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Reviewed by Dr. Drew Sutton, MD

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nuleaf naturals reviews

With the high rise in the attention of cannabinoids as wellness treatment, many companies have started researching and producing a wide range of CBD products. 

Nuleaf Naturals is one of America’s top hemp companies with regard to the research, production, and sales of CBD products. Many Nuleaf Naturals reviews have indicated that the products work efficiently in the reduction of epilepsy, chronic pain, depression, inflammations, insomnia, and anxiety symptoms[1].

No one understands your pain better than you do. 

Only you know how difficult it is to sleep at night and how much it hurts when you experience those muscle spasms. It’s worse when you put your hope in a form of treatment and there are no changes afterward.

CBD products offer a wide range of health treatments that will help you enjoy living each day again. You just need to grasp how to apply each product and what part of the body they work on.

Are You Interested In Knowing How To?

CBD Product TypeFrom the Product May Appear inHow to Apply The Product
TopicalsCBD topicals appear in the form of balm, lotion, or ointment.They can be applied directly to the skin. 
(Reviews have shown that CBD Topicals helped to reduce the effects of arthritis, eczema, and even acne.)
EdiblesCBD edibles appear as foods that are highly enriched with cannabidiol chemical components. 
An example is CBD gummies.
They can be eaten or drunk.
(Some people prefer CBD edibles because it is budget-friendly, and don’t require smoking.
However, CBD edibles have lower bioavailability so it might take longer for their effects to kick in compared to the
OilsCBD oils are the most popular of all CBD products. 

CBD oils are usually a compound product of hemp seed oil, CBD, and other chemical compounds.
They can also be applied directly on the skin like topicals.
TincturesCBD tinctures are similar to, but not the same as CBD oils. They are condensed extracts that are made by fermenting hemp inside alcohol for weeks.You can add droplets to your drink, place them directly beneath your talk or even apply them on your skin. CBD tinctures have high bioavailability so their effects are likely to kick in faster.
FlowerCBD flowers contain cannabinoids and the accepted amount of THC.CBD flowers can be smoked, vaped, or even soaked in oil.

What Is Nuleaf Naturals CBD?

Nuleaf Naturals CBD is Nuleaf Naturals’ full spectrum cannabinoids product line produced from hemp organically grown in Colorado. 

The brand has a limited yet highly potent variety of high-grade hemp extracts like the Full Spectrum CBD Oil, Full Spectrum CBD Capsules and the CBD Full Spectrum Gummies (new product).

Feature Product & Coupon

NuLeaf Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil

Best Reputation

Nuleaf Naturals CBD

  • Vegan, gluten-free and organic consistent-concentration products
  • Third-party lab-tested, full spectrum CBD products
  • CO2 extraction method

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Does It Really Work?

Over 25,000 positive customer reviews attest to the fact that Nuleaf Naturals CBD products work! 

There will always be differences in how our products work on different people/pets, but this is only because the body’s anatomy differs. We recommend that you continue to observe and adjust your dosage for 60 days. 

If you still have complaints, feel free to reach out to our Nuleaf Naturals Expert Team here[2]. We’ll be more than happy to coach you through finding the right dose your body requires.

Can You Trust Nuleaf Naturals For Your CBD?

Nuleaf Naturals products are third-party lab-tested. it. It is much more convenient to test your products yourself and many CBD brands do this, but Nuleaf Naturals goes the extra mile just so you can rest assured. 

Nuleaf goes to an independent lab to test its ingredients so it can record 100% accuracy on its products’ testing before launching it out for its customers to consume.

Nuleaf also goes to great lengths to ensure that the environment where the products are manufactured is free of mycotoxins, pesticides, heavy metals, fungi, and mold. 

Since the products are tested at an independent lab, they are also guaranteed to contain the accepted amount of cannabinoids and terpenes for your overall wellness. 

Nuleaf Certifications

Nuleaf is a fully certified CBD company. In order to gain your complete trust, we put in extra effort to meet the requirements for various certifications.

Our certifications include:

  • The Detox Project certification 
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) certification 
  • ISO certification
  • B Corp certification 

The Detox Project certification 

The Detox Project tests for toxic chemicals (like the weed killer glyphosate) in consumer products. Especially food and drugs. 

Nuleaf is detox project certified.

Current Good Manufacturing Practices Certifications 

Current Good Manufacturing Practices, otherwise known as cGMPs, is responsible for ensuring proper personal and environmental hygiene practices of a food plant[3].

From facility sanitation to the production processes, design, construction, and maintenance of food plants, cGMP lays down regulations for the safety of food consumption.

Nuleaf is cGMP certified. The QR codes on each product link to the online batch system’s Certification of Analysis. This enables customers to see the third-party lab results for their products.

ISO Certification 

ISO certification aims to ensure quality management at the core of an organization’s business procedures. The goal of the International Organization for Standardization is to ensure optimal productivity, quality products, and affordable costs for products.

Nuleaf consistently provides products and services that meet the ISO regulatory requirements. 

B Corp Certification

B Corp certification is a private certification awarded to for-profit organizations that score a minimum of 80 on an assessment conducted to test their social and environmental performance. The assessment also tests for transparency and accountability. 

Nuleaf Naturals is B Corp certified.

Here’s the deal:

Nuleaf only uses the best quality hemp from organic, sustainable hemp oil farms in Colorado. 

We employ thorough growing standards by controlling the entire cultivation and production processes of our products. Everything from seeds to plastic packaging is guaranteed to be of outstanding quality. 

We also use refined extraction methods.

The potency of the ingredients in CBD products can be greatly affected by the way the ingredients are extracted. The extraction method employed goes a long way in determining how the products eventually turn out. We know this and we have you covered!

Nuleaf uses only CO2 (Carbon dioxide) to extract ingredients to erase all traces of toxins. This method allows our products to retain a complete range of terpenes, cannabinoids, essential oils, and other helpful phytonutrients.

There are no extra ingredients in NuLeaf’s CBD oil products. The only ingredients present are Full Spectrum Hemp Extracts and Organic Virgin Hemp Seed Oils. 

With this, you can be ascertained that you are receiving the purest form of CBD oils. Our ingredients are ultra concentrated at 30mg CBD per serving. You can personalize your dosage with 3mg CBD per drop.

Nuleaf Naturals Provides Customized Formulas & Secondary Cannabinoid Options

Nuleaf Naturals offers tailored formulas with quantities ranging from 300 to 6000 mg of CBD per bottle. This way you can pick what will work best for you and everyone can pick an affordable option. 

We also offer a variety of secondary cannabinoids you can use to enhance your health in all ramifications. They are:

  • Cannabinol (CBN): effective for pain, muscle spasms, and insomnia
  • Cannabichromene (CBC): contains antifungal, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer components 
  • Cannabigerol (CBG): functions as a muscle relaxant, an antibiotic agent, and an antidepressant 
  • Delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta-8 THC): a non-psychoactive form of THC. It reduces brain fog, anxiety, nausea, and chronic pains.

Nuleaf Naturals CBD Ingredients

Nuleaf Naturals makes use of full spectrum hemp extract and organic virgin hemp seed oil to produce their CBD products.

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract: 30mg

Organic Virgin Hemp Seed Oil: 436mg

Nuleaf Naturals CBD Ingredients

Nuleaf Naturals CBD: What Do Real Users Say?

Many Nuleaf Naturals CBD users rate our products with 5 stars because we strive to ensure that our customers get the best services as far as wellness treatment goes.
If you’re still interested in checking out more of our real users’ opinions, you can click here to find out.

Alternatives To Nuleaf Naturals CBD

Various CBD companies have also been producing outstanding CBD products. Some of these alternatives to Nuleaf Naturals CBD are CBD Essence, American Shaman, and Spruce CBD. 

Below are short reviews on each of these companies, including the pros and cons of their products and services.

Productcbd essenceAmerican ShamanSpruce Cbd
Name CBD EssenceAmerican ShamanSpruce CBD
ProsOrganic ingredients
Safe to use (CO2 extraction method)
Third-party lab tested
Third-party lab testing
Authority Hemp certified
CBD products are produced through a proprietary nanotechnology method
High product potency
Third-party lab tested
Free shipping within the US and a 30-day return policy (Restricted to subscribers only)
ConsNo advertisers disclosure
Returns must be approved
No evaluation from the Food and Drug Association
They cannot prescribe controlled substances
Lacks variety of flavors
Lacks variety of products
Full reviewCBD Essence Review American Shaman Review Spruce Review

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Health Benefits Of Nuleaf Naturals CBD

Cannabidiol (also known as CBD) is a chemical that cannabis and hemp plants naturally produce. These chemicals are called cannabinoids, so CBD is a cannabinoid. Nuleaf Naturals CBD products have been touted to offer a wide range of benefits. Not only by scientific research but also by customer reviews.

Some of the benefits of Nuleaf Naturals CBD include:

  • Reducing seizures
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Alleviating insomnia
  • Chronic pains relieving
  • Boosts mood

Potential Side Effects

Nuleaf Naturals CBD products are generally safe for consumption. However, just like any other product, Nuleaf Naturals CBD might also have some side effects on your body upon consumption. 

This is why it is very important that you consult with your doctor first before purchasing any CBD product. Also, in case you are currently on medications that might interact with our CBD products, it is important to get consultations first. CBD can interact with some medications.

Some of the potential side effects include:

  • Changes in appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Changes in weight

How To Take Nuleaf Naturals CBD 

Nuleaf Naturals CBD oil can be taken by dropping the dose beneath your tongue or dropping the dose directly into your food and beverages. 

Meanwhile, Nuleaf Naturals CBD Capsules can be taken with or without water. 

It is very important that you start with the smallest dose first, then gradually build it up as you monitor the changes in your body, till you find your right dose.


  • Third-party lab tested
  • 100% natural ingredients 
  • CO2 extraction method
  • Free shipping to anywhere in the US through the USPS priority mail
  • Very affordable prices
  • cGMP certified


  • Unflavored products 
  • Limited range of CBD products including CBD Capsules and tinctures

Nuleaf Naturals CBD Reviews

Full Spectrum CBD Capsules

Nuleaf Naturals CBD Capsules

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See Nuleaf Naturals CBD Coupons

The Full Spectrum CBD Capsules are the perfect fit for anyone that prefers “taking it without tasting it”. You get to enjoy the full package of CBD oils without feeling any trace of hemp.

  • It is vegan-friendly
  • It is very easy to use
  • You don’t have to taste the hemp at all
  • It is tasteless
  • No artificial flavoring

The Full Spectrum CBD Capsules are produced in the form of soft gel capsules. They are made from organic virgin hemp seed oil, full-spectrum hemp extract as well as vegetable glycerin, cassava root extract, and purified water.

Many users love our capsules because they are easy to dose. You don’t have to worry about wrong measurements (overdose/underdose) because each capsule contains 15 mg of CBD.

Reviewers on our website keep talking about how much they love the Full Spectrum CBD Capsules. They keep mentioning how well it works for stress, anxiety, and insomnia. They also note that it is very convenient for traveling. 

Since the capsule is made from vegetables, it is vegan-friendly and saves you from dealing with the hemp’s “earthy” taste.

Full Spectrum CBD Pet Oil

Nuleaf Naturals CBD Oil for dog

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See Nuleaf Naturals CBD Coupons

The Full Spectrum CBD Pet Oil is your best pick if your pet requires high daily doses of CBD oil for therapeutic reasons.

  • Over 2000 positive reviews and 4.9-star ratings from old users
  • It is made with 100% natural ingredients: organic virgin hemp seed oil and full-spectrum hemp extract
  • Affordable and highly potency
  • No flavour
  • Lacks potency options

The Full Spectrum CBD Pet Oil is a crowd favorite among the nuleaf family subscribers. This is because not many brands offer full spectrum CBD oils for pets (and with such high potency too!)

The Nuleaf Naturals CBD Pet Oil comes is made with high-quality full spectrum extract. Since the extract maintains the natural phytochemicals in the hemp plant, the CBD oil is able to provide many benefits including:

  • Pain relieving
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Helps with insomnia, seizures, and anxiety
  • Skin improvement
  • Aiding digestive health

Since most CBD pet oils only contain 30 mg per ml, Nuleaf Naturals is a better choice for pets with severe symptoms and large furry friends. This is because NuLeaf’s CBD pet oil contains 6p mg per ml.

The NuLeaf Naturals CBD pet oil is also made with 100% natural, non-GMO industrial hemp grown on their privately owned hemp farm in Colorado, USA.

Final Thought

Nuleaf Naturals Provides a wide range of wellness products that are beneficial to both humans and pets. It is a safe choice for the entire family and the benefits of CBD products cannot be overemphasized. 

If you are considering buying any of our CBD products today, look no further! Just click here to get redirected to our online store and start shopping today[3]!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to receive my purchased item(s)?

Processing your order can sometimes take up to a day but asides from that we pride ourselves in prompt deliveries of 2-3 business days. Our express service also provides the option of 1-2 business days after processing your order.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most studied and widely accepted non-psychoactive cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Studies show that it helps with pain, insomnia, inflammation, and anxiety.

Can Cannabinoids cure my ailments?

Due to FDA regulations, we cannot make any claims as to whether CBD can treat or cure ailments. You can however read feedback from our customers to see how well our products have helped them.

How to store Nuleaf Naturals CBD products?

Nuleaf Naturals CBD products should be stored in a cool, dark place. Keep it away from direct sunlight, and of course, out of the reach of children.

Can my pets take CBD?

Most animals have an endocannabinoid system so they are bound to enjoy many benefits from using our full spectrum CBD. The recommended serving size is 2 drops per 25 lbs. You can use our CBD pet oil on your dogs, cats, horses, etc.

What does Nuleaf Naturals CBD oil contain?

NuLeaf Naturals CBD oils contain only two simple ingredients – our full spectrum hemp extract and USDA-certified organic Hemp Seed oil. That’s all!

How do I take my Nuleaf Naturals CBD Gummies?

Our Nuleaf Naturals CBD Full Spectrum gummies are available in six flavors just for you! The recommended serving size is 30mg or 2 gummies per day.

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MIDSS adheres to strict procurement guidelines and relies on peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutes, and medical associations. We work mainly with peer-reviewed studies to ensure the accuracy of the information. We avoid the use of tertiary references. You can read about how we ensure the accuracy and timeliness of our content in our editorial process.

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