Th Professional Self Identity Questionnaire (PSIQ)

Author of Tool: 

Crossley, J.

Key references: 

Crossley, J. (2009). The development and evaluation of a professional self identity questionnaire to measure evolving professional self-identity in health and social care students. Medical Teacher, 31(12), 603-607.

Primary use / Purpose: 

The Professional Self Identity Questionnaire (PSIQ) is a 9-item inventory rated on a 7 point Likert-type scale. It measures the degree to which one feels they are professional- as in a professional state of mind.


When a person leaves university and makes the transition into the labour market they become a professional; however, it may be some time before they psychologically adapt to their new surroundings and feel that they have truly become a 'professional'. It is believed that an inability to develop this new sense of identity is a serious barrier to fulfilling ones potential in the workplace. In the medical sphere, it is very particularly important that students quickly become comfortable in a hospital environment and identify themselves as professionals and not students. The Professional Self Identity Questionnaire (PSIQ) was developed to measure this sense of professional identity and is thus a useful tool in assessing the transition from student to professional.


The psychometric properties of the Professional Self Identity Questionnaire (PSIQ) are discussed in Crossley (2009).



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