Stressors and Injury for Construction Workers

Author of Tool: 

Goldenhar, L. M., Williams, L. J., & Swanson, N. G.

Key references: 

Goldenhar, L. M., Williams, L. J., & Swanson, N. G. (2003). Modelling relationships between job stressors and injury and near-miss outcomes for construction labourers. Work & Stress, 17, 218-240.

Primary use / Purpose: 

To assess whether a relationship exists between self-reported job-task demands, organizational stressors, psychological and physical symptoms, and injuries or near miss incidents at work.


This questionnaire consists of 47 items that elicit information on the respondent's job-task demands, organizational stressors that they may encounter, and their exposure to, or protection from, work-related stressors. It also collates information on psychological and physical symptoms, injuries, and near-miss incidents. It is founded on a stress-injury model and has been used to test whether work stressors could be related, either directly or indirectly through the mediating effects of physical or psychological symptoms/strain, to self-reported injuries or near miss incidents.



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