Fear of Happiness Scale

Author of Tool: 

Mohsen Joshanloo

Key references: 

Joshanloo, M., Lepshokova, Z. Kh., Panyusheva, T., Natalia, A. Poon, W.C., Yeung, V.W., Sundaram, S., Achoui, M., Asano, R., Igarashi, T., Tsukamoto, S., Rizwan, M., Khilji, I., A., Ferreira, M. C., Pang, J.S., Ho, L.S., Han, G., Bae, J., & Jiang, D. (2014). Cross-cultural validation of the fear of happiness scale across 14 national groups. Journal of cross-cultural psychology, 45(2), 246-264. doi: 10.1177/0022022113505357

Joshanloo, M. (2013). The influence of fear of happiness beliefs on responses to the satisfaction with life scale. Personality and Individual Differences, 54(5), 647-651.

Primary use / Purpose: 

To measure fear of happiness or aversion to happiness (the belief that happiness may cause bad things to happen).



The scale has 5 items. It has demonstrated acceptable validity, reliability, and measurement invariance in 15 cultures (see the key references).



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