School Physical Activity Policy Assessment (S-PAPA)


Author of Tool: 

Monica Lounsbery, PhD, Thomas McKenzie, James Morrow, & Kathryn Holt, BS

Key references: 

Lounsbery, M. A. F., McKenzie, T. L. Morrow, J. R., Holt, K. A. & Budnar, R.G. (2011). School Physical Activity Policy Assessment (SPAPA): Test-Retest Reliabilities. Manuscript submitted for publication, April 15.

Primary use / Purpose: 

The School Physical Activity Policy Assessment (S-PAPA) assesses physical activity policy related to physical education, recess, and other physical activity opportunities at elementary schools.


The S-PAPA uses open-ended, dichotomous, multichotomous, and checklist formatting and has 7 background items and three modules: (a) Physical Education (40 items); (b) Recess (27 items), and (c) Other Before, During, and After School Programs (15 items). Test-retest results suggest SPAPA items are reliable and can be useful in assessing PA policies in elementary schools (Lounsbery et al., 2011). Total administration time for all three modules is approximately 23 minutes.




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