Panic-Associated Symptom Scale

Author of Tool: 

Argyle N et al

Key references: 

Argyle, N., Deltito, J., Allerup, P., Maier, W., Albus, M., Nutzinger, D., …& Rasmussen, S. (1991). The panic-associated symptom scale: Measuring the severity of panic disorder. Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, 83, 20-26

Primary use / Purpose: 

Measuring the severity of the core symptoms of panic disorder.


The Panic-Associated Symptom Scale was the first scale of it's type to be published. It facilitates reporting and comparison between groups. It does not include measures of generalised anxiety symptoms and depression, but anticipatory anxiety and global phobia scores are included.


Referenced paper includes design rationale, scoring distributions, test-retest, correlations with other measures and within the PASS, PCAnalysis and response to drug therapy. Data are presented from a large study - n=1168.



Other Information: 

Scoring is enhanced by use of patient diary. PASS is scored over the previous week's symptomatology.

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