The Parental Beliefs About Anxiety Questionnaire (PBA-Q)


Author of Tool: 

Francis, S. E., & Chorpita, B. F.

Key references: 

Francis, S. E., & Chorpita, B. F. (2010). Development and evaluation of the parental beliefs about anxiety questionnaire. Journal of Psychopathology & Behavioral Assessment, 32, 138-149.

Francis, S. E., & Chorpita, B. F. (2011). Parental Beliefs About Child Anxiety as a Mediator of Parent and Child Anxiety. Cognitive Therapy Research, 35, 21-29.

Primary use / Purpose: 

The Parental Beliefs About Anxiety Questionnaire is a parent-report inventory that aims to assess parents’ beliefs about their child’s anxiety.


The influence of parental beliefs in predicting child anxiety has been recently documented (Francis & Chorpita, 2011). The PBA-Q provides a way of examining the relationship between specific parental cognitions and anxiety experienced by children in a general clinical population.


Adequate internal consistency, validity and reliability has been demonstrated (Francis & Chorpita, 2010).



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