Best Kratom For Energy 2023: Is It Worth Trying?

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Kats Botanicals Maeng Da Kratom Powder
Super Speciosa
Product Kats Botanicals Maeng Da Kratom Powder Super Speciosa Golden Monk Kratom powder
Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
5.0 stars
4.0 stars
4.0 stars
  • Blend of both White and Green Maeng Da Kratom
  • Contains higher amounts of kratom compounds than other varieties (mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine)
  • Ideal for early in the day use – take in the AM
  • Great strain for beginners to try – well-balanced
  • Independently lab tested
  • Provides steady energy without the crash
  • Most affordable of all brands
  • Gives a very well-balanced energy boost (won’t make you feel tired)
  • Also known as a good variety for pain relief

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The popularity of kratom drinks, supplements, and powders is taking the world by storm. People all over the globe are after this wonder herb for many reasons: relaxation, a sense of euphoria, even pain support, and boosting cognitive function. Best of all: kratom is completely natural and safe when used properly.

One of the top benefits people look for in kratom is energy boosting, not unlike coffee. In fact, the kratom plant (Mitragyna speciose) is a tree closely related to coffee; and just like with coffee (though kratom is caffeine free), there are many different varieties and strains you can try, each with different virtues and profiles.

Which kratom strains are best for energy boosting, however? We look at the best kratom for energy in this article so you can save yourself time and testing in search of the most energetic strains.

Best Kratom For Energy In 2023

Kratom For Energy?

A wide variety of kratom authority sites catalog what they deem to be the best kratom strains for energy. We went through these and determined which were the most popular kinds commonly associated with or connected to benefits related to energy boosting: including increased focus, stronger mental clarity, and even improved mood.

Just like coffee has varieties such as Sumatran, Javan, or Ethiopian, kratom too has similar varietal names based on place, though it has other categorizations too: including leaf vein color categories and other miscellaneous names.

Among these categories, here are the best kratom strains for energy.

Kats Botanicals Maeng Da Kratom Powder

Kats Botanicals Maeng Da Kratom Powder

  • A blend of both White and Green Maeng Da Kratom
  • Contains higher amounts of kratom compounds than other varieties (mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine)
  • Ideal for early-in-the-day use – take in the AM

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Super Speciosa

Super Speciosa

  • Great strain for beginners to try – well-balanced
  • Independently lab tested
  • Provides steady energy without the crash

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Golden Monk Kratom powder

  • Most affordable of all brands
  • Gives a very well-balanced energy boost (won’t make you feel tired)
  • Also known as a good variety for pain relief

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Kraken Kratom Capsules

  • Very high in alkaloids
  • Meets standards of the American Kratom Association (GMP Qualified)
  • A very strong and reputable household name in the kratom world

Kratom Spot

  • Laboratory tested
  • Available in a wide selection of sizes and prices
  • Sourced from small family farms in small batches with Fair Trade practices

Best Kratom For Energy In 2023: Top 5 Review & Buying Guide

Kats Botanicals Maeng Da Kratom Powder

Kats Botanicals Maeng Da Kratom Powder

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See Kats Botanicals Reviews

This strain of energy-boosting kratom is one of the most popular among kratom users. It hails from Kats Botanicals: a company with an incredible reputation for kratom products thus far. You can bet that you’ll be getting good effects and a good experience with this product. That said, its price point can be a little discouraging and over price for first time users just trying kratom for the first time.

  • A blend of both White and Green Maeng Da Kratom
  • Contains higher amounts of kratom compounds than other varieties (mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine)
  • Ideal for early-in-the-day use – take in the AM
  • Lower in amounts of white vein kratom than green
  • Very expensive caliber for some

Kat Botanicals’ special brand of Maeng Da kratom comes in pure powder form, meaning it is best for the toss-and-wash method or making highly concentrated teas using the right tea brewing equipment (such as a french press or coffee maker). Any product you buy is offered same-day shipping, and all products are also lab-tested for quality and purity, as well as following Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

According to Kat Botanicals’ info on their own product, this energy-boosting variety in particular is credited as being one of the best-selling kratom strains of all time.

Super Speciosa Green Maeng Da

Super Speciosa

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See Super Speciosa Reviews

Like Kats Botanicals, this is one of Super Speciosa’s best-selling strains of all time. Because of its slightly lower price point however it may be considered a more accessible and beginner-friendly product for those new to the kratom world to try.

  • Great strain for beginners to try – well-balanced
  • Independently lab tested
  • Provides steady energy without the crash
  • Still generally expensive (though less expensive than Kat Botanicals)
  • Does not disclose which labs do testing

Super Speciosa is proud to have all its products transparently labeled with no hidden ingredients or fillers. They also carry the American Kratom Association’s stamp of approval and are credited as being one of the very first kratom vendors to be given such a stamp.

Their product comes in a powder and is bagged in various sizes and prices to try. Each bag label includes a QR code where you can view the independent labs that tested these products for purity and quality.

Golden Monk Red Bali Kratom Powder

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See Golden Monk Reviews

Those who want to save money but still consume high-quality kratom may want to opt for the Golden Monk line of kratom– and for energy especially, to try their Red Bali Kratom Powder. Though it is not one of the classic energy-boosting types (green vein or even white vein) it has high reviews in terms of energy levels and is often cited as being readily available and not running out of stock.

  • Most affordable of all brands
  • Gives a very well-balanced energy boost (won’t make you feel tired)
  • Also known as a good variety for pain relief
  • Some say it’s so energetic, it may interfere with sleep
  • Limit to AM use just to be on the safe side.

Golden Monk’s Red Bali Kratom comes exclusively in powder form: no capsules, extract, or leaf available. This means you may be limited to the toss-and-wash method or making tea from the material with tea-making equipment that can handle the fineness of the powder. Though no certification is shown, Golden Monk claims all their products are 100% organically grown.

Kraken Kratom Red Borneo Capsules

Kraken Kratom is yet another high-caliber and higher-priced company, but well worth the investment– especially since the company alone may have one of the best reputations of all kratom vendors. Of all brands, there is very little that can be said critically of the company…except for maybe the costly price point, though you’ll know every penny will be worth it.

  • Very high in alkaloids
  • Meets standards of the American Kratom Association (GMP Qualified)
  • A very strong and reputable household name in the kratom world
  • Price may be higher on average
  • Comes in different or odd standard sizes than other companies (that people may not be used to)

The beautiful thing about Kraken Kratom’s products: they’re diverse! You can get Kraken Kratom’s Red Borneo strain in either powder form for tea-making (or the toss-and-wash method), or get the convenient easy-to-use capsule so you can get the same energetic effects on the go. This ability to have more than one type of option to choose from ups Kraken’s appeal to the many.

Kratom Spot White Vein Maeng Da Powder

For those who love the more local and organic side of things, getting an energy-boosting blend from Kratom Spot could be right up your alley. Also a highly reputable company, Kratom Spot offers a wider array of price points that make their different product sizes more of an appeal and draw both frugal and lavish customers alike.

  • Laboratory tested
  • Available in a wide selection of sizes and prices
  • Sourced from small family farms in small batches with Fair Trade practices
  • Has a limited selection of different product forms

Kratom Spot only provides the highest quality and fine kratom powders, and their White Vein Maeng Da powder here is no exception. This upstanding and highly reputable company follows Certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), sources small, creates small batches, uses only natural kratom (no additives or fillers), and independently tests all products for contaminants, adulterants, or even heavy metals. For the best experience, brew this extra fine powder with the most advanced and top-caliber kratom tea-making equipment.

What Is Kratom?

The kratom plant (Mitragyna speciose) is an evergreen tree found in the same plant family as coffee. Just like coffee, there are many different kratom strains and varieties to explore with different pros and cons depending on the user.

People seek kratom capsules, and extracts, or even drink tea from kratom leaves to experience its many health benefits. Some of these benefits include increased energy, focus, relaxation, anxiety support, pain support, a euphoric state, and more.

How Does Kratom Work For Energy?

Kratom provides a natural energy boost in the body owing to its plant alkaloid compounds, most notably mitragynine. These interact with neurotransmitter receptors in the brain responsible for our own reserves of energy: including brain neural pathways associated with epinephrine, norepinephrine, and more. These neurotransmitters are responsible for feeling a subtle and natural energy lift.

Health Benefits Of Kratom

Before the advent of its popularity today, kratom was originally used as a traditional healing herb in Southeast Asia. It has a strong background of folk use as a remedy for ailments and to support overall health in general.

Some of these uses and health benefits include:

  • Reducing fatigue
  • Boosting energy
  • Improving mood
  • Supporting better digestive health
  • Reducing pain and cramps
  • Anxiety relief
  • Depression support
  • Improved sleep
  • Libido enhancement

Potential Side Effects

People who take kratom should be careful with its use, as side effects can and do occur. That said, kratom is established as a safe herbal supplement to take when used within safety parameters, and most side effects are mild and not life-threatening.

Some possible side effects of taking kratom can include:

  • Itchiness
  • Excessive sweating
  • Digestive upset
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Constipation

Keep in mind that some of these above side effects could be signs of an allergy to kratom. Be sure to test yourself with small amounts of kratom first before diving headlong into a full kratom experience.

Rarely, serious side effects can happen. This can indicate you’ve taken too much kratom and/or have an allergy to the plant. If this occurs, stop taking kratom immediately. If it’s established you do not have an allergy, avoid doses or amounts of kratom like this in the future.

Serious side effects of taking kratom can include:

  • Hallucinations
  • Extreme dizziness and confusion
  • Seizures (seek medical attention)
  • Liver damage (seek medical attention)

Some have also reported symptoms similar to addiction withdrawal with kratom. But this only happens if you take kratom frequently and in significant amounts, over a long period of time, and then stop abruptly. This type of use is not recommended with kratom at all and is widely established as unsafe.

Symptoms of kratom “withdrawal” include:

  • Involuntary tremors and muscle movement
  • Increased pain or decrease in pain tolerance
  • Jitteriness, anxiety
  • Increased aggression or hostility
  • Inability to focus or function in daily routine

How To Choose The Best Kratom For Energy

White vein strains

white. Many experts consider any kratom strain with white-veined leaves to be a more energy-boosting varietal.

Not unlike tea (white, black, green, etc.), these color categories correlate to the maturity levels of the leaves of the same plant. They’re all kratom from the same tree; however, green vein and red vein kratom are the mature stages, while white vein kratom (like white tea) is made up of the least mature, youngest, and most tender kratom leaves.

Because of this, white-vein kratom leaves have a different chemical profile than red-vein or green-vein kratom. White vein kratom contains more of the plant alkaloid mitragynine, the compound responsible for the energetic and mental-boosting effect people are after.

Variety spotlight: White Borneo

Borneo strains are not widely known to be good for energy boosting, although many authorities on kratom recommend the White Borneo kratom strain specifically for people seeking a lift of physical and mental stamina.

This strain is described as potent and fast-acting for more energy according to[1], which makes it one of the most popular varieties out there especially if you have a lot of work to do and need to focus.

Bali strains

Besides vein leaf color, strains from the country of Bali have a reputation for being energy-focused to a degree, though more balanced compared to strains like White Borneo. These are called “Bali strains.”
In fact, they are more strongly associated with being mood-elevating or even calming, though you can get more of that energetic zing from White Bali, the highest energy of the Bali strains.

Variety spotlight: White Bali

Some experts claim that the energy boost you can get from White Bali kratom is extremely powerful. With the strain being both white vein AND Balinese, you may have the most potent and best kratom for energy on your hands.

Variety spotlight: Green Bali

In terms of increasing energy, Green Bali comes in a close second to White Bali kratom strains. Some say it is overall best at the “mental energy” aspect, like supporting ADHD, improving focus, and boosting cognitive abilities.

Sumatra | Sumatran Strains

While it’s not on everyone’s top of the list when it comes to energetic kratom strains, Sumatra kratom is definitely a varietal category worth checking out if it’s a boost you’re after.

Connoisseurs of kratom will say that Sumatran strains are highly focused on mood elevating and an increased sense of positivity after consumption— and yes, this is often experienced as an energy boost! It’s well-known for having some of the longest-lasting effects of any strain, too— and If you get the White Sumatra strain, this kratom is especially known for its energy-forward effects.

Variety spotlight: White Sumatra

Not only is this kratom strain best known for having a wonderful fragrance, but White Sumatra is also one of our top choices if you want an energy lift that lasts a long period of time. Users of this strain describe it as strongly invigorating yet balanced: a great option for bringing more focus and liveliness even in the evening without ruining your sleep.

Maeng Da

Maeng Da strains are yet another incredible caliber of kratom for energy seekers. These strains hail from Thailand and on all counts have a great reputation for powerful effects— Maeng Da translates to “pimp” in Thai, which means “top of the line” or the cream of the crop.

White Maeng Da and Green Maeng Da are some of the most sought out types for better energy levels (especially White Maeng Da). It’s also considered a “nootropic,” supporting neurological health: better cognition, memory, learning, quick thinking, and reducing the risk of neurological disorders like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

Green Indo

Be sure to add Green Indo to your list of kratom strains to check out as far as energy boosting is concerned. A strain grown in and local to Indonesia, the Indo category tends to be a great class for beginners with gentle and non-overwhelming effects.

It may be for just this reason that the Green Indo strain specifically is the best for energy and is highlighted as the best choice in this class. Green vein kratom tends to have the most concentrated abundance of kratom compounds, alkaloids, and phytochemicals in general, so Green Indo is likely to have the most remarkable end result for users— plus, authorities and connoisseurs will say it’s great for energy and focus, too.

Red Thai

Experts would call the Red Thai kratom strain (a red vein kratom from Thailand) one of the best wind-down energy varieties, helping you keep your energy levels strong even at the end of a long day— and without causing you to lose sleep.

Think of it as the perfect option following work hours: your energy is depleted but you still need to cook, clean, shower, do chores, groom yourself, and the list goes on. Choose something like Red Thai to give you a final lift at the end of the day to help you finish your self-care before going to sleep.


Overall, any strain in the Malay category (kratom strains from Malaysia) is deemed very stimulating and energy-boosting. Definitely give this varietal a try.
Much like Sumatran strains, Malay kratom has a long-lasting effect. It’s also noted for being good at helping with tension and stress, though it’s not exactly anxiety relieving. But any color strain (red, white, green) from the Malay variety has benefits for improving mood, taking the edge off stress, and enhancing energy levels all in one.

Dosage of Kratom For Energy

Who Can Not Use Kratom

Kratom is established to be safe for all to use. Some people who struggle with addiction may be more vulnerable to developing a reliance on the herb, but the herb is not shown to be out-and-out addictive, even though it can have withdrawal symptoms (like coffee). Kratom is even shown to be an excellent supplement choice to support those going through opioid addiction treatment, and without endangering relapse or other health concerns.

When To Use Kratom

Kratom can be taken any time and for any occasion. It all depends on the strain you’ve chosen and your intended use for it, which can be very diverse as there are many qualities, properties, and purposes for the herb.

Some take kratom to boost energy levels, mood, and focus; they opt for stains with profiles known for these effects specifically. Others may take kratom to wind down, improve sleep, or relieve anxiety. It all depends on the strain and the alkaloids it contains.

Where To Buy Kratom

Kratom has exploded in popularity. Many strains and varieties can be purchased just about anywhere. However, be sure to buy your kratom products– whether supplements, teas, extracts, or others– from vetted, reputable, and thoroughly reviewed kratom companies, whether that is at a shop or online. Get informed and research which companies are best. This will be imperative not only for your safety but for having a high-quality kratom experience.

Final Thought

Kratom is a new herbal and natural energy-boosting sensation, fast catching up with the likes of green tea or coffee and their popularity around the globe. Be sure to learn how to use kratom correctly and safely for the best effects. Do your own research on what the best kratom for energy is in terms of its strains or varietals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kratom dose is best for energy?

According to[2], contrary to what some people may think, taking higher doses of kratom on a regular basis is actually NOT good for keeping up energy levels.
In fact, lower doses kept up regularly over a long period of time are optimal. Experts will say this is the best way to not only experience a consistent wave of natural energy but to also notice the brain energy-boosting or nootropic effects less subtly: such as better focus, learning, cognition, etc.
If you are intrigued by higher doses of the best kratom for energy, experienced kratom users will say to take these doses less frequently for the best benefit— only 2-3 times a week, spacing out days in between.

What kratom form is best for energy?

There are many different types of kratom products out there: supplements, extract, dry leaf tea, capsules, powder…the list goes on. But which is the best type to take for feeling the energy boost, and quickly?
Experts will likely say that using kratom powder and the “toss and wash” method will have the fastest-acting effects (consuming powder raw and chasing with a tasty drink). Second to this is brewing kratom tea from the dried leaves.
Kratom supplements and extracts are likely to give you good effects, though more sustained and longer-lasting when taken daily but with a more subtle energy peak. Taking high doses of supplements or extracts may have some safety issues so do this only at your own discretion if you’re seeking a stronger spike in energy.

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MIDSS adheres to strict procurement guidelines and relies on peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutes, and medical associations. We work mainly with peer-reviewed studies to ensure the accuracy of the information. We avoid the use of tertiary references. You can read about how we ensure the accuracy and timeliness of our content in our editorial process.

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