Social Anxiety in University Students

Author of Tool: 

Shelina Bhamani

Key references: 

Bhamani, S., & Hussain, N. (2012). Social anxiety in higher education learning context: Scale construction and reliability . Golden Research Thoughts, 2(5).
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Primary use / Purpose: 

Assessing Social Anxiety in University Students


The social anxiety in university students questionnaire was designed to tool to assess levels of social anxiety in stidents in higher education. The tool consistes of eight items of demographic information and 15 items concerned with assessing three facets of social anxiety: a) perceived selfimage, b) perceived social image, and c) perceived peer response of self-image. Responses are obtained using a four point Likert scale.



The overall Cronbach's  alpha for the  scale was found to be  0.742 (see Bhamani & Hussain, 2012 for more details). 



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