an affordable cannabidiol CBD oil that comes in tasty flavors, such as vanilla CBD oil, PureKana is a good choice. MCT oil is the carrier oil, and it’s filled with hemp oil. Although PureKana does not offer CBD tinctures, CBD oil offers a variety of health benefits[5], including relieving anxiety and insomnia. Also, this CBD oil has a proprietary formula that has immune enhancers such as ginger, lemon, lemon grass, pine, orange, ginseng, and echinacea.

PureKana CBD Capsules

PureKana CBD Capsules

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20% Off Exclusive Coupon: HEALTHCANAL

These capsules are full spectrum and contain top-notch quality hemp oil obtained through the best and most effective extraction method.

  • Enhances alertness
  • Easy to take
  • Vegan friendly
  • It might cause appetite changes and tiredness

These capsules are made with top-tier quality hemp oil, and the brand publishes its laboratory results on the website. The capsules contain 25 milligrams of CBD as the recommended dosage. If you are vegan and still desire to enjoy CBD benefits, these capsules are suitable for you since they are vegan-friendly. PureKana claims that this product can help users have better focus levels and speed up post-exercise recovery[6].They can also improve sleep quality as they prevent insomnia for the user. On the downside, the potential side effects might include appetite changes and fatigue.

Final Thought

PureKana customer reviews confirm that this brand offers high-quality and effective CBD items. The company has a great communication team for customer support and offers coupon use, fast delivery, and affordable prices. PureKana offers a variety of CBD products that come in multiple potencies to suit all types of users. The products are made from organically grown hemp that goes through thorough laboratory testing to ensure efficacy and safety. The full spectrum products contain small amounts of THC that are legally allowed; however, other products are THC free. PureKana seems like a trustworthy brand, therefore, a great option for anyone seeking to buy from a reputable CBD company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Purekana safe?

The brand’s CBD products go through third-party lab testing, and the results are published on the company’s official website.

Do they offer full-spectrum products only?

Purekana offers various spectrums and multiple potencies.

What is their return policy?

Purekana offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for all products.

How long does shipping take?

According to the manufacturers, orders take between one to five business days to be shipped and another one to four days for mail delivery by USPS.

How should I use PureKana products?

Each product is used differently; therefore, always read the label’s instructions or contact the brand’s customer support.

Are there any side effects?

According to the company, CBD products are safe for human consumption. However, CBD oil might result in dry mouth, stomach upset, and dizziness for some users.

Where can I buy PureKana products?

These products are exclusively on the company’s official website.

What products does PureKana offer?

The company offers various CBD items, including topicals, gummies, capsules, oils, edibles, vape pens, and dog treats.

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