Temptations to Drink Instrument

Author of Tool: 

Maddock, Jay.

Key references: 

Maddock, J. E., Laforge, R. G., & Rossi, J. S. (1999). Short Forms of a Situational Temptations scale For Heavy, Episodic Drinking. Journal of Substance Abuse, 11, 281-8.

Primary use / Purpose: 

This scale measures temptation for heavy, episodic drinking.


This short form situational Temptations to Drink Scale was developed from an original 21-item inventory by Migneault. 


This 12 item scale is made up of four sub-scales replicated and reduced from the original scale (peer pressure, social anxiety, negative affect, and positive/social situations )))).) Confirmatory factor results, internal and external validity, and high correlations with the original measures indicate that the short form was as psychometrically valid as the original measure.  Measures of external validity demonstrated the applicability of this measure to heavy drinking prevention programs. 



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