Modified Schedule of Sexist Events (SSE-LM)


Author of Tool: 

Centre for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS)

Key references: 

Bowleg L, Neilands TB, Choi K-H. Evaluating the Validity and Reliability of a Modified Schedule of Sexist Events: Implications for Public Health Research on Women’s HIV Risk Behaviors. Women & Health, Vol. 47(2) 2008. Women & Health, Vol. 47(2) 2008. 

Primary use / Purpose: 

A measure of sexist discrimination in women’s lives, explicitly relating to HIV


The Modified Version of Sexual Events (SSE-LM) is a modified version of the Schedule of Sexual Events-Lifetime (SSE, Klonoff & Landrine, 1995 ), which additionally applies to women’s HIV risk behaviours.


Confirmatory factor analysis demonstrated that a higher-order factor model provided a satisfactory and a more parsimonious account for correlations among the measure’s four sexism factors than a single latent factor model. Scale reliability for the SSE-LM was excellent (Cronbach’ s alpha = .89). Structural equation modeling results demonstrated that the SSE-LM is associated with women’s sexual risk behaviors with secondary partners, but not primary partners. 


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Modified Schedule of Sexist Events (SSE-LM)

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