Survey for Senior Leadership

Author of Tool: 

RAND Corporation

Key references: 

Robbert, Albert A., Stephen M. Drezner, John Boon, Larry Hauser, Craig Moore, Lynn Scott, Herbert Shukiar, Integrated Planning for Air Force Senior Leader Workforce: Background and Methods, Santa Monica, Calif.: RAND Corporation, TR-175-AF, 2005. 

Primary use / Purpose: 

A survey measure of senior leadership in the healthcare sector.


RAND aims to improve policy and decision making through research and analysis. One of this think tank's focuses is on improving chronic illness care evaluation. This RAND Survey for Senior Leadership is a tool for measurement of senior leadership in healthcare organisations. By completing this survey you will be contributing to your organization’s efforts to improve the quality of care for your patients.  



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Cittion: RAND Survey for Senior Leadership is reproduced here (in part or in its entirety) with permission from the RAND Corporation. Copyright © the RAND Corporation. RAND's permission to reproduce the survey is not an endorsement of the products, services, or other uses in which the survey appears or is applied. 


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