Offshore Human Factors Questionnaire

Author of Tool: 

O'Connor and Flin

Key references: 

O’Connor, P. & Flin, R. (2003). Crew resource management training for offshore teams. Safety Science, 41(7), 591-609.

Primary use / Purpose: 

To measure attitudes of offshore workers towards: decision making, situation awareness, communication, and personal limitations


The Offshore Attitude Questionnaire (OAQ) consisted of 30 items designed to elicit attitudes regarding decision making, situation awareness, communication, and personal limitations. It was based on the Cockpit Management Attitude Questionnaire (CMAQ) designed by Gregorich, Helmreich and Wilhelm (1990). It was used pre and post- crew resource management training to assess whether the training had an effect on the attitudes of participants.


An assessment was made of the internal reliability of the factors using Cronbach’s Alpha. A total of nine items were dropped from the OAQ to increase the Alpha levels of the factors. However, the Alpha scores for the decision making factor were negative, and dropping items was not found to have an effect.



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