PIN3 Neighborhood Audit Instrument


Author of Tool: 

Kelly Evenson, Ph.D., Carrie Fesperman, Brian Frizzelle, Barbara Laraia, Annie Lux, Lynne Messer, and Daniel Rodriguez.

Key references: 

(1) Caughy M, O’Campo P, and Patterson J. A brief observational measure for urban neighborhoods.
Health Place 2001; 7:225-36.

(2) Pikora T, Bull F, Jamrozik K, Knuiman M, Giles-Corti B, Donovan R. Developing a reliable audit instrument to measure the physical environment for physical activity. Am J Prev Med 2002; 23:187-94.

Primary use / Purpose: 

The PIN3 Neighborhood Audit Instrument assesses street-level characteristics that may be related to walking and bicycling. The instrument objectively measures the following: arterial road or thoroughfare, walkable neighborhood, physical incivilities, and decoration.


The tool was originally developed to assess environments in urban and rural North Carolina. Researchers are encouraged to use the instrument in other geographic areas to confirm their applicability to different locations.



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