Road Maintenance Workers’ Perceptions of Safety Climate

Author of Tool: 

Niskanen, T.

Key references: 

Niskanen, T. (1994). Assessing the safety environment in work organization of road maintenance jobs. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 26, 27-39.

Primary use / Purpose: 

This instrument was designed to examine workers' responses to the safety environment in relation to organizational, individual, and situational factors in road maintenance jobs.


This self-administered questionnaire has been used with truck drivers, operators of road scrapers, tractor drivers, wheel loader operators, and maintenance operators. The variables assessed include the attitudes of supervisors, the attitudes of coworkers, the respondent's own attitudes, the respondent's own actions, the effects of feedback, the effects of knowledge and instructions, the effects of manner of instructing, the effects of judgement and attentiveness, the impact of errors of others, and the importance of one's own professional skills.



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