Participation Survey of Mobility Limited people (PARTS/M)


Author of Tool: 

David B. Gray., Holly H. Hollingsworth, Susan L. Stark, & Kerri A. Morgan

Key references: 

Gray, D. B. and Hendershot, G. E. (2000). The ICIDH-2: developments for a new era of outcomes research. Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation 81(12; SUPP/2): 10-14.

Gray, D. B., Hollingsworth, H. H., et al. (2006). PARTS/M: Psychometric properties of a measure of participation for people with mobility impairments and limitations. Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation 87(2): 189-197.

Primary use / Purpose: 

The PARTS/M is a self-report survey used to assess participation in major life domains among people with mobility impairments and limitations. The PARTS/M consists of two measures: one of participation and one of environmental barriers and facilitators to participation (FABS/M). Major life activities are categorized into 6 domains according to the activity/participation component of the International Classification of Functionning, Disability, and Health, and include: self-care; mobility; domestic life; interpersonal reactions and relationships; community, social and civic life. For each life activity, questions relate to components of participation including frequency, health-related barriers, importance, choice, satisfaction, the respondent’s usage of assistive technology devices and/or personal assistance.


Items on the Participation Survey of Mobility Limited people (PARTS/M) were designed using interviews with 15 experts of mobility impairments. These interviews were complemented the input of 15 focus groups. The PARTS/M has been tested with mobility-impaired individuals across diagnoses, including; stroke, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, and spinal chord injury. PARTS/M may be a useful measure of some components of participation in major life activities for people with mobility limitations in the community setting.


Psychometric evaluation of the PARTS/M are discussed in Gray et al. (2006).




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