Best THC Gummies 2023: Top 5 Weed Edibles To Buy Online

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best thc gummies

THC Gummies have become increasingly popular as a convenient and delicious way to consume THC, the main psychoactive component of marijuana. With so many brands to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which ones are the best. That’s why we’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of the top five best THC Gummies of 2023. 

In this guide, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to know about THC Gummies, including the benefits, how to choose the best ones and where to buy them.

 Top 5 Best THC Gummies On The Market In 2023

How Do THC Gummies Work?

THC Gummies are ingested and absorbed through the digestive system, entering the bloodstream and producing their effects[1]. The onset of effects typically occurs 30 to 90 minutes after ingestion and can last for several hours. It’s important to start with a low dose and gradually increase as needed, as everyone’s tolerance and sensitivity to THC can vary.

5 Best THC Gummies On The Market In 2023

Exhale Wellness

Exhale Wellness

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Exhale Wellness offers high-quality THC Gummies made with organic ingredients and are lab tested for purity and potency. They have a variety of delicious flavors and are organic and reliable.

  • Third-party tested
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping
  • Plenty of flavors
  • Vegan
  • All their products are very high potency

Exhale Wellness THC Gummies are a popular option for those looking to consume THC in a tasty, convenient form. Their vegan gummies are delicious and well-known in the community as a reliable, safe, and dependable brand.

Additionally, all of their products undergo testing at a third-party lab for quality and potency. Exhale Wellness also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and free shipping for added peace of mind. They use only organic ingredients and high-quality hemp plants. 

With a variety of flavors to choose from, Exhale Wellness THC Gummies offer a tasty way to consume THC. However, it’s worth noting that all of their products are very high potency, so it’s important to be mindful of serving size and start with a small amount until you know how it will affect you. 


CBDfx Delta 9 Gummies

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CBDfx is a reliable brand with thorough testing. Their THC Gummies are a low dose that’s federally allowed, but they can be expensive, especially without free shipping.

  • Lots of flavors and types
  • A low dosage won’t get you high
  • Child-proof cap
  • COA on website
  • Can be expensive
  • No free shipping

CBDfx is a brand that offers a variety of THC Gummies, catering to the different needs and preferences of their customers. One of the key advantages of CBDfx THC Gummies is the wide range of flavors, from standard fruits like strawberry to the popular blue dream berry. 

Additionally, the low dosage of THC in their gummies means that consumers won’t get the typical high associated with THC consumption, making them a great option for those who want to enjoy the benefits of THC without the psychoactive effects. 

The child-proof cap on the gummies ensures that they are safe for households with kids. Another advantage of CBDfx is that the brand makes Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for their products readily available on their website, allowing customers to check the purity and quality of the THC Gummies they are purchasing. 

However, CBDfx THC Gummies can be expensive compared to other brands on the market, and they do not offer free shipping. Consider trying other products with free shipping and returns first.


Koi Delta 8 Gummies

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These gummies are great for a relaxing sleep – maybe too good to take them in the middle of the day. They have good flavors, which mostly cover up a bitter aftertaste.

  • Fun fruity flavors
  • Discounts for buying in bulk and for monthly subscription
  • Good for relaxation and sleep
  • May make you sleepy when you don’t want it
  • Bitter aftertaste

Koi brand THC Gummies come in a variety of popular fruity flavors. The brand offers discounts for buying in bulk and for those who sign up for their monthly subscription service. They’re noted for helping users relax and sleep better, making them ideal for those looking to relieve stress or anxiety. 

However, they can make you feel sleepy in the middle of the day as well, which can be inconvenient or even dangerous in certain situations. Despite the enjoyable flavors, some users have reported a bitter aftertaste, which can be off-putting. Others find that the flavoring covers up the bitterness just fine, so your mileage may vary.

Overall, the Koi brand offers a fun and fruity way to enjoy the benefits of THC, but it is important to keep in mind their potential side effects and to always start with a low dose to assess your tolerance.



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CBDistillery THC Gummies are highly concentrated and very reliable, but they might be too expensive or too intense for beginners.

  • Third-party tested
  • COAs list batch concentrations
  • Gluten-free facility
  • Somewhat expensive
  • Very concentrated and not good for new people

CBDistillery is a well-established brand known for its high-quality THC Gummies. Their products are third-party tested to ensure purity and potency. Certificates of Analysis, COAs, for each batch are readily available on their website for transparency and peace of mind. They even include the concentration of the specific batch.

On top of that testing, they also test and monitor each hemp plant during the growing process, not just the finished process. Their organic hemp is reliable through all stages of development. 

CBDistillery also operates in a gluten-free facility, making their THC Gummies a great option for those with dietary restrictions. They’re also highly concentrated, which can provide a stronger effect for experienced users. However, this high concentration can also be a con for those who are new to THC products or who prefer lower doses. 

Additionally, while the concentration and quality of their THC Gummies are high, they can be on the more expensive side compared to other brands. The concentration might be worth it, though – for example, you could take half a gummy at a time, making them last much longer and getting more for your money.

TRE House Delta-8 Gummies With HHC & THC-O

Overall, TRE House is a reputable brand for those seeking a comprehensive and mellow THC gummy experience.

  • Contain more types of cannabinoids than other products
  • Made in USA
  • Third-party tested
  • Mellow and not intense
  • Only available in mango flavor

TRE House brand delta 8 THC Gummies are a unique offering in the market, as they contain a variety of cannabinoids in addition to THC, including THC-O and HHC. These provide a well-rounded experience for those looking for a full spectrum of benefits. 

Their products are made in the USA and have been third-party tested, so consumers can feel confident in their quality. Additionally, the brand is known for their mild and mellow gummies, which may be a good option for those new to THC or who are seeking a less intense experience. 

The only downside is that these gummies are currently only available in one flavor, mango. They do have other types of gummies in other flavors.

What Are THC Gummies?

THC Gummies are candies infused with THC, the primary psychoactive component of marijuana. They come in a variety of delicious flavors and are available in different potencies. They are a convenient and discreet way to consume THC, providing a consistent and controlled dose with each serving.

Benefits Of THC Gummies

Pain Relief

THC Gummies can help relieve chronic pain[2] and discomfort associated with conditions such as arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

Anxiety And Stress Relief

THC Gummies can help reduce feelings of anxiety and stress[3], promoting a sense of calm and relaxation. This can lead directly into the next category, improved sleep, especially if stress and anxiety often keep you from sleeping. If you have severe anxiety, though, you should probably avoid taking THC too often since you don’t want to become dependent on it. 

Improved Sleep

It can help improve sleep quality and increase feelings of restfulness and rejuvenation. Again, you can develop a dependency if you take them every night and make it hard to sleep without them. Also, be careful of taking THC during the day since it might make you sleepy.

Increased Appetite

THC gummies can stimulate appetite and help individuals who struggle with eating due to medical conditions[4] such as anorexia or cachexia. If you struggle with weight, you should also watch out for this effect – any benefit can be a downside to another person.

How To Choose The Best THC Gummies?


The potency of THC Gummies is a very important factor. Beginners should look for gummies with very low concentration and potency and even consider taking half of one at a time instead of a whole one.

In contrast, those who have used THC before and are experienced might be looking for a stronger effect, and they would prefer a higher concentration and potency. Different gummies offer different effects, so there’s definitely something for everyone.


Unlike potency, quality isn’t a matter of opinion. Most reputable brands are third-party tested, and many have COAs for each batch, which helps you understand exactly what you’re getting this time, separate from others.

Since Delta-8 THC isn’t well regulated at the moment, there have been some issues with some brands – things like impurity, heavy metal contamination, and even contamination with illegal substances. Do your research to make sure the brand you choose hasn’t had those types of incidents in the past.


Most brands of THC Gummies are flavored. Fruit flavors are the most popular. Some of them have multiple flavors to choose from, and others only have one. Most products are also coated in sugar for a better taste.

If the flavor is really important to you, read lots of reviews to see how the product you’re looking at tastes. Be willing to try different flavors and check out new things!

Where To Buy THC Products?

THC products can be purchased in a variety of locations, including licensed dispensaries, online marketplaces, and specialty stores. Most are available on their own websites, which are the best places to get any return guarantees, but they can also be found on Amazon and on CBD websites.

It is important to check the legality of purchasing and possessing THC products in your area, as laws and regulations vary by jurisdiction.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, THC Gummies can offer a range of potential benefits for individuals seeking pain relief, improved sleep and reduced anxiety and stress. However, it’s important to carefully consider the quality and potency of the products and to be aware of the legal restrictions surrounding the purchase and use of THC products in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are THC Gummies?

THC Gummies are a type of edible product that contain the psychoactive component of marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

What are the benefits of THC Gummies?

THC Gummies can offer potential benefits such as pain relief, anxiety and stress relief, improved sleep and increased appetite.

How do I choose the best THC Gummies?

Consider factors such as potency, quality of ingredients, taste and accurate dosing information when choosing the best THC Gummies.

Where can I buy THC products?

THC products can be purchased in licensed dispensaries, online marketplaces and specialty stores. Check the legality in your area.

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