Nuclear Teamskills Taxonomy


Author of Tool: 

O’Connor, O’Dea, Flin

Key references: 

O’Connor, P., O’Dea, A., & Flin, R. (2008). Identifying the team skills required by nuclear operations personnel. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, 38, 1028-1037.

Primary use / Purpose: 

To provide a framework for assessing the teamskills of nuclear power generation operations personnel.


The purpose  was to identify the team skills required by nuclear power plant operations team members. An initial domain familiarization consisted of a review of company documentation; observations in the control room, on-plant and in the simulator; and role interviews. In the second phase, Critical Incident Technique (CIT) interviews were carried out with 38 operations team members on three British nuclear power plants. A total of 314 statements concerned with teamworking skills were identified from the interview data and used to develop the nuclear team skills taxonomy. The taxonomy had five categories: shared situation awareness, team focused decision making, communication, co-ordination, and influence, with 16 component elements. The taxonomy could be used to evaluate team skills, identify team training requirements, and for mishap investigation.


Acceptable levels of reliability were obtained between raters in the development of the taxonomy. However, no assessment was made in the use of the taxonomy for, for example, observation.



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