Satisfaction with Physician (SWP)

Author of Tool: 

Richmond, V. P., Smith, R. S., Heisel, A. M., & McCroskey, J. C.

Key references: 

Richmond, V. P., Smith, R. S., Heisel, A. M., & McCroskey, J. C. (1998). The impact of communication apprehension and fear of talking with a physician and perceived medical outcomes. Communication Research Reports, 15, 344-353. 

Primary use / Purpose: 

Simple measure of patients' self-reported satisfaction with physician.


While the primary function of physician-patient communication is to enhance the health of the patient, in the modern medical world it is also important that the patient believe that he/she is being taken care of well by their physicians. Dissatisfied patients may not return to the physician, may leave the HMO, or may even file suit against the physician. Hence, patient satisfaction with the physician's care is an important outcome of the communication between physicians and patients. The Satisfaction With Physician (SWP) scale was developed to provide a simple, general measure of patients' satisfaction with their physician.


This measure may be useful to researchers as well as medical practitioners. Alpha reliability estimates should be expected to be above .90 for this measure.



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