Blood Sugar Formula Reviews 2023: Is It Legit Or A Scam?

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Blood Sugar Formula
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  • 17 natural active ingredients
  • Focuses on glucose oxidation
  • Aims to improve overall health
  • Based on scientific research
  • Clinically tested
  • Maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  • Aids in energy production
  • Promotes good cardiovascular healt

Given the kind of cuisine that is commonly associated with American society, hundreds of thousands of Americans have a reason to worry about their blood sugar levels. The constant consumption of fast food and junk food can cause many harmful health conditions associated with high levels of blood glucose (also known as hyperglycemia[1]) and cholesterol in the body, including type 2 diabetes.

To combat this growing problem, Pure Health Research began to manufacture and sell Blood Sugar Formula. Just as the company promotes it as a natural way to maintain blood sugar levels, many customers say that it is very effective in its purpose. However, there has been some skepticism towards the product, with some even saying that it is a scam.

This leads to an important question: How true are the hundreds of good Blood Sugar Formula reviews out there?

What Is Blood Sugar Formula?

Blood Sugar Formula[2] is a dietary supplement designed to naturally support healthy and balanced blood sugar levels. According to the manufacturer PureHealth Research, this product can also be used to promote healthy cholesterol levels and boost heart health. PureHealth Research claims that with its 17 premium ingredients, Blood Sugar Formula helps to “enhance cell sensitivity to glucose, improve glucose uptake and energy production, and help balance blood glucose levels.” 

Blood Sugar Formula is manufactured by PureHealth Research[3], a team of experts and professionals whose mission is to “help people regain control of their own health” by providing “superior quality therapeutic nutraceuticals”. The formula of their product is backed by evidence from research on micronutrients and remedies, meaning that they value only using scientifically-proven ingredients and nothing more than consumers will need. They also value being eco-friendly and abide by Current Good Manufacturing Practice[4] Regulations.

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Blood Sugar Formular

Best Reputation

Blood Sugar Formula

  • 17 natural active ingredients
  • Focuses on glucose oxidation

Does It Really Work?

Based on the 526 reviews from verified buyers on their product website (as of 1/8/2023), it would be safe to say that it works for most people; the product has a whopping 4.9/5-star rating! However, it is important to note that these reviews only come from their website and no outside sources. According to some of these customers, it takes 3-4 weeks for users to see lower blood sugar levels and other substantial results.

Blood Sugar Formula Ingredients 

As stated before, Blood Sugar Formula has 17 active ingredients, including certain types of vitamins and minerals. The following are just a few of these ingredients:

Blood Sugar Formular Ingredients


Chromium[5], the key active ingredient of Blood Sugar Formula, is considered an essential micronutrient for humans. Although this nutrient can naturally be found in food and human tissue, chromium supplements are known for improving the health condition of patients with metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. There are various types of chromium complexes with different chemical properties and biological activities; these include (but are not limited to) chromium picolinate, nicotinate, propionate, histidine, and chloride.

The specific chromium complex used in Blood Sugar Formula is picolinate. This ingredient helps increase the body’s ability to accept glucose and extract it from the bloodstream to use as energy later on. Being attracted to oxidation within the body, it also helps to protect the body against the effects of free radicals that could come from this oxidation. 

With chromium as the main ingredient of the Blood Sugar Formula, it is paired with the other 16 active ingredients to create a synergistic effect that maximizes chromium’s potential and effectiveness in terms of medical benefits.


Biotin[6] is a water-soluble vitamin that is sometimes referred to as vitamin H or vitamin B7. It is often used as a form of alternative medicine used to solve pathological hair conditions such as brittle hair syndrome, as well as other clinical manifestations caused by a biotinidase deficiency like conjunctivitis, ataxia, and skin infections.

While this nutrient is primarily known for promoting the growth of hair and nails, some studies have shown that it can also support healthy blood glucose levels; biotin interacts with enzymes that are vital in several metabolic processes, such as breaking down food into glucose. As an active ingredient in Blood Sugar Formula, biotin allows for glucose synthesis from non-carbohydrates while also mitigating the body’s resistance to the glucose hormone. Although biotin is not recommended for daily use, it can be taken daily as a part of Blood Sugar Formula.


Copper[7] is an essential nutrient that plays a part in the function of various enzymes within the body. This nutrient is also needed for other physiological processes such as maintaining bone strength, blood fat regulation, and even brain development. Copper deficiency is most commonly found in malnourished children. Clinical manifestations of copper deficiencies include anemia, increased likelihood of infections, and neutropenia.

Of course, cholesterol and glucose metabolism is one such process that requires the presence of copper, abnormalities in glucose metabolism are considered another clinical manifestation of copper deficiency. As an active ingredient in Blood Sugar Formula, copper gluconate is involved in glucose metabolism. This nutrient is needed for the human body to convert food into energy to be used later on.

Blood Sugar Formula Review: What Do Real Users Say?

Blood Sugar Formula has received exceptional reviews on its website, with real, verified users saying that it is both very effective and affordable. Many users state that daily use of the product has led to lower daily blood test results; in most cases, the drug drastically changed their blood pressure and other relevant measurements to fit a normal range. As a result, the product is highly recommended, with a near-perfect average rating out of 526 reviews. 

Of course, Blood Sugar Formula has received some skepticism from users. Although nobody has given the product less than 3 stars out of 5, customers who gave lower reviews are unable to determine whether or not the product is helping. A common statement among reviews is that substantial results will show within three to four weeks of regular use, with one of the “less satisfied” customers even stating that they would try using the product for one more month to further wait for results.

Alternatives To Blood Sugar Formula

Although Blood Sugar Formula is definitely a viable option for controlling blood glucose levels, it is not guaranteed to positively affect everyone who uses it.

Below are a few potential alternatives to Blood Sugar Formula if this is the case.

ProductZenith LabsGNCBasic Brands
NameZenith LabsGNCBasic Brands
ProsTreats abnormal blood sugar levels naturally
Helps with weight management
Formula is 100% natural
Supports normal/healthy blood glucose responses
Scientifically formulated
Drastically lowers blood sugar
Made with 20 different herbs, vitamins, and minerals
Can reduce sweetness cravings
Relatively cheap compared to similar products
ConsMore expensive than other similar products
Comes with frustrating side effects that harm normal body functioning
Average rating from real users is slightly lower than that of Blood Sugar FormulaVery difficult to find helpful reviews online from real users
Full reviewZenith Labs Review GNC Review Basic Brands Review

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Health Benefits Of Blood Sugar Formula

Unlike other types of dietary supplements, such as multivitamins, Blood Sugar Formula is not designed to directly provide an additional source of nutrients.

According to PureHealth Research, taking Blood Sugar Formula allows for a natural way to support and maintain healthy and balanced blood sugar levels. This is specifically designed for those who are either hyperglycemic or just healthy people who want to make sure their blood sugar doesn’t fall out of normal ranges. The company also puts emphasis on ending oxidation within the body within minutes. This product also improves heart health by promoting healthy cholesterol levels in the body.

Potential Side Effects

PureHealth Research claims that, since the product is “clinically tested”, Blood Sugar Formula has no common side effects or irritation when taken. This seems to be proven by the many customer reviews mentioning that they experienced no side effects while taking the product.

However, PureHealth advises that consumers should still consult their physician if they experience anything unusual when taking Blood Sugar Formula or have a known medical condition that may interact with the drug or any of its ingredients. They also advise against taking more than the recommended dose.

How To Take Blood Sugar Formula?

As a dietary supplement, consumers are instructed to simply take two capsules per day. PureHealth Research does not provide any additional instructions on its official product webpage.

Blood Sugar Formula Reviews 2023: Is It Effective For High Blood Sugar?

With a major focus on treating and preventing glucose oxidation, this product is very effective in helping those who may have hyperglycemia or other related problems.

  • 17 active ingredients, including several vitamins and nutrients
  • Very easy to order
  • No GMOs, gluten, dairy or soy
  • May not work as well for all users

Blood Sugar Formula is very effective in drastically decreasing blood glucose levels in those who have too much of it; this product is designed to improve energy production from food and glucose uptake from sources aside from carbohydrates. 

The brand has a heavy emphasis on preventing what they refer to as “sugar rust” or glucose oxidation that can damage the body and lead to unwanted illnesses. Many customers have stated that daily use of this product has led to balanced blood pressure, healthy blood glucose levels, and improved overall health. This supplement is also designed for long-term use to allow for constant regulation of blood sugar levels.

The only possible downside to using Blood Sugar Formula is the fact that there is no guarantee that it’ll work; some users have reported having to wait beyond the usual three to four weeks to see any changes in blood sugar test results.

Final Thought

Based on the many customer reviews on the product’s webpage, PureHealth’s Blood Sugar Formula seems to not only be a legitimate product but an effective one at that. For those looking for a way to treat high blood pressure or blood glucose levels, this product is one of many options available. PureHealth’s mission to promote good health seems to be genuine as well, as shown in the composition and medical benefits they added to this dietary supplement.

Even so, there is no guarantee that it’ll work for everyone. Even if Blood Sugar Formula isn’t a viable option for you for any reason, you can still turn to other similar products as alternatives. However, if this does work for you, then it is a good idea to use this product regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a dietary supplement, Blood Sugar Formula seems to be effective in doing its job. However, there are some important things to keep in mind when deciding to buy or use this product.

If I take this supplement regularly, can I eat an unhealthy diet with no repercussions?

No, you still need to eat healthily. All dietary supplements (including Blood Sugar Formula) are meant to only complement healthy diets, not replace them. There is no point in trying to lower your blood sugar if you’re only going to bring it back up again.

Do I need a prescription for Blood Sugar Formula?

No, it can be ordered online without a prescription.

Where and how can I order Blood Sugar Formula?

While it appears to also be available on shopping websites such as Amazon, it is best to order this product directly through the official product page[8].

Who is Blood Sugar Formula designed for?

This product is designed for both adult men and women with all blood glucose levels and other health conditions. Pregnant or nursing mothers should consult a physician before using Blood Sugar Formula. People under the age of 18 are advised not to take this supplement either without consulting their physician first.

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