Surface Warfare Officer Human Factors Attitudes Questionnaire


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O’Connor, P. (2011). An evaluation of the effectiveness of bridge resource management training.International Journal of Aviation Psychology,21(4),357–374.

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To evaluate the attitudes of Surface Warfare Officers (Officer in the U.S Navy with responsibility for operating ships) to the human factors that have been identified as causal to mishaps in high risk work environment


The revised 22 item Naval Aviator Human Factors (NAHF) questionnaire (also listed in the MIDSS) was adapted for Surface Warfare Officers(SWOs). The questionnaire consisted of four proposed factors:

  • My stress- emphasises the consideration of- and possible compensation for- stressors in oneself.
  •  Stress of others- emphasises the consideration of- and possible compensation for- stressors in other team members
  • Communication- encompasses communication of intent and plans, delegation of tasks and assignment of responsibilities, and the monitoring of team members.
  •  Command responsibility- appropriate leadership and its implications for the delegation of tasks and responsibilities.

As part of the confirmatory factor analysis items 7, 15, 18, and 19, were discarded.


Through a confirmatory factor analysis it was possible to establish a four factor model was found for the data. A broadly similar model was also found to fit a sample of data from naval aviators.



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