Marijuana Effect Expectancy Questionnaire-Brief (MEEQ-B)


Author of Tool: 

O. Torrealday, L. A. R. Stein, N. Barnett, C. Golembeske, R. Lebeau, S. M. Colby, P. M. Monti

Key references: 

Torrealday, O., Stein, L.A.R., Barnett, N., Golembeske, C., Lebeau, R., Colby, S. M., & Monti, M. (2008). Validation of the Marijuana Effect Expectancy Questionnaire-Brief. Journal of Child and Adolescent Substance Abuse, 17(4), 1-17. NIHMSID: NIHMS134915.

Schäfer, J., & Brown, S. A. (1991). Marijuana and cocaine effect expectancies and drug use patterns. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 59(4), 558-565.

Primary use / Purpose: 

The Marijuana Effect Expectancy Questionnaire-Brief (MEEQ-B) is a 6-item index that purports to measure adolescents’ marijuana effect expectancy during interventions. The MEEQ-B is a valid assessment tool for interventionists in evaluating youths in incarcerated settings with limited resources.


The Marijuana Effect Expectancy Questionnaire-Brief (MEEQ-B) is an adapted and shortened version of the original Marijuana Effect Expectancy Questionnaire (MEEQ; Schafer & Brown, 1991) that was intended for assessing marijuana expectancies in an adult population. The MEEQ-B was developed to test adolescents on marijuana expectations, and provide a sensitive but briefer tool for use in fast-pased correctional/clinical environments.


Psychometric characteristics of the MEEQ-B are discussed in Torrealday et al. (2008).



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