BioSwitch Reviews 2023: Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Reviewed by Drew Sutton, MD
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  • Supplement in tincture drops 
  • 120 serving per bottle 
  • 10 drops per serving 
  • Science natural supplements 
  • Developed by a Dr
  • Some great user experiences 
  • 100% 180 day return policy 
  • Many positive expert bio switch reviews 
  • Possibly help burn calories
  • Possibly help Normalize hormones
  • Possibly prevent nutrient deficiency

What Is BioSwitch?

BioSwitch is a tincture based supplement that is marketed for the purpose of weight loss. The developer Dr Sterling claims to have lost 47 lbs of weight via BioSwitch and has helped hundreds of women all around the world. 

Having testimonials is good, but is the amalgamation of the ingredients BioSwitch promising for tackling weight from a scientific perspective? Or is it just a ‘money grabbing gimmick’? Does the supplement actually help with the cause or are there other variables to consider? 


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  • Supplement in tincture drops
  • 120 serving per bottle
  • 10 drops per serving
  • Science natural supplements

How Does BioSwitch Work?

The BioSwitch tincture is dropped underneath the tongue. The idea is that once the liquid is ingested and reaches the bloodstreams, it may interact with the mitochondria of the cell during the ‘kreb cycle’ (2nd phase of energy production) to increase fatty acid oxidation and raise metabolic rate. 

Without getting into too much detail, the key message we want to take from this is that the supplement may have ‘fat burning’ properties?

BioSwitch Ingredients

BioSwitch is a 66 mg proprietary blend (120 doses). 9 of the main ingredients BioSwitch that seem to be the most attractive, as a means to weight loss have been highlighted below:

  • L-Carnitine
  • Capsicum
  • Epigallocatechin (EGCG)
  • Garcinia
  • Maca powder
  • Grapefruit powder
  • African Mango
  • Chromium
  • Panax ginseng

Other ingredients include: L-arginine, raspberry Ketones, beta-alanine, glycyrrhizin extract, grape seed pyruvate, guarana, and eleuthero. 


L- carnitine is included in many dietary supplements. We cannot dispute the fact that L-carnitine plays a crucial role in shuttling long chain fatty acids into the mitochondria to be oxidized (fat burning). This information is often misinterpreted, where people can buy into unneeded L-Carnitine supplements. Truth be told, most humans have a sufficient production of L-Carnitine, where consuming an additional amount does not link with an increased fat loss. 

For this reason, I am prepared to say that L-Carnitine in BioSwitch probably has no significant effect on fat loss.


In all honesty, I actually do not mind Capsicum in some supplements. Capsicum has ‘fat burning’ properties through its thermic effect. In simple terms, the body churns a few calories to digest and process the ingredients. 

An interesting study by Lejeune and colleagues[1] looked at the effects of capsicum on metabolic rate. The researchers found that 135 mg of capsicum raised caloric expenditure by 119 calories. This finding was quite  impressive, seeing as it takes around 12 minutes of running to ‘burn’ the equivalent. 

Does this mean that BioSwitch is worth buying? Well, the exact dose of capsicum in the formula has not been highlighted, so we can not be sure if it has any potent weight reduction advantages.


EGCH is an ingredient found in green tea products and is commonly believed to have fat loss properties. Unfortunately, this could not be further from the truth. A study on Obese Women ingesting EGCG for 12 weeks[2] while  observing a calorie controlled diet. As there were 2 groups (experiment and control) the researchers were able to determine whether the supplement had any effect on fat markers. EGCG did not make a difference to weight, body fat, or cholesterol. 

EGCG may be a great ingredient in BioSwitch from a marketing perspective, but does not have much effect on weight management.


Garcinia is another ingredient found in specific teas. There have been many claims put forward that Garcinia can be used as a fat loss agent. Personally, I am skeptical as there is no known Interaction of this ingredient that can provoke an increase in metabolic rate. It may however have a satiety effect in some. A 2021 literature review[3], had stated that there were mixed findings and in my opinion there were other variables that aided weight loss in some of the documented studies. The supplement could have very well encouraged certain individuals to modify other more meaningful areas like calorie intake and exercise. 

I am not particularly impressed with this ingredient in BioSwitch, as it does not have a significant effect on metabolic rate.

Maca Powder

Another ingredient included in BioSwitch with no real fat loss properties. There are some documentations of Maca powder increasing libido, reducing stress hormone and mood, which may promote a greater activity level to burn more calories. 

I can understand the intention of including  this ingredient, but its effects are not significant enough to make the claim that it aids weight loss.

Grapefruit Powder & African Mango 

Other than containing some vital  micronutrients that promote good health and wellbeing, Grapefruit powder and African mango do not really have any ‘proven’ weight loss properties. 

Another gimmicky pair of ingredients in my opinion that does not really improve the supplement a great deal. 


Chromium is vital in the metabolism of glucose, lips and insulin and has been reported to promote weight loss[4]. However, I must add that this outcome is only relevant to those who have suboptimal levels of the nutrient, and there probably is not much use in additional loading for those observing a well balanced diet with grains, fruits, dairy, meat and poultry. 

Another ingredient in BioSwitch that looks impressive on paper, but does not apply to the majority of the world’s population. 

Panax Ginseng

In my opinion, Panax Ginseng does not have an effect on weight. The substance may modulate the ‘normal’ functioning of testosterone for those who are deficient. This may normalize muscle mass and metabolism in the longer term. 

I do not really see the big deal by including this Ingredient as part of the BioSwitch.

BioSwitch Review: What Do Real Users Say?

There are not any documented reviews but I would recommend reading the heart touching story of Scarlett Peralta[5]. In this story Scarlett has made the claim that the BioSwitch formula completely transformed her life by helping her lose weight and regain her much needed confidence.

Alternatives To BioSwitch

ProductPhenQLeanBeanPhengold review product
ProsReal ‘fat burning’ ingredients (Caffeine + Capsimax)
GMO free (important to some)
30 day 100% money back return policy
100% Natural Ingredients
 Free from filter, Synthetic, GMO, Dairy
Referenced Studies to market their formula
10mg of Zinc
D Aspartic acid to help testosterone
Easy to take drops
Highest thermic effect compared to other products
Highly stimulating
May increase activity levels to ‘burn’ more calories
Appetite suppressing effects (eat less)
Greater chance of promoting weight loss compared to other products
Vital micronutrients
Vegan friendly
ConsNo significant weight loss
Miss information on the site– they have stated ‘You don’t have to worry about having a hard time dieting’.
The primary protocol of weight loss is to drive negative energy balance through diet and exercise, anything else is secondary
Available only in India
No significant weight loss ingredients
 Overpriced for what you get and the potential benefits
Won’t help you lose weight quickly
More suited to be a pre-workout stimulant
Price could be lower, in relation to the ingredients (relatively cheap)
Full reviewPhenQ Review LeanBean Review PhenGold Review

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Health Benefits Of BioSwitch

Placebo Effect

Employing a new supplement can have one heck of a placebo effect that can chain onto other more meaningful areas of life. 

Firstly, it can reduce any health anxiety, which may allow an individual to maintain a healthy lifestyle.Secondly, it may encourage users to take on new nutrition and exercise Interventions, which would have a more significant effect on weight management and health. 

The short term effect of controlling calories through diet and exercise may help initiate weight loss, which accumulates over time. This outcome may help maintain a good blood lipid profile and prevent congestion in the heart. 

In the long term, resistance exercises can offset sarcopenia, which is the natural age related degradation in muscle. In turn, this outcome may prevent a drop in metabolism and weight gain, as muscle has a ‘calorie burning’ effect. Another long term effect of exercise is modifying the cardiovascular system, which may mean ‘healthier’ organs like the heart and lungs.

If you ask me, this possible shift in mindset could have a substantial effect on health.

‘Normalize’ Hormones

A couple of the ingredients in BioHack, specifically Maca Powder and Panax ginseng could help normalize hormones and offset any potential health decrements of possessing low levels.

With low hormone levels, we may see the following decrements:

  • Reduced muscle mass
  • Reduced metabolic rate
  • Weight gain
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Fatty liver
  • Reduced mobility
  • Increase fall rate
  • Increased risk of soft tissue injuries
  • Poor mental health

Prevent Deficiency in Certain Nutrients

We are kind of pushing it, by including this as a health benefit of BioSwitch, as the nutrients that it contains can easily be picked up through a well balanced diet. 

Nevertheless, it may raise the levels of nutrients like vitamin c, vitamin b6, magnesium, iron, chromium, Potassium, and calcium.

Potential Side Effects

At the doses present in the BioSwitch formula, there should not be any side effects. In terms of user reviews, there has never been any side effects reported by BioSwitch.

How To Use BioSwitch

The recommended dose of BioSwitch is 10 drops per day. You could split this into 2-5 servings taken just 10-15 minutes before a meal or snack. Essentially, you would place the drops underneath the tongue for 15-20 seconds. This would be followed by drinking a glass of water. Regardless of taking BioSwitch, a well varied and balanced diet is always recommended to the general population.

BioSwitch Reviews 2023: Does BioSwitch Advanced Really Work?

  • The capsicum may have a ‘Fat burning’ effect
  • May help prevent deficiencies in hormones and micronutrients
  • Placebo effect which may improve mental health 
  • May encourage users to take on new nutrition and exercise Interventions
  • Good user experiences
  • 100% return policy (180 days) 
  • The developer has credentials
  • Does not have a significant effect on weight loss
  • Too expensive for the product
  • Can obtain the nutrients from a balanced diet
  • The formula is a proprietary blend, even if there is any benefit, it is  difficult to determine
  • Overall very ‘gimmicky’ ingredients

BioSwitch does not provide anything significant enough for me to use or recommend. It comes across as very ‘gimmicky’ and my final verdict is that I would definitely NOT buy it, not even if it was offered for free.

Is It Legit?

Without a doubt the product is legit, but as a proprietary blend at such low doses, it is debatable whether it has any direct physiological benefits at all. Regardless, it may still serve as a good placebo. 


So if you decide to purchase BioSwitch, each bottle contains 120 doses, each daily dose being 10 drops.

How Much Does BioSwitch Cost?

There are a variety of offers on the official site, you could get a better deal if you buy your BioSwitch supplement in bulk.

BioSwitch currently have the following offers:

  • 6 months supply for $174 ($29 per bottle)
  • 3 months supply for $117 ($39 per bottle)
  • 1 month supply for $59 (single bottle)

Where To Buy BioSwitch

You could probably buy BioSwitch from independent sellers. If you decide to make the investment, it would be best to buy directly from the official site[6], as this reduces the risk of a cross contaminated product.

Final Thought

On paper, the ingredients sound great! But most of the benefits apply to higher doses and or to those who are deficient. Personally, I do not believe that this supplement can do much for weight management and health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can BioSwitch help me lose weight?

 It is highly unlikely that BioSwitch will help you lose weight. The only ingredient with some merit is capsicum and that isn’t even significant, especially with the dose that might be in BioSwitch.

Is BioSwitch good for health?

BioSwitch may help top up some micronutrients and prevent deficiency, but highly unlikely. What I like about any new supplement for the layman, is that it may encourage better eating and activity habits, for more potent weight reduction results.

Do I need to take diet and exercise whilst using BioSwitch to lose weight?

ABSOLUTELY! The product description states that you do not need to follow a diet and exercise Intervention, this could not be further from the truth! The only way to lose body fat is to observe a calorie controlled diet that can drive a caloric deficit.

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MIDSS adheres to strict procurement guidelines and relies on peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutes, and medical associations. We work mainly with peer-reviewed studies to ensure the accuracy of the information. We avoid the use of tertiary references. You can read about how we ensure the accuracy and timeliness of our content in our editorial process.

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