Risk assessment and safety compliance culture in the chemical industry

Author of Tool: 

Niskanen, T.

Key references: 

Niskanen, T. (2012). Results of Finnish national survey in the chemical industry on EU legislation concerned with risk assessment and safety compliance climate. Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, 25, 535-543.

Primary use / Purpose: 

This questionnaire was designed to explore the implementation of the risk assessment obligations of the EU Chemical Agents Directive (98/24/EC), and the role of risk assessment activities as a part of occupational health and safety (OSH) management.


This questionnaire is suitable for administration to both employers and workers. It solicits information on the respondent's role in the company, the company's sub-branch of the chemical industry, whether chemicals are being used safely within the company, whether OSH directives are being followed, whether proactive measures are being used, whether retrospective data is being utilised, whether hazards within the workplace are being identified, how hazard and risk assessments are being carried out, how the results of risk assessments are being utilised, whether sufficient on-the-job training has been provided, which OSH directives are relevant to their company, and how OSH legislation could be further developed.



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