NOTECHS Behavioural Marker System


Author of Tool: 

The JARTEL group

Key references: 

Andlauer, E., The JARTEL group, 2001. Joint Aviation Requirements- Translation and Elaboration. JARTEL Project Report to DG-TREN European Commission. Paris: Sofreavia.

Flin, R., Martin, L., Goeters, K., Hoermann, J., Amalberti, R., Valot, C., Nijhuis, H. (2003). Development of NOTECHS (Non-Technical Skills) system for assessing pilots’ CRM skills.Human Factors and Aerospace Safety, 3, 95-117.

O’Connor, P., Hörmann, H.-J., Flin, R., Lodge, M., Goeters, K.M., & the JARTEL group. (2002). Developing a method for evaluating CRM skills: A European perspective. International Journal of Aviation Psychology, 12(3), 263-286.

Primary use / Purpose: 

The goal was to develop a feasible, efficient method for assessing an individual pilot’s nontechnical skills (e.g. leadership, decision making, teamworking, situation awareness).


The goal was to develop a feasible, efficient method for assessing an individual pilot’s nontechnical skills. After review of existing behavioural rating systems, the NOTECHS system was developed. NOTECHS consists of four categories, each with component elements of behaviour. NOTECHS was designed as: (i) A professional pragmatic tool for instructors and authorised examiners; (ii) A tool to be used by non-psychologists;   (iii) A tool using common professional aviation language, with the primary intention of debriefing pilots and communicating concrete directions for improvements. 


The preliminary evaluation of the NOTECHS system from the experimental and operational trials indicated that the basic psychometric properties were acceptable and that the method was usable and accepted by practitioners.



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