Menopausal Quality of Life Questionnaire


Author of Tool: 

Jacobs, P. A., & Hyland, M. E.

Key references: 

Jacobs PA, Hyland ME, Ley A (2000) Self-Rated Menopausal Status And Quality Of Life In Women Aged 40-63 Years Brit J Health Psych 5 , 395–41
Jacobs PA, Hyland ME (2003) An Evaluation Of The Benefits Of Taking Hormone Replacement Therapy With Other Prescription Drugs Maturitas 46 (4), 273–281
Zollner YF, Acquadro, C, Schaefer M. (2005) Literature review of instruments to assess health-related quality of life during and after menopause. Qual Life Res 14, 309–327.

Primary use / Purpose: 

The menopausal quality of life scale measures the impact of the menopause on quality of life. The scale consists of 48 items and takes about 4-5 minutes to complete.


Scoring: The questionnaire consists of positive and negative items. Reverse score the positive ones.


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Menopausal Quality of Life Questionnaire

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