10 Best Online Therapy Services 2023: Reviews & Pricing

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The World Health Organization[1] (WHO) states that millions of people suffer from mental health issues.  Depression is among the top leading factors of mental health crises.  Some people experience it moderately, while for others, it’s long-lasting and severe. Depression[2] and other mental health issues can cause suicide. The good news is that mental health problems can be treated using therapy.  There are numerous online therapy platforms dedicated to offering top-tier quality services for people dealing with depression and other mental health conditions. Since many people have access to the internet, online therapy services[3] are an excellent option to alleviate some of these mental problems.

Mental health care has evolved, and patients can access immediate responses regarding their mental state. Mental health professionals have integrated the internet[4] to enhance psychotherapy and offer patients a more convenient tool compared to traditional therapy. An online therapy platform is an excellent option since you can easily access self-help remedies, analyze various mental health conditions, and look up various medical information. Besides, online therapy services allow you to absorb the information at your own pace and multiple times if desired.

Using the internet can create anonymity when seeking information, and there is no fear of stigmatization. Additionally, online therapy is cost-effective compared to traditional therapy. This article offers a list and comprehensive description of the best online therapy platforms in 2022 and how they work.

10 Best Online Therapy Services Of 2023

What Is Online Therapy?

This is also called teletherapy. It includes remote therapy sessions through phone, email, chat rooms, or video calls. It gained popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic and has completely revolutionized therapy. This therapy channel is mostly preferred since it is affordable, and convenient. It makes it easier for people with time restrictions to stay home or live in remote locations.

10 Best Online Therapy Services 2023: Reviews & Pricing



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This online therapy has some of the most flexible subscription options. It accepts insurance and can prescribe medication.

  • Offers discounts
  • You can text
  • Therapists are constantly available
  • Accepts insurance
  • Not covered by some insurance plans
  • Time zone differences with therapists might affect communication.

Talkspace is an effective online therapy company that can be accessed through video, messaging, chat, and audio. It has more than three thousand trained mental health professionals that can help you deal with PTSD, depression, eating disorders, addiction, and anxiety.  The brand offers marriage and family therapists, individual counseling, and tailored therapy services for teens. These therapists can diagnose and prescribe medication. Even though it is not all, the company can be covered by various insurance plans.



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This online therapy is among the best since it has a vast range of mental health professionals and has a user-friendly platform.

  • User-friendly website and mobile app
  • Offers financial aid
  • Offers audio, video, chat, and messaging options
  • You can cancel anytime
  • A vast range of mental health professionals
  • Does not accept insurance cards
  • Not suitable for emergencies
  • Therapists cannot prescribe medication or diagnose

This online therapy company has more than twelve thousand licensed mental health professionals. It is one of the best online therapy platforms since it contains a range of professional counselors, including family and marriage therapists, clinical social workers, psychologists, and many more. The firm offers family, couples, and individual therapy sessions. You can access a licensed mental health professional via video, audio, live chat, or messaging. Also, Better Health offers a questionnaire to match you perfectly with a counselor for your specific mental health needs.


This is one of the best online counseling platforms that uses cognitive behavioral therapy. It offers various subscription platforms.

  • Offers CBT online course
  • User-friendly website and app
  • Allows daily feedback from your counselor
  • Offers audio, video, and chat platforms
  • No financial assistance
  • No 24/7 therapist availability

This company offers a unique virtual therapy strategy to offer patients top-tier quality services. An online therapist from this platform uses cognitive behavioral therapy to alleviate various mental health conditions. Unlike many online therapy platforms, this one uses meditation, yoga, and worksheets. You can access audio, text, and video therapy sessions from this platform; however, they have no mobile app. Online therapists from this platform can help you deal with eating disorders, anxiety, phobias, drug abuse, and depression.

Pride Counseling

This online platform is an excellent option for the LGBTQ community. They provide a supportive and safe space for Pride members to get good mental health services.

  • Exclusively for the LGBTQ members
  • Offers written texts from the sessions
  • Has a user-friendly website and app
  • Offers phone, messaging, chat, and video sessions
  • Not ideal for minors
  • Therapist cannot prescribe medicine or diagnosis

This platform offers premium quality services for the pride community. Users are matched with an ideal therapist after signing up. All therapists are experienced in helping the LGBTQ community and provide different and effective strategies for dealing with mental health conditions. They offer a vast range of counselors who can help the user deal with trauma, anxiety, relationships, depression, family conflicts, and many more.


This is among the most affordable online therapy services in 2022. It offers phone and video therapy sessions.

  • Unlimited access to a therapist
  • Offers prescription and counseling
  • Offers discounts on medication
  • Offers phone and video sessions
  • Expensive counseling
  • No subscription plans
  • No chat or email support options

This virtual therapy brand offers medication and therapy services. It can help you deal with grief and loss, anxiety, panic attacks, bipolar, depression, PTSD, and addiction.  After signing up for this platform, you are allowed to choose the psychiatrist that suits your specific needs, and after that, you can set an appointment for a phone or video therapy session.

Teen Counseling

This is an excellent option for parents, guardians, and teens to find quality therapy services. They offer phone, messaging, chat, and video sessions.

  • 24/7 counselors availability
  • Specializes in teen health problems
  • Offer phone, messaging, chat, and video sessions
  • Not suitable for court-mandated therapy
  • Therapists cannot offer a diagnosis

This platform offers psychiatry services to persons aged between thirteen and nineteen years. They offer phone, messaging, chat, and video sessions with an accredited mental health provider. They can help your teenager deal with bullying, anxiety, depression, and stress. The counselor is obligated to report any information indicating that the teen could harm others or themselves. 

7 Cups

This online therapy is among the most affordable, and it offers peer, emotional, and counseling support.

  • Offers free therapy
  • Has free group chat for users
  • Has chat and text therapy sessions
  • Offers round-the-clock emotional support
  • Some reviews indicate that the app has numerous bugs
  • Poor communication and listening skills from the unprofessional and inexperienced volunteers

This digital therapy platform is among the most highly rated since it has a round-the-clock emotional support team. It has chat rooms filled with active listeners ready to listen to and support you emotionally. You can use these services to handle trauma, addiction, bipolar, parenting, drug abuse, bipolar, grief, and depression. When you sign up with them, you can access free unlicensed yet trained counselors for free. After signing up for the subscription option, you can also be matched to a licensed therapist that suits your specific needs.

Doctor on Demand

This is excellent if you prefer single therapy sessions rather than subscription options. They offer accredited therapists and doctors who offer psychological and physical health services.

  • No subscription needed
  • Therapists can order prescriptions
  • More than fifteen years of an experienced therapist
  • No chat or email support options
  • Some reviews indicate technical problems with the app.

Doctor Demand is an excellent option if you are not looking for any subscription plan for therapy. They offer therapy and can help you electronically order prescription medication from any pharmacy. The platform has accredited therapists and psychiatrists who can help you manage anger management, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar, trauma, and depression. You can also make appointments for physical health conditions since the platform has medical doctors.


This platform is user-friendly and allows patients to choose their mental health provider.

  • Covered by various insurance providers
  • Addresses mental and physical health
  • You can choose a counselor
  • Offers audio and video sessions
  • No subscription options
  • Less communication options

This virtual therapy platform is designed to offer mental and physical health services. This online therapy company allows clients to choose professional counselors for themselves. You can access audio and video online therapy sessions to help you deal with PTSD, anxiety, life transitions, and depression. These therapists can also prescribe medication for your mental health condition.


This is an excellent option for anyone seeking licensed marriage counselors. They offer phone, messaging, chat, and video sessions.

  • Specializes in couples counseling
  • Offer a vast range of therapists
  • Offer three ways calling
  • The platform does not offer three-way live therapy sessions
  • Not ideal for court-mandated therapy

If you are looking for premium quality online therapy for couples, Regain is an ideal option. They offer a vast range of accredited counselors, including licensed clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists, and certified psychiatrists. It also offers individual therapy sessions if you want to speak to a counselor. They offer a questionnaire that is used to match you with an ideal counselor for your specific needs.

How Does Online Therapy Work?

The main difference between this online and conventional therapy is that it takes place online rather than in a physical location. Sessions normally last an hour and can be scheduled weekly, monthly, or at any other frequency, you and your therapist agree upon. You might only communicate with your therapist sometimes between appointments via text and email. Unless you are in a crisis, you might only need to wait until your next session.

These platforms use questionnaires to match you with the therapist that suits your specific needs. They offer regular therapy sessions through subscription options, and others accept insurance plans. Some of these platforms offer online emotional support groups, mental health apps, and self-help tools to boost and alleviate various mental health problems.

Pros Of Online Therapy

  • Convenient
  • Counselor availability
  • Cost-friendly
  • Easily to find a mental healthcare provider
  • Constant access to your counselor
  • Others offer activities and homework to improve your treatment

Cons Of Online Therapy

  • Some insurance companies do not include teletherapy
  • Not ideal for serious mental disorders
  • Not ideal for mental health crisis emergency
  • You need the internet

Does Insurance Cover Online Therapy?

The COVID-19 pandemic made many insurance providers see the importance of teletherapy; therefore, most started covering it. Teletherapy gives you access to accredited healthcare providers from your home or office. Since not all teletherapy platforms take insurance plans, you can check for the ones that do. Online therapy coverage depends on the type of insurance plan, state regulations, and the mental healthcare provider you select.

Who Is Online Therapy The Best Choice For?

This form of therapy is an excellent option for people comfortable using technology for communication and disclosing personal information. Teletherapy requires a reliable internet connection, a functional gadget, and a quiet area. It is suitable for people who want to alleviate symptoms related to stress, anxiety, self-esteem, big-life transitions, and relationship issues. This is an ideal therapy option if you are comfortable in our environment, have a disability, have a busy schedule, or live in a remote area.

How To Choose The Best Online Therapy?

Your expectations, preferences, and specific needs should be among the factors you consider when choosing an online counselor. Some platforms offer questionnaires to determine the right therapist for your specific condition or issue. You can also ask for recommendations from friends and colleagues. You can also check for other customer reviews to determine the brand’s reputation. Also, you can try a brief consultation with a prospective therapist before fully committing to them. Finally, check the counselor’s availability to determine if they suit your daily schedule or if you need to contact them during non-working hours.

How Much Does Online Therapy Cost?

Each week’s average cost for teletherapy ranges from $49.45 to $77.59. This is without insurance coverage or subscription discounts. This cost might fluctuate based on what type of services or the number of sessions you need monthly.

What To Consider Before Buying Online Therapy Subscription?

You should ask yourself:

  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • Are you looking for a diagnosis?
  • Do you need help ASAP?
  • Do you require medication?
  • Discounts
  • Registration ease
  • Mode of therapy session


Online counseling allows many people to access and afford mental health services.

Virtual visits have replaced in-person meetings for a while now; you can see a counselor whenever and from the comfort of your home. Remember that teletherapy is not for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it effective?

Numerous reviews indicate that teletherapy is effective.

Who should not use teletherapy?

People who need immediate and close treatment; one-on-one intervention.

What are the disadvantages of online therapy?

You need an internet connection; some therapists do not take insurance, and it’s not ideal for severe mental disorders.

Is it suitable for children?

Parents and guardians can guide their children through the process; however, kids are entitled to sessions with the therapist.

What are its perks?

Some of the various benefits of teletherapy are convenience, affordability, and counselor availability.

What is mental awareness day?

Monday, 10th October.

What is the importance of therapy?

In therapy, you can express yourself to an expert without fear, shame, or judgment.

Are teletherapy services expensive?

Each week’s average cost for teletherapy ranges from $49.45 to $77.59. This is without insurance coverage or subscription discounts. This cost might fluctuate based on what type of services or the number of sessions you need monthly.

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