Author of Tool: 

De Wet, C., Spence, W., Mash, R., Johnson, P., & Bowie, P.

Key references: 

De Wet, C., Spence, W., Mash, R., Johnson, P., & Bowie, P. (2010). The development and psychometric evaluation of a safety climate measure for primary care. Quality & Safety in Healthcare, 19, 578-584.

Primary use / Purpose: 

The SafeQuest is designed to measure perceptions of safety climate in primary care.


The SafeQuest is a safety climate measure designed for use in primary care organizations. It is intended for all members of the primary care team, whether they have clinical or non-clinical roles and whether they are based in a practice or in the community. The questionnaire contains thirty items that are grouped into five sections: 1. Workload 2. Communication 3. Leadership 4. Teamwork and 5. Safety systems.

A guide for making the most of your SafeQuest results is provided below. This is a useful aid in determining how to share and utilise the results of the safety climate assessment.



PDF iconSafeQuest- Measuring Perceptions of Safety Climate in Primary CarePDF iconMaking the most of your safety climate survey report

Other Information: 

Practice teams have the option to register free of charge at This allows the survey to be distributed and completed electronically. An additional benefit of registration is that a safety climate report can be generated for the team.

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