Capillus Reviews 2023: Does the Capillus Hair Cap Work? 

Reviewed by Elizabeth Gonzalez Cueto, MD

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Capillus Hair Cap
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  • FDA cleared
  • Uses non-led technology
  • Made in the United States of America
  • Carlos Pina is the founder and creator
  • Created in 2012
  • Located in Miami, Florida
  • FDA approved for androgenic alopecia treatment
  • Over two hundred branches worldwide
  • Use cold laser technology
  • Handles genetic hair issues
  • Prevents hair loss
  •  Supports hair growth

About The Brand

Hair loss can be caused by various reasons, including family history, medication, hairstyles, illnesses, and hormonal changes. The state of your hair can significantly affect how you view yourself and even how others perceive you; therefore, people look for hair care products that can promote hair growth. Capillus is one of the most reputable brands in the market that offer hair care products that can stimulate hair growth, prevent hair shedding, and promote overall health. This article will provide a thorough review of Capillus Laser Cap and determine whether it works.

What Is The Capillus Hair Growth Cap?

The capillus device is a hat with lasers. The product is regarded as one of the most effective hair loss treatments and uses low-level light laser treatment or therapy. Hair loss is often featured through thinning hair, receding hairline, and pattern baldness.

Capillus company is located in Miami, Florida, and it was pioneered and created in 2012 by Carlos Pina. capillus products, such as the capillus laser comb, were later FDA approved [1] in 2015. Capillus products are designed to promote hair health. We shall Capillus caps, one of the most popular capillus products, that is touted to prevent hair loss, thinning hair, promote hair regrowth, and provide overall healthier hair.

Female pattern hair loss can be associated with genetics, medication, hormonal changes, and many more. The brand claims that Capillus caps can stop hair loss and regrow hair; therefore, you will have better, healthier, and new hair. Capillus lasers are not only for ladies since hereditary hair loss also occurs in men. Male pattern hair loss might be taken lightly; however, capillus offers an all-inclusive and effective treatment. Please do not be shy to seek hair treatment options from capillus laser caps, as it is one of the most top-rated and reviewed capillus products.

Capillus offers one of the top-tier rated, safest, and most effective hair treatments for women and men. By providing a comprehensive review of this product, we can determine whether capillus offers legit products. Let us see how capillus laser caps work, buckle up.

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Best Reputation

Capillus Hair Cap

  • FDA cleared
  • Uses non-led technology
  •  Made in the United States of America

Does The Capillus Cap Work?

According to clinical studies and customer reviews, capillus laser caps work. The device is formulated for the hair follicle, which is typically not visible to the naked eye; however, after a few months, the user can experience noticeable changes. The brand says that the user will experience prominent changes, but the progress comes in different phases. The starting months, one might experience some hair loss, ironic? Yes, however, the company insists that this indicates that the laser cap is working. The company calls this the Anagen phase, whether the older and unhealthy hair is lost to create room for new hair. This first phase also features scalp itchiness due to the contraction of the arrector pili muscles. The hair follicle is linked to these muscles; therefore, during hair loss, these muscles must react.

You might not experience any significant hair changes, but when you monitor keenly, you will realize that hair shedding reduces. If the hair loss does not stop, according to your analysis, give it time. This might be an indicator that you had a significant amount of unhealthy hair and new hairs. Keep using the capillus laser cap for at least six months; after a year, you will experience new hair growth. Prominent new hair growth can be achieved significantly after consistently using the capillus laser cap for at least twenty-four months or more.

Capillus Cap Review: What Do Real Users Say?

This product has positive and negative reviews from real users. Most of the insights are positive; however, negative reviews give a brand an opportunity to improve and serve their clients better. Also, it might not work for everyone.

The following are genuine customer reviews about the Capillus laser cap:

“I have really started to see new hair in my bangs. I am really happy to be getting good results. Female hair loss runs in my family so I am really glad to be getting great results.”

Natalie Steimer

“I experienced a failure of the battery/charger to hold a charge and contacted Capillus’ customer service team about the matter. They were very courteous in trying to remedy the problem, but, after 30 minutes of testing, they asked if they could immediately send out a new battery/charger at no cost as a replacement. Capillus customer service is as good as any high-grade company out there. Thank you Capillus for your prompt response and professionalism.”

Greg Schubert

“I like your product, but I have a smaller head and it spins around on my head! And because the hat is so large on my head, the laser can be seen by my eyes and gives me migraines.”

Nancy Becker

“I have only had my cap for two weeks now, so I feel that it is too soon to judge.”

Sandra crater

“Capillus hat doesn’t seem to help. I do everything as instructed. Used for approx three months, no improvements seen.”

Rosemarie Maiorino

“We received the Capillus as a gift around a month ago. It was not functioning correctly so we sent it back two weeks ago and never got one back.”

Larry G

Alternatives To Capillus Hair Growth Cap

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NameHairMaxKiierr Laser Hair CapIllumi Flow
ProsCleared by the FDA
Portable design
Made for both men and women
Durable and portable
FDA cleared
Suitable for men and women
Seven months money back guarantee
Has eye safety sensors 
Has an automatic shut off
Five-year warranty
Free domestic shipping
Portable carrying case
ConsMight irritate the scalp
ExpensiveFee charges on returns
Eye safety and carrying case are not free
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Potential Side Effects

The Capillus laser cap can help you regrow hair after a few months of consistent usage.

Capillus laser caps have minor side effects since they apply low-level laser therapy. Devices associated with this technology might result in the scalp having a warm sensation, tenderness, irritation, itchiness, and dry skin.  If you are prone to having migraines or suffer from scalp cancer, the capillus laser cap might not be suitable for you. Nursing mothers, pregnant women, and people with high sensitivity to light should also avoid using this product.

How To Take Capillus Cap?

After unpacking the capillus laser cap, ensure all the parts are available as presented in the product’s manual, page two. The next step is warranty registration, where you enter various details, including the order number, purchase date, price, retail location, and serial number. Before using the capillus laser cap, charge the batter overnight, and the manual instructions can guide you on how to charge the product. When using it, put the laser dome over your head, then press and hold the power button and start enjoying the hair treatment, it should take six minutes, and then the battery automatically shuts down.

You should note that the laser cap will not function unless it is placed over your head. In case you hear consistent beeping when using your capillus laser cap, this implies a disruption during the treatment. The device should be stored in a dry and safe place to prevent extreme temperatures that might cause damage. Also, if you are traveling, put the device in a lightweight carrying case for protection and storage.

Additionally, when cleaning the capillus laser cap, ensure every cable is disconnected, then wipe it with a water-dumped fabric, alcohol wipe, or pat dry. You can always take a “before” photo to monitor your hair regrowth progress. Finally, keeping the manual in a safe area is advisable since you might refer to it for guidelines or the brands’ customer support.

How To Use Capillus Cap?

This laser cap is designed as a dome insert that can go under most baseball caps. The brand has provided the following basic recommendations if you’re using it for the first time to stop hair loss:

  • Refuel the gadget (for portable use)
  • A different hat or the offered cap should be worn over the dome (if wished)
  • To begin the process of treatment, hold down the power button.
  • After the predetermined time, the lights automatically switch off.
  • Repeat six minutes a day

Avoid gazing into laser lights, as you should with any laser therapy equipment. Incorrect placement of the device on your head could cause the lights to go off. Avoid utilizing LLLT devices like Capillus laser therapy if you have malignant tumors on your head because it is unclear how red light will affect you.

Capillus Review

  • It is a pioneering brand
  • Has FDA clearance
  • Uses non-led technology
  • Uses low-level laser therapy
  • Supports hair regrowth
  • Approved for androgenetic alopecia treatment
  • Expensive
  • Most Users report side effects

According to the research [2], Capillus’ low-level laser caps can both stop hair loss and boost hair counts. Just six minutes a day of use of the device will accomplish this. According to the theory, hair follicles absorb laser light at a specific level to stimulate hair growth. However, there is insufficient proof that these devices may restore hair or even stop baldness. Instead, it could stimulate blood flow and metabolism in your hair, which would promote healthy hair growth.

Capillus offers laser caps for at least a hundred dollars despite having very little evidence to back up any of the company’s claims. However, according to Capillus, their Capillus hair caps are cost-effective in treating baldness and promoting hair growth. After utilizing the product for a few months and keeping it up, the outcome will become apparent. Therefore, studies report [3] that laser therapy, as a treatment for hair issues, is highly effective regardless of our clinical rationale. Capillus Hair Cap is undoubtedly beneficial in this regard.

Final Thought

The Capillus laser cap comes high;y recommended even by hair health experts. The FDA approved the laser cap for androgenic alopecia treatment; therefore, it seems worthy. There are negative reviews about this product on the internet; however, there are also positive insights for those who have consistently and patiently used it. Suppose you are suffering from androgenetic alopecia, balding, hair loss, and receding hairline; a Capillus laser cap is worth a try. It also comes with a complete guide to help the user get a comprehensive insight into how it operates.

If you wish to achieve a healthy hair regrow and do not mind being patient for at least six months to see progress, this product is suitable for you. The brand is already backed by FDA clearance, and a team of specialists seems trustworthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can men use the capillus laser cap?

Yes. The product is suitable for men and women seeking to solve hair loss problems.

Does it work?

According to reviews and the brand’s report, yes, it does. It needs patience for one to see significant hair changes.

Can lasers promote hair regrowth?

Scientific studies prove that lasers are tolerable, less invasive, and tolerable methods of regrowing hair.

Is it cleared by the FDA?

Capillus products are approved by the FDA.

How long till I see the results?

Users who have consistently used the capillus laser cap have reported experiencing positive results between two to four months.

What are the side effects?

The brand claims it has not been associated with adverse health effects; however, laser caps can result in scalp-related issues such as irritation and itching.

How long should I use it per day?

The recommended time is six minutes until the battery automatically shuts off.

Can it be cleaned?

Yes, you can clean your capillus laser cap. Make sure there is no connection cable, then you can pat dry it or use a damp cloth or alcoholic wipes.

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