Subjective Sense of Calling in Childrearing Scale

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Coulson, Oades, & Stoyles

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Coulson, J. C., Oades, L. G., & Stoyles, G. J. (2012). Parents’ subjective sense of calling in childrearing: Measurement, development and initial findings. The Journal of Positive Psychology, 7, 83-94

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The Subjective Sense of Calling in Childrearing Scale examines whether respondents believe that their primary role in life is to be a parent.


Researchers have suggested that individuals may perceive that they have a calling in life. Coulson and colleagues (2012, p.84) defined a calling as "a strongly held belief that one is destined to fulfil a specific life role, regardless of sacrifice, that will make a meaningful contribution to the greater good". The Subjective Sense of Calling in Childrearing Scale is a 16 item measure that examines the strength of an individuals belief about whether their life purpose was to be a parent. The scale is comprised of three subscales: Life purpose, awareness, and passion. Parental subjective sense of calling in childrearing has been found to be positively associated with authoritative parenting style, importance of parenting, pleasure of parenting, parenting satisfaction, presence of meaning in life, satisfaction with life, savouring, and positve affect (Coulson, Oades, & Styles, 2012). Thus, parental subjective sense of calling in childrearing appears to be related to optimal outcomes for parents and children and may be an important variable to study. 


The psychometric properties of the scale are examined in Coulson et al. (2012)



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