Safety Climate for Road Workers and Supervisors


Author of Tool: 

Niskanen, T.

Key references: 

Niskanen, T. (1994). Safety climate in the road administration. Safety Science, 17, 237-255

Primary use / Purpose: 

This questionnaire was designed to determine the factors affecting the safety climate in road administration.


The questionnaire has been administered to both workers and supervisors in road maintenance, road and bridge construction, and central repair shops. It assesses safe work habits in production and performance, responsibility, indifference towards safety, individual communication, emphasizing cost-effectiveness or safety, and feedback. Extra items are provided for both supervisors and workers that assess giving and monitoring of instructions, clarity of instructions, safety inspections, diversity of work, importance of work, independence of work, discussions with workmates, personal relations, influence on planning and organization, and possibility to determine work methods, in their work role.



Microsoft Office document iconsafety_climate_for_road_workers_and_supervisors_niskanen_1994.doc

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