Frequently Asked Questions

Adding your tool is a way for you to increase the use of your tool, and drive up the citations of your research.

The types of instruments that can be included are very broad. We are happy to collect any instrument that is used by social scientists to collect data. Be that a questionnaire, interview technique, or anything else that has been used to collect data in the social sciences.

The instrument should be attributed to the actual author.  The reference in American Psychological Association (APA) style for an instrument downloaded from the MIDSS would be:

Instrument author, A. (Date Published). Instrument name. Measurement Instrument Database for the Social Science. Retrieved  [Date], from

The database is freely available for anyone to search.

The instruments in the MIDSS can be used by anyone. However, their use is governed by the creative commons license attribution non-commercial 3.0.

Although we would recommend using an Adobe Acrobat file, any electronic format (except movies) can be used for your instrument.

All the material submitted to the MIDSS is protected by a Creative Commons licence.  However, you cannot add an instrument that does not belong to you without first receiving the permission of the creator.  You can add an instrument that you have created in the course of your research, or an instrument which is no longer protected by copyright. Under Irish copyright law, a work usually remains in copyright for 70 years after the death of the creator.

All of the instruments submitted to the MIDSS are protected under the Creative Commons attribution non-commercial 3.0 licence. What this means is that others can use, share and adapt your instrument. However, you must be cited as the original creator of the instrument, and your instrument cannot be used for commercial purposes without your consent. More details on this licence can be found at:

Not necessarily. Uploading a copy of the instrument would be preferable to give the users ready access to the instrument. However, it is also possible to add a link to a website which provides further information. The risk of this is that if the page is deleted, or moved, your instrument will no longer be available.

Yes there is a review of all instruments submitted to the MIDSS. One of the editors will look at the submission and make a decision as to whether the instrument is appropriate for the MIDSS. The editor may ask the individual submitting the instrument for more information, make minor editorial changes, or submit with no changes.

Currently there is no facility to contact the individual submitting the instrument when it has gone 'live'. This is something we intend to include in the next iteration of the MIDSS.

Yes, the instrument still belongs to you. There is no transfer of ownership to NUI Galway or any other institution.

The MIDDS is administered by the Institute for Business, Social Sciences, and Public Policy at the National University of Ireland, Galway.

The development of the MIDSS was funded by the Irish Social Sciences Platform (ISSP) under the Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions, administered by the Higher Education Authority and co-funded under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).