Skald Reviews 2023: Is It Effective Fat Burner?

Reviewed by Dr. Drew Sutton, MD

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Skald Reviews

During the holidays, we partake in large meals, and we are often left worrying about how to work towards body fat reduction and lose the weight that might accompany these feasts. Many of us make resolutions at the start of the New Year to go on diets, exercise more, and improve our health. Usually, this is easier said than done. 
Thankfully there are many resources at our disposal, so we would just need to figure out which would be the best. It could be that you haven’t found the perfect product yet. Here, we will look at these Skald reviews to determine if this product may be useful to you!

What Is Skald Oxydynamic Fat Scorcher?

Skald fat burner is a product designed to enhance fat loss and help develop a leaner, toner body. This brand is advertised as the only trademarked fat-burning supplement that also provides respiratory support. It is being touted for increasing energy and improving mood. 

Feature Product & Coupon

Skald Oxydynamic Fat Scorcher

Skald Oxydynamic Fat Scorcher

  • Oxydynamic formula to increase airflow and support breathing
  • Mimics DHMA action without using banned components
  • Energy surges take effect within twenty minutes
  • Potential for stimulant sensitivity
  • May have contraindications with prescription medications.
  • May not be vegan-friendly 

How Does Skald Work?

Like most weight loss supplements,[1] Skald fat burner is said to reduce appetite and increase thermogenesis. Appetite is diminished, so it feels like you’re fuller even when you’ve eaten less food. It works on emotional well-being as well, as happiness is promoted, thus curbing emotional eating that contributes to weight gain. 

The influence on metabolism is a common hallmark of most fat burners.[2] Metabolism is the conversion of food into energy, which makes up energy expenditure, the number of calories burned at a time. A faster metabolism allows fat to burn, as energy is used before fat can build up. This reduces the likelihood of weight gain. It also includes MitoTHERM, which helps with efficient fat burning by supplying energy at the mitochondrial level. 

Skald Ingredients

Skald Ingredients
Skald Ingredients List

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine anhydrous[3] is the dehydrated form of caffeine, rendering it stronger and more concentrated. It is included in this product for the stimulatory impact on the nervous system. This boosts attention and the alert feeling, as well as reduces fatigue. The dehydrated form is more compatible with pills and different types of supplements. Still, this more potent form can also induce adverse responses from the body, like headaches and even overdose.


N-acetyl-tyrosine is included for positive mood, stress alleviation, and muscle support. This constituent may be responsible for overcoming the urge to emotionally eat. Emotionally eating can contribute to overeating and weight gain. 

Green Tea Leaf Extract

Green tea leaf extract[4] is implemented into supplements for weight loss purposes and sharper mental skills. It contains caffeine, which contributes to alertness. It has also been purported to have a positive action on the heart. 

Juniper Extract

Juniper Berry extract is responsible for the natural effects of DMHA. While this compound has weight loss capabilities, its use is prohibited globally, so Juniper may be a beneficial alternative. 
The inclusion of White willow bark extract[5] serves to amplify the effects of Juniper Berry. It consists of salicin, which is similar to aspirin, allowing it to act as a pain reliever. This will come in handy as this product is popular among athletes.

Skald Review: What Do Real Users Say?

There may be mixed customer testimony for Skald Fat Scorcher reviews. Some users explained that they noticed a decreased appetite and curbed cravings, but they did not experience much weight loss. In other cases, there was weight loss at the start of product use, and then it was not sustained. Bursts of energy were felt, with better mental focus, but there was little to no weight loss. Other reviewers discussed coping with adverse effects, like burning of the skin or heart complications.

Alternatives To Skald Weight Loss Pills

ProductPhenQLeanbeanInstant Knockout
NamePhenQLeanBeanInstant Knockout
ProsCapsaicinoids are utilized to promote thermogenesis and fat-burning
Nopal cactus for satiety
No prescription is needed due to a lack of phentermine
High in antioxidants and nutrients
Low in stimulants
Contains 3g of Glucomannan for appetite suppression
Contains glucomannan and capsaicin for satiety and fast metabolism
Designed to pair with the Knockout Complete meal replacement shakes during a caloric deficit
Supported and endorsed by athletes and vegan-friendly
ConsOnly available as a capsule
Only available for online purchase
Only tailored to women  with no other counterpart productsExpensive
Full reviewPhenQ Review LeanBean Review Instant Knockout Review

Health Benefits Of Skald

Skald Oxydynamic Fat Scorcher will help with weight loss by burning fat. This can be achieved without strenuous exercise, fatigue, or hunger. Appetite is suppressed to avoid overeating. Also, mood and energy are bolstered. When there is an enrichment of each of these aspects, you may also see a better night’s sleep, improved recall, and stronger focus throughout the day.

Potential Side Effects

Caffeine is a component typically found in a fat-burning supplement,[6] as it can increase fat oxidation, blood flow, and aerobic exercise. Therefore, some side effects may be experienced depending on the tolerance to caffeine and stimulant content. Some prescription or over-the-counter drugs might not work well as a result and may also cause complications with alcohol use. There may be changes in heart rate, as well as a jittery and uneasy feeling, which may lead to sleep troubles.

How To Take Skald?

Skald is to be taken on an empty stomach, with one capsule administered 15 to 30 minutes before breakfast. If you choose to, a second capsule can be taken after five to six hours. If tolerable, an additional capsule can be added and taken in the morning, totaling two morning capsules and possibly one evening capsule. Staggered administration is suggested to help with determining your tolerance, and there should be a two-week period to cycle off after every six weeks. 


It’s important to pay close attention to the number of capsules taken each day, as there may be low tolerance and sensitivities. Again, one capsule should be taken on an empty stomach in the morning, with the possibility of taking another capsule five to six hours later if you choose. 

If desired, two capsules can be taken in the morning, and then a third taken five to six hours later. Note that you should not exceed two capsules per dose and should not take more than three capsules in one day.

Is Skald Safe?

This product is generally safe, and the ingredients are clinically tested. However, it would be wise to avoid this product if pregnant, nursing, or taking prescription medication. Additionally, it may be safe not to exceed having caffeine[7] up to 200 milligrams (mg) in one sitting. One Skald capsule contains 110 mg of caffeine, so you may have to be vigilant if you choose to take two capsules in the morning. 

Where To Buy Skald Weight Loss Supplement?

Skald fat-burning supplements can be purchased in the United States only, sold online at the proprietor, Beldt Lab’s website, as well as on Amazon.

Final Thought

Overall, this product may be worth a try, but it’s harder to determine if it’s worth taking diligently in the long haul. Some weight may be lost, or you may lose weight for a time, and then it will stall. Some customers didn’t experience any weight loss at all. If you would like to feel more energized while having clarity of mind, this may be a good purchase for you. Dietary changes and exercise regimens may close the gap regarding weight loss.

When taking this supplement, it is important to keep track of any side effects, as the stimulant properties may alter heart rate and blood pressure. There may be feelings of jitters or anxiousness if too much caffeine is taken in. Sleep may also be disrupted. Additionally, it would be important to implement a two-week flushing period after six weeks of use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are weight loss supplements effective as stand-alone agents?

Weight loss supplements aren’t likely to be as promising when using them as the sole agent. Some lifestyle changes are needed as well. An effective way to burn fat[2] would be to eat in a caloric deficit. If you’re taking in more calories than you’re burning, or you aren’t burning enough calories, you aren’t likely to see any weight loss. If you decide against altering your diet and caloric intake, your exercise regimen would need to be amped up to lose calories by way of physical activity.

Is caffeine usually found in weight loss supplements?

Yes, caffeine will typically be present in a weight loss supplement because of its action on the central nervous system. Caffeine encourages fat oxidation and the breakdown of fat, known as lipolysis. This is helpful when targeting more fatty areas on the body, commonly the abdominal fat, which is a major objective of the Skald product. If you experience adverse feedback or are sensitive to stimulants, you may need to stop taking the supplement and explore more traditional alternatives, like diet and exercise.

When might I need to stop taking the supplement?

It is possible that some products, such as Skald, aren’t meant to be taken for the long term. This could be due to the way they’re developed, individual health and body chemistry, or a mixture of these things.

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