Best Delta 8 Flowers: Top 6 Choices On The Market 2023

Reviewed by Drew Sutton, MD

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Exhale Wellness Delta-8 Flower
Secret Nature Delta-8 Flower
Blue Moon Hemp Delta-8 Flower
Product Exhale Wellness Delta-8 Flower Secret Nature Delta-8 Flower Blue Moon Hemp Delta-8 Flower
Rating 5.0 stars 4.0 stars 4.0 stars
  • Natural and organic hemp flowers
  • Third party tested
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Indoor grown hemp
  • Wide range of hemp strains
  • Excellent aroma
  • 100 percent organically grown 
  • Made from grade-A hemp plants
  • Third party tested

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If you are searching for something new and even more uplifting in your cannabis journey, we have good news for you. Delta 8 flowers might just be what you need for a change.

This piece will shed light on the best Delta 8 flowers that can deliver the experience you are looking for. So, what is the best Delta 8 flower available? Let’s find out!

Best Delta 8 Flowers In 2023

Why Do People Use Delta 8 Flowers?

Although there are more popular cannabinoids, people still use Delta 8 flowers for good reasons.

  • Its mild psychoactive effect compared to Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta-9 THC) makes it appealing to people who want to experience the benefits of THC without feeling too high.
  • Its therapeutic benefits include reducing anxiety, pain, and nausea.
  • Its taste and aroma are different from other cannabis strains and appealing to some users.

Best Delta 8 Flowers In 2023

Exhale Wellness Delta-8 Flower

Exhale Wellness Delta-8 Flower

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See Exhale Wellness Delta-8 Flower Review

Exhale Delta 8 flowers have made it to editors’ choice because of their potency and capacity to provide users with an unforgettable experience.

  • Natural and organic hemp flowers
  • Third party tested
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • No international shipping

Although new to the cannabis space, Exhale has proven to be a top producer of high-quality hemp products, including Delta 8 hemp flowers. They grow their organic Delta 8 flowers using an indoor growing system as it provides a favorable environment. Exhale also uses the rolling method to sort the flowers.

Exhale Delta 8 flower is available in delicious flavors to give users the complete Delta 8 experience—the euphoric, sedative, and relaxing effect. These flavors include Northern lights, Gorilla glue, OG Kush, Sour Diesel, and Sour Space Candy. Their use of organic additives and cruelty-free ingredients makes it suitable for vegans.

Moreover, Exhale uses an advanced manufacturing process to remove harmful chemicals and other impurities for a safe product. An independent third-party lab tests their products. 

Pricing: 7 grams of Exhale premium Delta 8 flower costs $39.96.

Secret Nature Delta-8 Flower

Secret Nature Delta-8 Flower

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See Secret Nature Delta-8 Flower Review

Secret Nature Delta 8 flower ranks high when it comes to potency. It provides a relaxing and soothing effect.

  • Indoor grown hemp
  • Wide range of hemp strains
  • Excellent aroma
  • No free shipping for orders below $75

The Secret Nature team cultivates its organic hemp indoors in Portland. The brand has been known for solely carrying high-end product lines. 

The team gets their Delta 8 THC from 100 percent organically grown, hand-picked hemp flowers that contain no harmful chemicals, additives, or cutting agents. Secret Nature prioritizes the safety and purity of its products and therefore uses approved manufacturing processes; its products are third-party tested. 

They have been dominating the hemp flower industry with various well-liked, flavorful, and potent strains in the form of dried flowers or pre-rolls. The Secret Nature Delta 8 OG flower is of the Indica strain and enhanced with Terpene and kief. It gives the classic grassy pine and lemon flavor.

Pricing: 3.5 grams of the Secret Nature Delta 8 OG flower costs $25.

Blue Moon Hemp Delta-8 Flower

Blue Moon Hemp Delta 8 flower is the best organically-grown choice for balanced relaxation and an uplifting mood.

  • 100 percent organically grown 
  • Made from grade-A hemp plants
  • Third party tested
  • Their lab report is difficult to access

Blue Moon Hemp is working to bring their customers wellness for the body and mind through cannabinoids. As experts in the industry, they take great pleasure in the integrity of their hemp products and use improved techniques that enable the extraction of incredibly pure cannabinoids. 

Blue Moon Hemp sources all of its organically grown hemp from Kentucky farms. The hemp plants or flowers are hand-picked to get the best, and they exclude pesticides, additives, or synthetics in their production process. Also, Blue Moon products are lab tested for purity and safety. They comply with the Federal Farm Bill of less than 0.3 percent Delta 8 THC.

Blue Moon Delta 8 hemp flower is available in any of these flavors: Space candy, Bubba kush, and Cowcrush candy. Free Shipping is only available on orders of $50 and above.

Blue Moon Hemp Delta 8 THC flower costs between $19.99 – $29.99.

Delta Extrax Delta-8 Flower

Blue Moon Hemp Delta 8 flower is the best organically-grown choice for balanced relaxation and an uplifting mood.

  • Variety of strains
  • Good aroma and taste
  • Third party lab testing 
  • No refunds or returns

Delta Extrax offers high-quality hemp flowers that bring users a premium experience. You can trust the safety of their products due to their manufacturing process and the independent third-party lab testing. Lab reports for every product are available on their website.

Delta Extrax Delta 8 flowers are tasty and potent, infused with Delta-8 mixes and fragrant terpenes. Many strains are available from them in pre-rolls, moon blunts, and flowers. You’ll adore each strain’s aroma and the effects that Delta 8 THC has infused. They will get you that calming feeling you seek. 

In addition, Delta Extrax flavors include Cookie kush, Blue dream, Lemon haze, Lemon meringue, Rainbow runtz, Space candy, Strawberry lemonade, etc. You can check their blog for more information on hemp products.

Pricing: 3.5 grams of Delta Extrax Delta 8 flower costs $26.99. The moon blunt costs $12.98.

Budpop Delta-8 Flower

Budpop is the brainchild of professionals who formulated one of the best Delta 8 THC flowers for improved calming and relaxing effects. It ranks as the best vegan choice among reviewers.

  • 100 percent natural and organic
  • Pesticide free
  • Vegan-friendly
  • The return policy is only for unopened products

Sourced from Nevada, U.S., Budpop Delta 8 flower is purely organic and processed without artificial additives, fillers, or gluten, making it ideal for vegetarians. During production, they use the rolling method and process all their products in locations approved by the FDA. All their products undergo third-party lab tests to ensure they are free from harmful chemicals.

Budpop offers Delta 8 flowers in various strains and flavors to give soothing, uplifting, and relaxing effects. These include Zkittlez delta-8 THC infused flower, Tangie delta 8 flower, Cookies delta-8 THC infused flower, Northern lights delta 8 hemp flower, and Sour diesel Delta-8 indoor. 

Note that Budpop infuses (and does not spray) the flowers with Delta 8 extract.

Six weights are available—4.2 grams, 7 grams, 28 grams, 114 grams, 227 grams, and 454 grams.

Pricing: 4.2 grams of BudPop costs $39.95.

Hollyweed Delta-8 Flower

Hollyweed is an experienced team of individuals who are formulating wellness cannabinoid products to give their customers the full benefits of cannabis.

  • Naturally and locally grown hemp
  • Variety of strains
  • Third party lab testing
  • Shipping is not available to every state

Hollyweed CBD uses organic cultivation techniques to guarantee you only receive the highest-quality buds. They cultivate various strains and mixtures to meet a wide range of consumer tastes.

Hollyweed Delta 8 flowers are available in three flavors —Zkittles, Hawaiian haze, and Sour diesel. You can use this flower in a vape, as an edible, or smoke it and enjoy the relaxed or euphoric feeling. 

When users vape or smoke Delta 8 flowers, they frequently ask what they are ingesting. As a reputable brand, Hollyweed hides nothing about the content of its products. The lab test results for each product are available on the website for their customers to peruse. The brand only conducts this test at a third-party laboratory to demonstrate that it has nothing to conceal. 

Pricing: The 7 grams Hollyweed Delta 8 hemp flower costs $39.95 – $69.95.

What Are Delta 8 Flowers? 

Delta-8 flowers, also called D8 flowers, are a type of cannabis flower that contains delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-8 THC), a cannabinoid structurally similar to delta-9 THC, which is the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis. 

Delta-8 flowers are produced by selectively breeding cannabis strains to increase the concentration of Delta-8 THC or by extracting Delta-8 THC from cannabis plants.

Benefits Of ​​Delta 8 Flowers

Improves Mood and Reduces Anxiety 

Delta 8 helps regulate emotional processing and stress responses by activating CB1 receptors. Studies[1] show it can decrease symptoms of PTSD, social anxiety disorder, and other anxiety conditions.

Slows Aging 

Delta 8 flowers are a natural wellness supplement with antioxidant and anti-aging properties[2]. They help boost immunity, fight free radicals, and maintain skin health.

Enhances Brain Functioning 

Delta 8 THC promotes the growth of new neural connections and helps prevent cognitive decline. Some research[3] suggests Delta 8 may even slow the progression of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Are Delta 8 Flowers Safe? 

The FDA[4] warns consumers that they don’t evaluate delta-8 THC products for safe use. When poorly processed, harmful chemicals can contaminate Delta 8 THC products. Again, brand reputation matters. Therefore, for safe Delta 8 flowers, only patronize a reputable brand with third-party lab testing.

Who Should Use Delta 8 Flowers?

Delta 8 flowers offer health benefits such as those mentioned above. Therefore, people who want to improve their mood and reduce anxiety or pain can use them. If you are unsure about using Delta 8 flowers, seek your doctor’s advice.

What To Consider When Choosing Delta 8 Flowers

  • Strain – Choose an indica, sativa, or hybrid strain based on the desired effects. Indica strains are relaxing, sativa strains are uplifting, and hybrids balance both.
  • Terpenes – Look for Delta 8 flowers with terpenes[5] that enhance your desired effects. For instance, linalool promotes relaxation, limonene boosts mood, and myrcene induces sedation.
  • Lab Testing – Only purchase Delta 8 flowers tested by an independent laboratory to confirm potency, safety, and lack of contaminants. 

Final Thoughts

In summary, Delta 8 flowers offer significant physical, mental, and emotional benefits with minimal side effects for most people. They are a safe, natural alternative to pharmaceuticals that provide relief and support overall health and wellness. If you are looking for the best Delta 8 flowers in the market, be sure to check out the ones in this piece. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can smoking Delta 8 flower make me fail a drug test?

The likelihood of failing a drug test after ingesting Delta 8 flower is minimal. Drug tests look for THC below the legal limit of 0.3 percent in Delta 8 flowers. However, frequent usage could lead to a buildup of THC in your system and a false positive test.

When will the effects of Delta 9 flowers kick in?

They kick in within 30 to 90 minutes of ingestion.

Can I air travel with Delta 8 flowers?

Delta 8 THC is legal at the federal level, but in some states, hemp is illegal. So check the laws of the state you are traveling to.

How should I store Delta 8 flowers?

Store your cannabis flower in its original container in a cool and dry location away from direct heat.

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