The Masculine Role Inventory (MRI)


Author of Tool: 

Snell, W. E., Jr.

Key references: 

Snell, W. E., Jr. (1986).  The Masculine Role Inventory: Components and correlates. Sex Roles, 15, 443- 455.

Primary use / Purpose: 

This instrument is designed to measure the success preoccupation, restrictive emotionality and inhibited affection aspects of the masculine role


Restrictive emotionality was defined as the restricted expression of privately felt emotions. Inhibited affection refers to the inhibition of feelings of affection and tenderness toward others. Success preoccupation was defined as a persistent preoccupation with success and career development to the exclusion of interpersonal pursuits and devotion. 


The psychometric properties of the MRI were evaluated with reliability and factor analyses. Self-disclosure correlates were also investigated. The results demonstrated adequate reliability and validity for the MRI.



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