Best CBD Oil For Dog Cancer 2023: What You Need To Know?

Reviewed by Dr. Drew Sutton, MD

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best cbd oil for dog cancer

Owning a dog can help keep you healthy. It’s only natural to want your dog to be healthy as well! If your furry friend is suffering from cancer, you may be wondering what the best treatment options are. 

While traditional cancer treatments can be effective, they often come with harsh side effects. As a result, many pet owners are turning to CBD oil as a more natural and gentle way to help manage their dog’s cancer symptoms. In this article, we will explore the best CBD oil for dog cancer in 2023 and what you need to know to choose the right product for your pet.

Best CBD for Dogs With Cancer at a Glance 2023 

CBD Oil For Dog Cancer

CBD oil has become an increasingly popular alternative treatment for dogs with cancer, as it has been shown to provide some relief for a number of symptoms associated with the disease. It also usually does not cause significant side effects in dogs with appropriate doses.

Research into the effects of CBD oil on cancer in dogs is still in its early stages, but preliminary studies have shown promising results. Some studies have found that CBD can slow the growth[1] of certain types of cancer cells, especially when combined with other medication[2] and can also help alleviate symptoms such as pain, inflammation, anxiety, and nausea. 

However, it is important to note that CBD oil should not be used as a replacement for traditional cancer treatments, and dog owners should always consult with a veterinarian before using CBD oil as part of their dog’s treatment plan.

6 Best CBD Oils For Dogs With Cancer In 2023

CBDfx Pet Tincture

CBDfx Pet Tincture

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CBDfx Pet Tincture is a great choice for pet owners looking for affordable and organic CBD oil for their dogs. The flavoring makes it easier to administer, and third-party testing ensures transparency and quality.

  • Flavoring makes it more fun for dogs
  • Organic
  • Affordable
  • Third-party tested, with results available
  • Broad-spectrum only, not isolate

CBDfx Pet Tincture is an excellent product to consider when looking for CBD oils for your dog. This tincture is made with organic ingredients, and the flavoring makes it more palatable for your pet. It’s also a pretty affordable option that won’t break the bank, and it comes in a variety of strengths for pets of all sizes. The product is third-party tested, which means it has undergone quality checks, and they’ll even send you the results for full transparency. However, the only drawback is that it’s broad-spectrum only, not an isolate, which means it may contain small amounts of THC.

Honest Paws CBD Oil

Honest Paws CBD Oil

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Honest Paws CBD Oil is an excellent choice for pet CBD. It’s organic and affordable, and it comes in different dosages, making it easier to administer to dogs of various sizes.

  • Organic
  • Several doses for dogs of different sizes
  • Subscription discount and free shipping on large orders
  • Free shipping only for $48 or larger orders
  • Full-spectrum (includes small amounts of THC)

Honest Paws CBD Oil is an organic CBD oil that comes in several dosages to cater to dogs of different sizes. The product is natural, safe, and made from high-quality ingredients. It’s organic, and subscription discounts and free shipping on large orders make it an affordable choice. However, keep in mind that free shipping only applies to orders over $48. Also, the oil is full-spectrum, which means it contains small amounts of THC.

Joy Organics

joy organics cbd oil for dogs

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Joy Organics CBD Oilis a great choice for pet owners who are looking for high-quality CBD oil for their dogs. The delicious beef and bacon flavors make it more appealing to dogs, and the product is THC-free and organic.

  • Delicious beef and bacon flavors
  • Subscription discount
  • No THC
  • Organic
  • Somewhat expensive

Spruce CBD Oil For Dogs

Spruce CBD Oil

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Spruce CBD Oil for Dogs is a great option for those looking for organic and affordable CBD oil. However, the limited variety of the product may not be suitable for dogs who are picky eaters.

  • Organic
  • GooOrganic
  • Good price
  • Uses coconut oil, which dogs liked price
  • Uses coconut oil, which dogs like
  • No variety

CBD Oil for Dogs is a top-quality, organic CBD oil. The coconut oil used in this product not only makes it taste great to dogs but also provides additional health benefits. The product is affordably priced compared to other CBD oils for dogs. Plus, it’s third-party tested, so you know you can rely on it. However, the limited variety of this product may not be the best fit for dogs who are picky eaters.


CBDPure Pet Oil

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CBDPure is a great option for those looking for a high-quality CBD oil that is made from organic hemp and free from harmful chemicals. The 90-day money-back guarantee is also a great selling point. However, the limited variety of the product may not be suitable for all dogs.

  • Organic and non-GMO
  • Third-party tested
  • Good customer service
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Somewhat expensive compared to similar brands
  • Few options

CBDPure is an excellent choice for pet owners looking for high-quality CBD oil that has been tested for purity and potency. This product is made from organic hemp. It’s free from artificial flavors and additives, as well as pesticides and herbicides, ensuring that it is safe for your dog to consume. It also offers a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, which means you can return the product if you’re not satisfied with its performance. However, the limited variety of the product may not be the best option for dogs who require different dosages or flavors.

Holistapet CBD Oil For Dogs

Holistapet CBD Oil

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Holistapet CBD Oil for Dogs is a great option for those looking for an all-natural, broad-spectrum CBD oil that is safe for dogs to consume. The high dosages make it suitable for large dogs, but the lack of free shipping and dosage discrepancies may be a drawback for some users.

  • Broad spectrum with no THC
  • All-natural
  • High dosages for large dogs
  • Free shipping only for $50 or larger orders
  • Testing shows a higher dosage than is labeled

Holistapet CBD Oil for Dogs is an all-natural, broad-spectrum CBD oil that is free from THC, making it safe for dogs to consume. The product has fairly high dosages available, which could be better for larger dogs. Holistapet CBD Oil for Dogs is free from additives and preservatives, ensuring that your dog is consuming a safe and healthy product. However, users should be aware that free shipping is only available for orders over $50, and some testing has shown that the dosage may be higher than the label indicates.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural compound derived from the hemp plant that has many potential health benefits for both humans and animals. CBD oil is a concentrated extract of this compound that is used for a variety of health and wellness purposes. It contains cannabinoids, including CBD, which can help to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and manage anxiety.

How Does CBD Oil Work For Dog Cancer?

CBD oil works by interacting with your dog’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is responsible for regulating many different bodily functions, including the immune system. By binding to receptors in the ECS, CBD oil can help to support the immune system, relieve pain, improve your dog’s overall well-being, and reduce inflammation, which can help to alleviate the symptoms and side effects of cancer and its treatment.

Benefits Of CBD Oil For Dog Cancer

Reduced inflammation

Chronic inflammation, caused by the body’s immune system response to cancer cells, often leads to pain and discomfort for your dog. CBD oil has been shown to reduce inflammation in the body by interacting with the endocannabinoid system[3] (ECS) to help regulate immune system responses. By reducing inflammation, CBD oil can help to alleviate pain and improve overall mobility for dogs with cancer.

Pain relief

Dogs with cancer may experience chronic pain as a result of the disease itself or as a side effect of treatment. CBD oil has been shown to have pain-relieving properties that can help alleviate discomfort in dogs with cancer. CBD interacts with the body’s ECS to regulate pain perception and can reduce sensitivity to pain signals. As a result, it can help to improve your dog’s quality of life and make them more comfortable.

Increased appetite

Cancer and cancer treatment often decrease appetite, which can lead to malnutrition, weight loss, and a weakened immune system. CBD oil has been shown to stimulate appetite[4] in dogs by interacting with the ECS to regulate hunger and digestion. By stimulating your dog’s appetite, CBD pet oil can help to ensure they are getting the necessary nutrients they need to maintain their strength and energy levels. 

How To Use CBD Oil For Dogs With Cancer?

CBD oil for dogs can be administered in a variety of ways, including adding it to your dog’s food or treats, giving it to them directly by mouth, or applying it topically to their skin. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for dosing and administration to ensure that your dog is getting the right amount of CBD oil for their needs, and ask your vet to help you find the right CBD products. 

CBD Oil Dosage For Dog Cancer

The appropriate dosage of CBD oil for your dog will depend on their weight, the severity of their cancer, and other individual factors. It’s best to start with a low dosage and gradually increase it over time until you see the desired effects. It’s also important to consult with your veterinarian before giving your dog CBD oil, especially if they are already taking other medications, and your vet can help determine the best CBD dosage for your pet. 

Final Thoughts

CBD oil can be a valuable addition to your dog’s cancer treatment plan, as it can help to manage symptoms and improve their overall quality of life. It’s a safe and natural way to support your dog’s health during cancer treatment. However, it’s important to choose the right product and dosage, and remember to always consult with your veterinarian before starting any new treatment for your pet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can CBD oil cure cancer in dogs?

While CBD oil can help to manage symptoms associated with cancer, it is not a cure for the disease.

Is broad-spectrum CBD better than full-spectrum CBD oil for dogs with cancer?

Both types of CBD oil can be effective for dogs with cancer.

What is the difference between broad-spectrum CBD and full-spectrum CBD oil?

Broad-spectrum CBD oil contains all the cannabinoids and terpenes found in the hemp plant except for THC, while full-spectrum CBD oil contains all the cannabinoids and terpenes, including THC.

Are there any side effects of using CBD oil for dog cancer? 

While CBD oil is generally considered safe for dogs, some pets may experience mild side effects, such as drowsiness or digestive issues. It’s important to start with a low dose and gradually increase it as needed to avoid any adverse effects.

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